Sunday, November 20, 2016

Genetics, Out of Africa and Antarctic City

The most common evolutionary based theory called "Out Of Africa" claims that all the haplogroups from C -T y-dna have three mutations P9.1, M168 and M294 but haplogroups A and B y-dna don't. However it could also be just as likely that A and B whose ancestors who were in Africa at the time of the Ice Age and cut off from the rest of mankind (who were in Sundaland and Australia) missed out on these mutations because they were isolated in Africa. Thus the "Out of Africa" and the "Out of Australia" are as equally likely from a genetic perspective. 

When one questions the evolutionary assumptions and finds they are often just a "House of Cards" or a convenient mythology modern scientists like to use as a framework for their interpretation of the actual physical evidence. Once one chooses to look at the evidence using other frameworks a very different interpretation of both history and the sciences is possible if not very probable. 

I just read an article about scientists finding a lost city in Antarctica that is 2.3 kilometres under the Ice. Either one believes that cities could have been built millions of years ago by aliens or a pre-human being or the theory about how old the Ice is may be wrong. Even most evolutionary scientists believe that cities such as this have only been around within the last 8 thousand years so that in that time frame Antarctica must have been free of Ice as seen in some old maps. 

This city probably was built after the Flood of Noah and the cataclysms at the time of the Tower of Babel so that limits it to within the last 4 thousand years. Was this an ancient ruin or a vibrant city that probably went under Ice around 1530 AD at the time of the so-called "Little Ice Age" as discussed in my other blog posts. The maps from the early 1500's often have an ice free Antarctica. Some claim they are drawing from ancient maps but what if in the early 1500's Antarctica was Ice free?

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