Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Babylonian Jewish Diaspora and R1b ht-35

Some times Western European R1b y-dna is called R1b-Ht15 and  is distinguished from a more Eastern variety of R1b called R1b Ht-35 (also known as R1b-Z2103). There is some speculation about what people this group of Ht-35 originates from. Some speculate they are Greeks others Armenians. Some have noticed a larger amount in Turkey/Armenia areas and the Iraq/Iran area.

In fact this group of R1b Ht-35 represents the Babylonian Jewish diaspora that occurred after the destruction of the Temple around 460 BC (not 586 BC the date of the Accepted Chronology of Modern Academia).  According to Velikovsky the so-called Hittites were in fact Babylonians or Chaldeans and Turkey was their homeland from which they conquered the area in Iraq known as Babylonia. Thus it makes sense that the Babylonians took many of the Jews to their homelands in Asia Minor (Turkey/Armenia) and to Babylonia (Iraq/Iran). Only about 10% of these Jews who were the more devout Jews returned to Israel under Cyrus' decree and were part of the Roman diaspora of Jews, the rest spread out into other lands and many of them assimilated to the surrounding cultures and later with them became Christians.

This Jewish origin fits the wide dispersal of R1b Ht-35 better than a Greek or Armenian diaspora though many Greeks and Armenians are descendants on their direct male lineages from these Jewish descendants of the Tribes of Judah and Levi (and the priestly House of Aaron). The Roman diaspora included many of the Samaritans of J1, J2 and E ydna hapologroups who had assimilated with the Jews who were paternally descended from Judah, Benjamin and Levi. Due to modern academias reliance on the theories and frameworks of Darwinist scientists they are unable to read the dna evidence in its correct historical light which is distorting the origins of different ethnic groups which are often contrary to the past written and oral sources of these cultural groups.

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