Sunday, October 8, 2017

Family Tree of Adam and Eve before the Flood

According to the Book of Enoch Noah was the first purely snow white child before the Flood. Noah (WW) thus had fair skin with blue eyes and blonde hair. Noah's wife Emzara probably also had blonde hair with fair skin and blue eyes as she belonged to the Royal House of the Moon Queens. Her sister Salib also had blonde hair, with fair skin and blue eyes. Salib's daughter Lebab who was the wife of Shem may have had blonde air, with fair skin and blue eyes and Shem who have had similar features to his wife. Japheth and Ham would have looked very similar to their brother Shem.

Shem and Lebab's children could have had blonde hair with either white skin and blue eyes. Japheth and Adan's children would mostly have red hair, strawberry blonde or blonde, with bronze skin or olive skin, with green and blue eyes. Ham and Nahal's children would most likely be black or brown haired with black or brown eyes and black or brown skin.

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Jozie77 said...

Fascinating, thank you for this work. I am going to use this as a reference for my homeschool teaching. -Jozie