Sunday, January 7, 2018

Pyramid Complex; Purpose and Dating: The Joseph Project

Tharsis Montes Pyramid complex on Mars

The dating of the Pyramid and Sphinx has had clashing dates between Egyptologists and geologists. In fact both the egyptologists and geologists make the Pyramids older than they are. The egyptologists because of their faulty understanding of Egyptian Chronology and the geologists because of the errors in geology and weather periods based in their reading the evidence through the prism of the evolutionary methodology accepted by modern academia.

In fact the whole Pyramid complex was designed and implemented by the Patriarch Joseph less than 4000 years ago. It would seem to have served the dual purposes of astronomical observation and as part of a complex energy grid. It would seem to have also been significant as some kind of star map laid out on the surface of Egypt which was also mirrored in a larger way on Mars. However it would seem Joseph may have rebuilt on the previous ruins of an older version of this star map on the surface of Egypt that mirrored the Orion constellation, Sirius and Pleiades and the Milky Way as well as other stellar and astronomical features through the Pyramid complex on Earth as well as the Tharsis Montes complex on Mars. It was a map that guided man to a sun and planet or planets near the Pleiades that had been reached and settled by mankind.

Egypt and North Africa went through a much wetter period which caused the water weathering on the Spinx and the Pyramid complex. This period was probably between 968 BC and 690 BC not 7000-5000 years ago according to the evolutionary date. The Tempest Stela from the reign of Ahmose describes rain, darkness and “the sky being in storm without cessation, louder than the cries of the masses.” While Egyptologists date Ahmose to the 16th century BC I date him to the late 10th century BC. It would seem that the cataclysmic events of the sinking of Atlantis in 968 BC and an eruption of the Thera volcano (Cape Riva eruption) caused a flooding of the Giza plateau and again around 690 BC with the eruption of Thera (Santorini eruption) may have seen a further flooding of the Giza plateau.

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