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An Iris Clan: I1a1b mt-dna and the Dutch Jewish, Crypto- Jewish English and Irish Branches

 An Iris which is the symbol of I mt-dna haplogroup

The Matriarchal sub-clan of I1a1b mt-dna is a branch of the Iris I mt-dna haplogroup or clan. It in recent centuries is found in mainly Scandinavia, Germany and the British Isles.  Recently it was revealed that there are some rare mutations in a descendant of Helen Moran of Athlone of I1a1b mt-dna and thus could be a separate subclade to the other I1a1b. One of these rare mutations for I1a1b is of particular interest. This is called T16362C. Even though among the subclade of I1a1b mt-dna T16362C is rare, it is also found as an Ashkenazi Jewish marker of the Jewish subclade of I1c mt-dna. 

This I1a1b mt-dna ancestress Helen Moran was born in 1796 in Liverpool into a crypto-Jewish family of Frankists. In fact her father James (Jacob) Moran a secret Frankist Rabbi in Liverpool was a descendant of Jacob Frank ha Moranu the founder of this Jewish Catholic group of mystics who became Catholics in 1760. These Frankists or Zoharists were part of a network of families who began entering England and Ireland via Amsterdam after 1760. Some of these Frankists' Jewish ancestors had lived in the Netherlands for a number of generations. Some of them belonged to Jewish families that were secretly Sabbateans but who then embraced the Frankist teachings when they encountered those Frankist families from Poland, the East and Germany who were making their way clandestinely to the British Isles on the advice of Jacob Frank who was at this time a prisoner at Czestochowa. 

Each place they travelled they adapted their names to a local version in order to blend in. This was the story of Helen Moran's father who was part of this German-Polish group. However her mother Judith (Juana/Judik) Leon was from the families already living in Amsterdam. These families often had crypto-Jewish relatives who they kept in contact with living in England, Scotland and Ireland. Judith was a midwife and healer working among the Frankist and crypto-Jewish families in Liverpool after her marriage to James Moran. The Leon family were part of a group of Levite families claiming Levite status. Besides Leon members of this family used the surnames Levie and Soesman. James Moran was born in Podolia in 1778 and moved to Amsterdam as a teenager where he met Judith Leon and married her around 1794 when she was 14 and she went with him to Liverpool where her son John Moran was born in 1795. James also spent time living in Athlone and Wicklow where some of his children were living. After the death of his first wife he married a Marrano woman Juana Rodriguez de Leon of Mexican ancestry. He died at the home of his son Simon in Rathdrum in Wicklow in 1864.

Judith Leon's mother was Klara (or Klaartje) Levie (b.1751 Amsterdam) the daughter of Samuel Levie of Amsterdam and his wife Maria Levie (b.1723 Amsterdam). Judith's father was descended from the Jewish community of Limburg. However our trail is to follow our I1a1b ancestress Maria Levie who was the daughter of  Isaac Levie and his wife Prinsje Sprints Katsav. Princsje was born in Amsterdam in 1707 and was the daughter of  Jesaya (Isaiah) Israel Katsav and his wife Channa (Anna) Levy. Anna Levy was born in London in 1690 to the wealthy German Jew Benjamin Levy and his English-born wife Michele Heilbuth.

Roydon Hall or Fortune in East Peckham in Kent a centre of Crypto-Jewish activity from the 16th- 19th centuries under the protection of the Twysden Baronets

Michele's father Sam Heilbuth (a Jeweller in London) was born in Germany and her mother Bilah or Bella Lazarus was born in England or Germany around 1640 whose parents were part of the network of families involved in the crypto-Jewish community of East Peckham in Kent based on Roydon Hall under the protection of the Baronets of Twysden. Bella's father was married secondly to Amy Delton of East Peckham whose mother was Margaret Swann who was born in 1585. Bella (Bilhah)'s mother may have been an Ashkenazi Jewess from Germany called Margoles Ha Levi the first wife of Simon Lazarus rather than his second wife Amy Delton. Both his wives belong to I1a1b mt-dna so I will discuss both lineages that go back to Maria Gaunt.

Amy's mother Margaret Swann the carrier of  I1a1b mt-dna through her mother Amy Deering was a granddaughter of Margaret Twisden (Twysden) of Roydon Hall. Her parents were William Twysden and Elizabeth Roydon. Elizabeth was the heiress of Roydon Hall which had been built by her father Thomas Roydon who married Margaret Whettenhall the wealthy crypto-Jewess heiress of East Peckham. Thomas originally called Roydon Hall "Fortune". Thomas modelled "Fortune" on his father's home in Suffolk called "Roydon Hall". Elizabeth Roydon left "Roydon Hall" or "Fortune" to her son Roger Twysden whose son William was the first Baronet Twysden in 1611 and a friend of James I. Roydon Hall remained in the family of the Baronets for the next 200 years until 1834 when it was sold to the Cook family of Norfolk.

Margaret Whettenhall a I1a1b mt-dna ancestress was the daughter of William Whettenhall of East Peckham and Ann Cromer who was born in East Peckham in 1468. Anne's parents James Cromer (the High Sheriff of Kent) and Catherine Cantilupe were from Tunstall Manor in Kent. Catherine was the daughter of William Cantilupe and Margaret Elizabeth Barry of Tunstall. Margaret's mother was Margaret Sybyll whose father Thomas lived near Eynsford in Kent and was married to Maria Gaunt an illegitimate daughter of Prince John of Gaunt by his mistress Beatriz Enriquez an illegitimate daughter of Alonso Fadrique of Castile the Lord of Haro by his Jewish mistress Palomi. It is interesting to note that John of Gaunt's father King Edward III of England and grandmother Queen Isabella of England (the daughter of Queen Regnant Joanna of Navarre and Queen of France) were also of I1a1b mt-dna.

 John of Gaunt King of Castile and Leon

Prince John of Gaunt was a son of King Edward III of England and he became King of Castile and Leon through his marriage to the heiress and daughter of King Pedro I the Cruel of Castile. Alonso Fadrique was an illegitimate son of King Alfonso XI and his mistress Eleanor Guzman. Thus this branch of I1a1b mt-dna came from royalty on the wrong side of the blanket mating with Jewish and crypto Jewish women

This branch of I1a1b left no female descendants in Spain as Palomi only had one daughter Beatriz (and two sons) and this daughter had only one daughter Maria who moved to England and it is from her and her female line descendants that a number of this line of I1a1b mt-dna find their source. The Irish I1a1b mt-dna has at least two sources in Ireland- one of which is the female descendants of Judith Leon (Mrs Moran) of Liverpool and Amsterdam. The Moran sisters Helen (Mrs Ganley), Mary (Mrs Coen) and Clara (Mrs Briscoe) came to Ireland in the 1830's. It is believed they may have had two other sisters called Julia (Judith) and Bridget as well as their brothers John and Simon. Simon settled in Wicklow and John went to Australia in 1841.The surnames of Ganley, Coen and Briscoe were changed from Ganza, Ha Cohen and Briske (Bzyske).

Another branch of I1a1b mt-dna came to Ireland before the Moran sisters to Wexford descended from Ann Martin b.1747 Chatham Kent the wife of John Moore of Wexford and the daughter of Thomas Martin and Frances Moore (married in London in 1729) of Kent. Ann Martin had at least two daughters Elizabeth and Mary Moore. The earlier Moore family came from Bexley in Kent. Moore is a well known surname for crypto-Jews of Sephardi origin. Frances Moore (b.1704 London) was the daughter of John Moore  and Frances Levy of London. Thus maybe we could call those descended from Frances Levy (Levi) the Francine clan of I1a1b mt-dna and those from Channa (Anna) Levy the Chanine clan of I1a1b mt-dna. The rare mutation of  T16362C among I1a1b mt-dna, that is also an Ashkenazi Jewish marker among I1c, is found in both the Francine and Chanine branches of I1a1b mt-dna.

Thomas Sybyll and Maria Gaunt had another daughter called Reyna or Rose Sybyll who moved to France and joined the Jewish community there under the name of Dreizel Siebel (Ziebel/ Sibel) with one of her brothers. She became the wife of Eliezer Lifshitz and their daughter Malka Lifshitz (born 1446 France) married Yechiel II Luria the Chief Rabbi of Brest. Margoles Ha Levi was descended from their daughter Dreizel Miriam Ziebel Luria who was born in Alsace France around 1470. Dreizel Miriam married Rabbi Eliezer Yehiel Lipman Schrentzel who was born in Lvov (Lviv) in the modern Ukraine and lived in Brandenburg in Germany and Krakow in Poland.Their daughter Beila (Bilhah) Lipman Schrentzel (b.1484 Alsace France) married Rabbi Isaac Klauber of Poznan in Poland who was born in Worms in Germany. Beila's granddaughter was Falka Singer who was born in Krakow. Falka's granddaughter was Rivka Sirkis (born 1586). Rivka was the grandmother of Margoles ha Levi (aka Margaret Levy) who was the first wife of Simon Lazarus (aka Sh'mon ben Eleazar) who lived in England and was involved with both the open Jewish community and the older crypto-Jewish community based in London and Kent.

Those of I1a1b mt-dna who also have T16362C would seem to form a separate subclade within I1a1b mt-dna that we could name the Ashkenazi Jewish Clade of I1a1b mt-dna. This mutation is very old in the maternal dna and is found not only as a marker for the Ashkenazi clade of I1c but is randomly found in other branches of I mt-dna as well as in other haplogroups. The question is why does this small group of I1a1b retain this mutation and the others of I1a1b don't? It would seem the branch of I1a1b mt-dna that remained in England from the 15th century do not have T16362C but those that went into Eastern Europe do have it. Did the group descended from Margaret Sybyll lose the mutation or did the group descended from Dreizel Sybyll receive it somehow through intermarriage with Ashkenazi Jews of I1c mt-dna?

Clan of Angelica of Hunza: I1a1 mt-dna

I mt-dna project 

Note: I interpret the dna evidence in a non-evolutionary framework which believes that all humans alive today descend from the family of Noah who lived about 4,300 years ago. Instead of I mt-dna being more than 30,000 or 20,000 years ago (depending who you read) it is only just over 3,000 years old.