Tuesday, June 21, 2016

African Levite Sons of Moses: R1b V88 ydna

R1b -V88 is a y-dna clan from among the Tribe of Levi. Those belonging to R1b- V88 haplogroup are the Sons of Levi descended from Moses. Some of the R1b V88 found in Africa may be the descendants of Moses and his Cushite or Ethiopian first wife Princess Tharbis who he married after he conquered Ethiopia (see Josephus). The R1b -V88 ydna in the Levant and found among Jews may be from Moses and his Midianite wife Zipporah. There have been many claims of both Jewish and Levite ancestry of different African tribal and clan groups. From my own studies of ydna it is clear that those Africans of R1b V88 ydna are certainly patrilineal descendants of the Tribe of Levi and in particular from Moses.

A large portion (40 %) of the Hausa people of Africa belong to R1b V88. Hausa is a semitic language closely related to Hebrew and Arabic. Hausa is part of the Chadic language group of whom many are of R1b V88. These people besides speaking a Semitic language are cattle raisers and milk drinkers like the ancient Hebrews and the R1b and R1a peoples of Europe. Their nobility are also great equestrians.The Fulani also have a large percentage (54%) of R1b V88. These African Sons of Moses were descended from a son of Moses (ancestor of R1b V88) and Princess Tharbis (possibly of U3 mt-dna) and they founded a Matriarchal line of Ruling Queens until the arrival of Bayajidda (possibly of  Jewish E1b ydna from the Levant) who married the Mosaic Queen and the founding of the 7 Hausa kingdoms by their sons. E1b today makes up about 12-13 % of the Hausa people.

Some scholars believe that the Hausa peoples came into the Nigeria region from Nubia (in Sudan). Ten percent of Nubians today have R1b V88 ydna. It may have been that the Hausans were those Nubian Sons of Moses that refused to embrace the new Christian religion and clung to their form of mixed Tribal-Judeo religion and moved west to central western Africa around the 6th century. Most of them later embraced Islam mixed with their Tribal-Judeo beliefs. 

It would also seem that many Samaritans of haplogroups J2 and E1b also moved into Africa which also led to many Africans to claim Israelite or Jewish origins. The Igbo of Nigeria claim Jewish ancestry and they are most likely mostly descended from the E1b Levites of the Samaritans. As many Samaritans joined Judaism in Second Temple Times the Igbo may indeed be descended from Jews of Samaritan Levite ancestry that moved to Africa and intermarried with Black African women. In the past I have thought that haplogroup E were the descendants of Nimrod (and thus Hamite) but reviewing this it is more likely that E haplogroup is Japhethic of the Javanite branch.

However on a purely patriarchal male line of descent it is only the R1b V88 that are direct male-line Israelites among the Black Africans. Maternal Israelite mt-dna lineages of J1b and H are also found among the R1b V88 populations. The other maternal lineages are V, U5 and U3. It would seem that these Black Israelites descended from Moses and Tharbis embraced a form of First Temple Judaism at a later date mixed with African and Egyptian pagan beliefs. In the sixth century AD some embraced the Christian Coptic religion while the rest moved west and later embraced Islam along with some of the formerly Coptic Christians of R1b V88 y-dna. Even today 15 % of the Sudanese Copts are R1b V88.

 Princess Tharbis of Kush the first wife of Moses

Note: The Kohanim (priests) and Leviim descended from Levi and Aaron mainly descend from among the Eastern Judahite R1b L23+ L51- (Ht-35) but some clans of Levi may also be found among Western Leahite R1b L51+ (Ht 15).

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DNA Dating and Origin Problems

In a recent post from a ydna group I belong to they stated that "there are exact haplotype matches in the 67 marker panels that belong to different sub-clades and could not be related for as long as 2000 years." Many researchers are trying to work out a way to explain this while clinging to the evolutionary and molecular clock dating methodologies that assume that so-called modern man began 200,000 years ago in Africa. Even those that do accept the evolutionary theories are questioning the "Out of Africa" story and some are championing an "Out of Australia" story. Anatole Klyosov also questions the "Out of Africa" theory in his genetic research. The discovery of the so-called Denisovans also seem to confirm an "Out of Australia" origin story rather than an African one. In fact man (socalled modern man, Neanderthals and Denisovans) came out of Noah's Ark in Pangaean New Zealand so that the "Out of Australia" narrative is much closer to the truth than the "Out of Africa". This occurred  about 4,000 to 4, 500 years ago.

While using the germ-line methods has seen the ridiculous long dates come down, it seems that others are returning to stretching out the dates to fit with these evolutionary assumptions once again. The reason that men have matches in the 67 marker panels with men of other sub-clades is because the subclades are much more recent than many believe and come down into the period of historical and genealogical records. Those following the evolutionary assumptions of course are doing it in good faith and sincerity but this pushing back of the subclades further into pre-history makes it less interesting to most ordinary people and historians alike.  

I was watching an Australian TV program called "Dna Nation" in which the ridiculous claims of the evolutionists are repeated about African origins. The scientist also told Ernie Dingo that his dna showed he was a quarter Scandinavian in ancestry. However this is inaccurate as all they can say is that a quarter of the dna he inherited belong to haplogroups now found in Scandinavia in large numbers. 

I had myself and my double first cousin (we share the same four grandparents so all our ancestors are identical) tested on family finder. Our shared autosomal dna is 1599.91 CM. It gave my ethnic mix as 46 % Western and Central Europe, 34 % British Isles, 10% Eastern Europe and 10 % Scandinavian. My double cousin with the exact same ancestry received the results that his ethnic mix was British Isles 83%, Finland and Northern Siberia 6%, Scandinavia 4%, Eastern Europe 4%, and Southern Europe 3 %. Even though in reality I have the exact same percentage of British ancestors as my cousin it would seem he inherited 83 % of his dna from them whereas I only inherited 34%. Even though we both have the same Western and Central European ancestors I received 46 % of my dna from them while he received nothing. I guess this explains our very different personalities.

Family finder also claims to give you a list of people related to you in the last 5 generations but in reality it would seem that most of the people listed could not be related to me in the last 5 generations and must be related further back than that. This is especially true for those families that have a lot of cousin intermarriages in which family finder will estimate they are related much closer than they actually are. However it did predict correctly my relationship to two second cousins of mine that I knew were related to me.

Alot of the information given in the dna world is incorrect and many people are getting a false idea of their origins. For example I may have had an Ashkenazi Jewish ancestor that lived in the Ukraine but belonged to R1b L21 (as some Eastern European Jewish families do), however these dna tests on ethnicity would say that this ancestry was from the British Isles if one inherited any from this ancestor. In fact this Ashkenazi ancestor may have come from a Sephardi Jewish ancestor from Spain who belonged to R1b L21 that moved to Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages and then adopted the Ashkenazi customs. Many other scenarios are also possible.