Monday, June 19, 2017

From Atholl to Athol

 John Murray 1st Duke of Atholl


Hannah: We won't be naming our child, Athol. Maybe when he's a teenager.
Colin's Father: My mother's third cousin was the Duke of Athol.
Aunt Minna: We're a long line of Athols.(From the 2008 movie "Made of Honor")

Relationship between John Murray 1st Duke of Atholl and Athol Gilbert Hal Bloomer.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Y-DNA, Antichrist and the Temple Priesthood: Who are the True Descendants of Aaron and Levi?

Many of the Fathers of the Church speak about a future false Messiah or Anti-Christ who pretends to be a descendant of the Davidic House but is actually from the Tribe of Dan (possibly of N1c L666 y-dna). This Anti-Christ will rebuild the Jewish Temple with a false priesthood. It would seem today that there are vested interests that wish to see the Jewish priesthood (cohenim) as belonging to the Assyrian-Arabic-Samaritan clans found within J1 (descendants of the Samaritan High Priest Ishmael of First Temple times) and J2 ydna (descendants of the Samaritan priest Tzadok who became a Jew in Second Temple Times and founder of the Saducees) that descend from Ishmael not Isaac -  the so-called CMH. They may be supported by Levites from the Samaritan Levites of E1b (actually Japhethites descended from Javan) and the Ashkenazi Levites (actually descended from the sacred clan of the Tengri Turks and Khazars who belong to the Tribe of Eastern Manasseh or Gilead and thus descend from Joseph not Levi).

Today the true R1b descendants of Aaron and Levi are being told they descend from converts. One day in the near future the Great Catholic and Davidic Monarch of the Davidic House of Nathan (R1b L21) will restore the true sons of Aaron and Levi to their positions of honour in Israel.  Who then are the true y-dna clans of Levi and Aaron? They must belong to R1b so any claimant that is not R1b is not a direct male line descendant of Levi even though they may be descended from Levi through a maternal line.

The sons of Moses are also Levites so that all those of R1b V88 y-dna are of true Levite male line ancestry. Also those who are R1b PF7562 Y31335 ydna are most likely Levites as well as R1b Z2103 L277.1. Another clan of Levi is most likely R1b ZZ337 found among the Lost Tribes.  The true male line descendants of Aaron belong to R1b Z2103 L584 and possibly PF7563*. Yeshua or Joshua the son of Jehozadak who was the first Jewish High Priest after the Babylonian Exile was most likely the founder and ancestor of R1b Z2103 L584. His son the High Priest Jehoiachim or Joachim was in the time of Judith and the Babylonian King Nabonidus the Assyrian.

I am not saying that those Jews who are not R1b are not true Jews- they are. However they are not of direct male descent from Judah or Levi. The Jewish J2, J1, E1b clans have been Jews since Second Temple Times in many cases. Nor am I saying that all Jews or others who descend from these clans are evil or bad. However they may be used by the Evil One and his servants for their own purposes and because of certain inherited traits they may be more attracted to the deceptions of the False One. Nor am I saying that those of R1b y-dna will not accept him but there may be certain traits in their physical and spiritual dna that makes them more resistant to his deceptions.

The Holy Scriptures states that there will always be earthly descendants of David who sit on the Throne of David and that there will always be descendants of Aaron (Cohenim) and Levi (Levites) to minister before him while there is a sun and moon. There will also always be a Successor of Peter (Apifyor) who is not a cohen (Jewish priest) but a parnas (Presbyter or Christian priest). A cohen could be a new covenant parnas or a Jewish parnas but only a new covenant parnas or a Jewish parnas descended from Aaron could be called a cohen. However the Christian priest combines the roles of a parnas (as an overseer and father), cantor (as a liturgical celebrant), cohen (as a sacrificer and blesser), shamash (servant to the people), rabbi (teacher of the faith) and Tzadik (one who intercedes and does reparation for others). A Christian priest receives smicha (laying on of hands) and anointing with sacred oil at his ordination or investiture. As the Successors of Moses received smicha to authorise their Mosaic teaching authority so Christian smicha comes from the Messiah laying hands on the Apostles and the Apostles on the Bishops (hegmon parnas).

Monday, June 12, 2017

Myorigins New DNA Results: The Crazy World of Shifting Ethnicity

In a post I wrote last year:

I had myself and my double first cousin (we share the same four grandparents so all our ancestors are identical) tested on family finder. Our shared autosomal dna is 1599.91 CM. It gave my ethnic mix as 46 % Western and Central Europe, 34 % British Isles, 10% Eastern Europe and 10 % Scandinavian. My double cousin with the exact same ancestry received the results that his ethnic mix was British Isles 83%, Finland and Northern Siberia 6%, Scandinavia 4%, Eastern Europe 4%, and Southern Europe 3 %. Even though in reality I have the exact same percentage of British ancestors as my cousin it would seem he inherited 83 % of his dna from them whereas I only inherited 34%. Even though we both have the same Western and Central European ancestors I received 46 % of my dna from them while he received nothing. I guess this explains our very different personalities.
Well familytreedna have changed the results again. My 46% Western and Central Europe dna has dropped to 19% and my double cousin's rose from 0% to 23 %, my British Isles dna rose drastically from 34% to 75 % and my double cousin went from 83 % British Isles to 55%, my Eastern European 10 % changed to 5 % my double cousin changed from 4 % to less than 1%, my Scandinavian went from 10% to 0% and my double cousin from 4% to 15%, my double cousin retained his 6% Finland but now has no South East European when he had 3% before. I have traces of American Indian as does my double cousin and I have traces of West Middle East now.

The Jewish results are also causing confusion in many people. People who have no knowledge of Jewish ancestry are now being told they have Ashkenazi or Sephardi ancestry and those who know they have Jewish ancestry are told they have none or little. Of course those who come from the R1b Jewish families of Holland, Germany and Syria will find they have no or little Jewish ancestry and their ancestral dna will probably be included under British Isles or Western European. 

This is all just story telling based on the latest interpretation of people who hold certain theories about history rather than dna evidence. However my family are Australians of Anglo-Gaelic and Anglo-Jewish ancestry in identity and culture no matter what our dna would be. I suppose I should be happy that I am now more British than ever but for how long? Until the next dna update. I am rather sad to have lost my Viking dna which seems to have all been stolen by my double cousin George. As someone who has been following these dna studies since 2008 it seems that every new study contradicts the previous ones. George I am not happy!!!!

Note: (added 19 June 2017) I just took advantage of the Myheritage dna offer to analyse my dna and I got this result on ethnicities. Good news is that I got some of my Viking back.

 Apparently they analyse my British Isles content even higher than  Familytree dna at almost 86 % (75% by the latest Familytree dna update) with 59.1% English and 26.8 Irish, Scottish and Welsh. Myheritage dna gives me 0% Western European whereas Familytree dna gave me 19% in their latest update. Myheritage dna has given me back a little of my Scandinavian at 2.2%, it gives more American Indian at 1.1 % whereas familytree dna gives me less than 1%. Apparently Myheritage dna gives me 10.8% Eastern Europe of which 6.7% is Baltic and 4.1% Balkan. With all my English dna it is lucky I joined the Anglican Ordinariate - I am English darlings and don't you forget it!

(Added 20 June 2017) I have just received my double cousin George's Myheritage dna results. Very strange indeed when we have exactly the same ancestors. He seems to have inherited no English dna but I have inherited 59.1%, he has inherited 47.8 % from North and West European (Continental Western Europe) and I have inherited none. My Scandinavian was 2.2 % and his 26.5 %. He has some Eastern European but none of the Baltic or Balkans that I had. He has inherited a bit more American Indian than me. By the way they estimate that George and I are uncle and nephew or half brothers which makes sense as we are double cousins and share the same four grandparents. My y-dna is R1b M222 A260 and his is R1b SRY2627 FGC11245. My mt-dna is I1a1b mt-dna and his is J1b1a1 mt-dna. I also find it interesting that George shares dna with our relative Dick Whittington and I don't even though of course genealogically we are both the same distance to cousin Dick who is on our family tree. We descend from the sister Eliza Whittington of his ancestor James Whittington but Dick also descends through James' daughter-in-law Isabel Strange from the Williams and Strange families as we do. The good thing is that by checking all of George and my dna matches it has confirmed that we have no non-paternal events (ie our mothers getting pregnant to men who are not our known grandfathers) at least back to our great grandparents.

 Added 31 October 2017: I just took advantage of the free offer to analyse my ethnic dna on Here it is.

So the latest results now show I that the dna I have received from my ancestors is 76% Northwest European, 11% Balkan, North Slavic 7% , Finnish 3% and Southwestern Europe 1.5 %.

I also joined Gedmatch and got these results for George and I from Eurogenes which seems to give us more similar dna ancestry than the others. The first is George's results and the second is mine. I have 48.50% North Atlantic and George 50.12%; I have 23.42% Baltic and George has 25.89%; I have 12.34% Western Mediterranean and George has 11.57%; I have 7.95% West Asian and George has 4.66%; I have 3.81% Eastern Mediterranean and George has 3.88%; I have Red Sea 1.35% and George has 0.35%; I have 0.58% South Asian and George has 1.24%, I have 1.75% American Indian and George has 1.74%; and I have 0.31 Oceanian and George has ) 0.56 %. I must say that this test is the first that gives George and I similar dna ancestry and seems to confirm our genealogy research and even the rumour of our part Australian aboriginal ancestress six or seven generations back with our South Asian and Oceanian results. The Western Mediterranean and American Indian results confirms our Spanish-Mexican crypto-Jewish ancestry in which one of our ancestors General Diego de Ayala was descended from Montezuma. It also confirms our West Asian or Middle Eastern ancestry from our Syrian Jewish ancestry back about 7 generations. The Baltic results would reflect our Eastern European Jewish ancestry. Our Dutch Jewish and R1b Jewish ancestry would be included in the North Atlantic category along with our Anglo-Gaelic (English, Scottish and Irish) ancestry.