Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bronze Age King and R1b L11 or Lost Israelite Tribes

Last year in many journals an article was published headed "Half of Western European men are descended from one Bronze Age king". In past  blog articles I have explained that dna mutations can be across a group as well as in individuals. Many of today's evolutionary geneticists believe that half of Western Europe's population descend from R1b L11 who they speculate must have been a Bronze Age King who left a dynasty of noble sons that spread R1b L11 across Europe.

This is a rather simplex and incorrect understanding. R1b L11 is in my opinion the y-dna marker of the Lost Tribes of Israel descended from Jacob and Leah who had moved into Europe in the so-called Bronze Age. It would seem this mutation occurred, due to some cataclysmic event that affected all the R1b L51 descendants of the Northern Leahite Tribes of Israel, sometime before 750 BC rather than the 4,000 years ago of the evolutionary dating of this marker. It is possible this cataclysmic event occurred in the time of the Israelite Judges when Samson pulled down the Temple of Dagon and Atlantis sunk around 968 BC or earlier before the Zebulonites moved to Europe but after they left Egypt and entered the Holy Land around 1300 BC. Many of the southern Judaites were not affected in the same way but the ancestors of David were affected by it. The ancestors of David may have been in the North at the time of the cataclysmic events before they moved south to Bethlehem.

However this event also affected the Western European Israelites (Northern Atlanteans) descended from Zebulon (becoming R1b U106) who had been living in Europe from before the time of the Assyrian Exile differently to those Israelites of the Leah tribes who had left Northern Israel at the time of the Assyrian Exile (becoming R1b  P312). When it is more widely understood that dna changes are not always constant across haplogroups or history and are caused by a number of different factors across groups as well as in individuals then the dating and movements of peoples will be better comprehended and studied.