Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Water on Mars: The NASA Anouncement

I watched with interest the other night when NASA made their official announcement that there was still liquid water on Mars. It was good that they finally admitted what many of us have known for years. Of course they still tried to explain it keeping to their claims of how cold Mars is. Many don't believe that Mars is as cold as they pretend it is and that the sky is actually blue not red.  For years many have also known that Mars was covered with seas in the past but it was only recently that NASA accepted the truth of that. One day they may even admit that man has already been to Mars and left behind ruins of an ancient civilisation.

Evolutionary scientists now admit that Mars had a world-wide flood even though they refuse to admit one for earth. They also place the Mars Deluge millions of years ago rather than just over 4,000 years ago at the same time as Earth's Flood. I have written about my ideas about Mars at different times on this blog. I actually began my investigation into Water on Mars when I was in Jerusalem in 2007. The idea that Mars once had oceans and that Man had been there in the past and that liquid water still existed on Mars came to me in prayer.  I also understood that Man had caused the destruction on Mars and Earth at the time of the Great Flood and that much of the Mars ocean water landed on earth. I thought it sounded a bit far fetched so I decided to research it and was surprised that there were other researchers making such claims. In fact one scientist Dr Leonard Martin claimed there was liquid water on Mars after examining the Viking images in 1980.

We have seen how wrong the scientists were about Pluto in recent days. The history of our solar system is very different to what we have been lead to believe by the evolutionary obsessed academia. 

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Water on Mars
Hmmm. Sorta kinda sheds light on the Mars twin District of Cydonia's Gizeh Plateau and the "voice-activated" resonate free-energy power plant pyramid.

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