Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Polar Circles, Elongated Maps and Hidden Lands: A Tale of Two Cities

Is this elongated map of the earth the real map of the world?

Many of us have seen these elongated maps of the continents and the earth in the shape of an elongated sphere (oblate spheroid) that are said to reflect more accurately the map and shape of the world. We also read of lost warm lands at the the north and south poles. We hear of flat earth theories and hollow earth. This opens up a range of speculative questions. While I am skeptical about the flat earth and the Hollow Earth theories, I do think there are probably huge underground caverns, cities, tunnels and rivers.
Is the Earth more a Prolate Spheroid (like an egg) rather than a oblate spheriod as taught by modern academia

Is it possible that our traditional maps of the world and the ball-shape (or a prolate spheroid) of the earth are actually basically correct but that the elites have deceived us about the size of the earth? Could there indeed be more land and sea beyond the ice circles at the two poles which are warmer in the centres of these polar regions? In covering up this extra space would explain why the continents would seem more elongated and why people claim that we can see objects in the distance which we shouldn't if the curvature of the earth was what scientists claim it is.

Some old maps show that West Antarctica and East Antarctica are two separate land masses separated by sea (see below). Have the elites hidden this by pushing the two parts together on released maps? Beyond the Transantarctica Mountains is there actually a hidden warm Sea with a hidden Island/Continent as described by Admiral Byrd? Is the land he discovered actually the warm western half of East Antarctica which has its own Transantarctica Mountain range dividing its cold and warm halves? Or is this warm Land a separate Land mass from East Antarctica?

Did the advanced civilization that once existed on Greenland actually move north to lands at the Arctic as is claimed in many legends? Did the advanced Amazon survivors from the cataclysmic events in the southern Hemisphere around 1530 move into the hidden warm lands concealed by Antarctica? Have these two advanced civilizations made an uneasy alliance to control the world for their own agendas? The northern one is a masculine militaristic masonic occultic group (sons of Mars/ Ares) while the southern one is a feminist theosophical occultic group (daughters of Venus /Aphrodite). This alliance between the two groups may have occurred in the middle of the 19th century. Is the Statue of Liberty (the Goddess Libertas) a sign of that alliance? Have these groups had a falling out and are the two candidates in the American election representatives of the two groups? Is there a smaller third secret group that is opposed to the other two and is also working behind the scenes?

Whatever the truth is in regards to Antarctica the Elites have been hiding something from the rest of us for many years in connection with Antarctica. Why did the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill and President Obama visit Antarctica this year? We know that observing space from Antartica is clearer. Are they going there to observe the coming of the comet of Catholic prophecy which some call Niburu (others Eris, Wormwood, Nemesis, Planet X, Planet 9 etc)? 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Y-dna and mt-dna Trees from the Family of Noah

Ydna tree with CF as the y-dna Adam (actually Noah) and the African haplogroups of A and B as descendants of CF rather than ancestral

There is no constant rate of mutations between the ydna haplogroups. Ydna mutation rates are influenced by environmental, cataclysmic (radiation) and geographical factors. It is also influenced by the dna of the woman that the Patriarchs marry into. The differences between the descendants of Ham, Shem and Japheth are influenced by their wives genes which effects the new y-dna mutations that occur in their offspring. 

We also see this with the different y-dna mutations found in the offspring of the three wives/ concubines of Abraham. Some of the differences between IJ and K are due to the women and also that Ishmael was born before the cataclysmic events that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Isaac and the sons of Keturah were born after these events which effected their ydna differently to Ishmael and his sons. This seems to be partially confirmed in recent studies in both humans and mice where trauma is found to be inherited and changes certain parts of the y-dna.
(From MITOMAP: A Human Mitochondrial Genome Database, 2008).
This diagramme makes it easier to see that the African L3 and its descendants L1, L0 and L2  with N and M.  L3 mt-dna Eve  may be the top of the mt-dna tree and she may have not lived in Africa at all but one of her L3 descendants (Luba) moved there from Pangaean Australasia and became the African Matriarch among the Hamites.

It is clear that the mt-dna matriarch's of N, M and L3 are the main matriarchal lineages of the Shemites (C,F), Japhethites (DE) and Hamites (BT). It is a possibility that these three Matriarch's could represent the three wives of Noah's sons. However it is more likely that they represent three matriarchal lineages of the white skinned, blonde haired daughters of Shem's wife Lebab or Labana (meaning heart and white). L3 or Luba (a "daughter" of Lebab) married a black grandson of Ham and they became the ancestors of A and B ydna. L3 also is the haplogroup of Shem's wife known as Lebab or Sadeklebab or Labana and thus N and M mt-dna descend from L3. N or Neshema or Milka (Queen) married to Cainan the King of Eridu from within the clan of Shem and they became the ancestors of  F ydna. M or Medea married Japheth's son Javan and they became the ancestors of E ydna. In fact Milka, Medea and Luba are the great-granddaughters of Lebab (Lebana) the wife of Shem. It would seem that the black skinned and black haired Nahalites or Denisovans (daughters of Ham's wife Nahal) married firstly among the Shemites of C ydna (Clan of Arpachshad-Charran). The red-bronze-yellow skinned, red haired Adanites or Neanderthal (the daughters of Japheth's wife Adan) firstly married among the Japhethites of D ydna (Clan of Tubal-Dsemschid (Jamshid)). 

It would seem that C ydna descends from Arpachshad's grandson Charran (son of Cainan) and that F ydna descends from Shelah and Heber. The Charranites of C ydna divided into two main groups the black-skinned C1Andaites and the bronze-skinned C2 Mongaites. Thus the clan of Arpachshad is more correctly called the Clan of the Charranites. Of course Arpachshad and his brothers belong to the Shemite CF ydna.They should not confused with the Haranites of H ydna descended from Abraham's brother Haran and his son Lot. These Haranites are divided into the mostly dark-skinned H1, H3 Haranites (Moabites) and the mostly white-skinned H2 Haranites (Ammonites).

Many researchers and medieval writers made the mistake of identifying European ancestors with the sons of Japheth due to the area of Europe once being settled by the Japhethites before the Ice Age and being named for them.  After the Ice Age new populations gradually moved into Europe and became associated with the Japhethic names. The only Japhethite population in Europe today are some of the Javanites of E ydna haplogroup who returned to Europe some time after the Ice Age.

A more recent view of the ydna Haplotree now accepted by many in Academia. It is slowly coming to look like my haplotree shown above.

Note: It is rather disappointing that those who believe man is only 6,000 years old and that the world was restarted by Noah's family have not come forward with more theories on how to read the genetic evidence but have left this mainly to those of an evolutionary mindset. In my rather sporadic and haphazard manner I have tried to bring up some ideas on how to do this on this blog but I am praying that we might get new Velikovsky-like genetic historian from among the younger generations to come forth and take us forward in our understanding of our genetic history and the movements of tribes and peoples.