Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sweeping Gene Survey Challenges Darwinian Evolution

Today an interesting article appeared in the science section of news.com.au with its headline asking the question "Why did the overwhelming majority of species in existence today emerge at about the same time?" The article discusses a recent sweeping gene survey by Mark Stoeckle from The Rockefeller University in New York and David Thaler at the University of Basel in Switzerland.

The article states: "Extensive analysis of DNA barcodes across 100,000 species revealed a telltale sign showing that almost all animals on Earth emerged about the same time as humans...And who would have thought to trawl through five million of these gene snapshots — called “DNA barcodes” — collected from 100,000 animal species by hundreds of researchers around the world and deposited in the US government-run GenBank database?..."

The article then says that it is...  "sure to jostle, if not overturn, more than one settled idea about how evolution unfolds.
It is textbook biology, for example, that species with large, far-flung populations — think ants, rats, humans — will become more genetically diverse over time.
But is that true?
“The answer is no,” said Stoeckle, lead author of the study, published in the journal Human Evolution.
For the planet’s 7.6 billion people, 500 million house sparrows, or 100,000 sandpipers, genetic diversity “is about the same,” he told AFP.
The study’s most startling result, perhaps, is that nine out of 10 species on Earth today, including humans, came into being 100,000 to 200,000 years ago..." Of course those of us who hold to a more Biblical and germ-line understanding of genetics would see this time period as 4-6 thousand years ago.

It also states: "...In analysing the barcodes across 100,000 species, the researchers found a telltale sign showing that almost all the animals emerged about the same time as humans...Which brings us back to our question: why did the overwhelming majority of species in existence today emerge at about the same time?...“The simplest interpretation is that life is always evolving,” said Stoeckle. “It is more likely that — at all times in evolution — the animals alive at that point arose relatively recently.” In this view, a species only lasts a certain amount of time before it either evolves into something new or goes extinct...". Could the reason that humans and 90 percent of animals today emerged at the same time be because they all hopped out of the Ark about 4,400 years ago as the Bible said all along?

However the article concludes with a statement that seems to support those creationists who have all along said that there is a certain amount of micro-evolution or natural selection but within defined limits. This study now confirms that. "...And yet — another unexpected finding from the study — species have very clear genetic boundaries, and there’s nothing much in between.
“If individuals are stars, then species are galaxies,” said Thaler. “They are compact clusters in the vastness of empty sequence space.” The absence of “in-between” species is something that also perplexed Darwin, he said."


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D. E. said...

There is also the research done by Dr JunYuan Chen in China. He is an authority on the Cambrian explosion. His research shows that all animal types appeared at once and the numbers are gradually thinning. He described it as Darwinian theory upside down. With this new study, Dr. Chen's conclusions, and genetic entropy, Darwinian evolution is taking some major hits.