Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sub-Saharan African at-dna in Jews, Anglo-Israel and the Cohenim

I was listening to a speaker who was quoting a genetic study from 2011 by Moorjani et al, that tested eight diverse Jewish population that found that they all have ancient sub-saharan ancestry of between 3-5 %. This speaker then assumed that all Israelites should have this percentage of sub-saharan ancestry in the at-dna. However it can be seen that Judah himself married a Canaanite woman. The Canaanites were of African ancestry descended from Ham. So it is the Tribe of Judah that has Canaanite African ancestry. 

The Jewish people descend on their direct male and female line from diverse haplogroups but no doubt most of them are descended from Judah and the core Judean population through some of their non-paternal ancestry. However we would not expect to find this same sub-saharan percentage in those of the northern Tribes of Israel. However some sub-saharan dna ancestry has been found in the Gaelic populations. This is because the Gaels are of the Davidic House of Nathan from the Tribe of Judah (R1b L21). 

The speaker of the talks did admit that the Gaels may have some validity to Jewish ancestry due to dna tests demonstrating some sub-saharan dna and middle eastern origins. However he dismissed the Israelite ancestry of the Anglo-Saxons because they didn't demonstrate this sub-saharan ancestry. However the Anglo-Saxons do not descend from the southern House of Judah but from the northern tribes of Israel especially from Isaachar (R1b DF19 and DF100) who were the Saxons and Seubi and Zebulon (R1b U106 (Heloni), DF99 (Yahleeli) and L238 (Seredi)) of which the Angles descended. Many of the Normans that came to Britain were of R1b U152 Reubenite ancestry whereas the Norman Ducal line was R1b L21. However the majority of the English people do not descend on their direct male line from the Anglo-Saxons but from Gaelic/Cymric R1b L21.

The bulk of the J1, J2 and E1b y-dna found among the Jewish people comes from the Samaritan converts to Judaism in Second Temple times and just after. It is from the Samaritan-Ishmael Cohenim that many Jewish Cohenim descend as well as the priestly Tribe of the Lemba. The direct line from Aaron belongs to R1b L584. J1 among Jews represents mainly the Shammai Pharisees descended from the Samaritan High Priest Manasseh and J2 the Saducee Jews descended form the Samaritan priest Zadok. The Shekhemite Pharisee Levites (E1b) were descended from the Samaritan Levite clan. Thus the Jews of Second Temple Times that went into the diaspora belonged to predominately J1 (Shammai Pharisees), J2 (Saducees), E1b (Shekhemite Pharisees), R1b (Hillel Pharisees), G (Hellenist Jews of North Africa and Syria) and Q (Benjaminite) y-dna. The Khazar input to Jews is from R1a, G, and Q y-dna.


Nick VanderLaan said...

Hi CatholicJew, I appreciate the time and research you have put in. Thanks for making everything available. I am having some difficulties understanding how to read my DNA. I am R1B M269 and trace my family tree back to Friesland in modern day Northern Netherlands & Northwest Germany which some scholars believe to be Issachar. I read that you believe Isaachar is DF19 & DF100, you also believe Zebulon is U106 and L238. I have taken the FamilyTreeDNA 111 marker test but can't understand my results. What info of the test results do I need to look at to find more specifcs such as DF19, DF100, U106 ect. Thanks, Nick

Catholic Jew said...

Dear Nick,

Thanks for your post-I only just saw it. It can be very frustrating and I have noticed that alot of people who have tested to the 111 marker in my matches are sometimes put as M269 even though they are matches to me within 10 out of 111 and thus must belong to M222. Check who are your closest matches at the 111 level and what their terminal SNP's are. In some cases in takes deeper testing to find out more. However one may get M269 because they have tested negative to all the presently acknowledged subclades. Or sometimes the dna one inherits reverts to a earlier clade in their ancestral tree. Testing other male line family members may help. I suspect that if your male line is Frisian then you are probably U106. If you want you can privately email me on

Jewish from jordan said...

You know something
In this haplogroup E-L29
E-M123 Middle East <E-M34<E-L29
Im from jordanien

Catholic Jew said...

Jewish from Jordan, I haven't looked into E-l29 in any detail but from what I understand it is a mainly Jewish subclade descended paternally from Kittim of E-Z287 y-dna who descends from Javan. I believe E-M34 they are Jewish descendants of Alexander the Great see