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Nostradamus' pictures

The Wikipedia article on this topic states - "The Vaticinia Michaelis Nostradami de Futuri Christi Vicarii ad Cesarem Filium D. I. A. Interprete (The Prophecies of Michel Nostradamus on the Future Vicars of Christ to Cesar his son, as expounded by Lord Abbot Joachim), or Vaticinia Nostradami (The Prophecies of Nostradamus) for short, is a collection of eighty watercolor images compiled as an illustrated codex.[1] A version of the well-known Vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus of the 13th-14th century,[2] it was discovered in 1982 by the Italian journalists Enza Massa and Roberto Pinotti in the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma (Central National Library) in Rome, Italy.[3] The document can be found in the library under the title, "Fondo Vittorio Emanuele 307"."

This drawing (image 80) is from the lost manuscript of Nostradamus found in the Central Roman library in 1982 (others claim it was discovered in 1994). It shows the Pope after the Pope who flees into exile. This Pope is a Jewish Pope who is seen here sitting on the chair of Peter speaking with the young new generation of Jewish Rabbinic authorities who have entered the Church at the time near the beginning of the Era of Peace. Their dress is similar to the dress of Medieval Jewish leaders and philosophers.

A gathering of 13th century Rabbis in France

Image 81 shows some of these young Jewish apostles dressed in work clothes preparing for the New Springtime prophesied by Pope John Paul II.

Image 82 shows Mary proclaimed in dogma as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate which leads to the fullness of her Immaculate Heart's triumph.

This drawing (image 79) from the lost Nostradamus collection shows the Pope who is fleeing Rome at a time when the clergy are being persecuted and killed and Islamist warriors at the gates of Rome or alternatively some believe it shows the time of the false or Black Pope who seizes Rome after the true or white Pope flees Rome.

Image 77 shows a Pope with his Cross on fire and many turning their back on him and his teaching except for some poor humble women.

Image 78 shows the Pope or a cleric (Padre Pio?) and Luisa Piccarreta holding the "Book of Heaven" with a small nun (Mother Teresa of Calcutta) holding the Pope's staff.

Image 76 shows Pope John Paul II and his ministry to all peoples. An angry religious has taken the Pope's cross and walking cane symbolising those religious who have sought power and control in the church to the detriment of the Pope the Church and the world.

Note: The interpretation of the drawings given here are my own based on the Catholic prophecies through the ages.

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Miriam - Grace
The vignettes, like the quatrains, mean to the reader only what the reader can comprehend.
One example is 1:63 which was interpreted by Erika Cheetham in the very early 1960s. She was not to know that "squeezing the waves" is jet propulsion...and so it is for all the works. Please go to the web site The HIDDEN TEXTS of NOSTRADAMUS which has a forum on Cesar's Manuscript on page 5 and two on page 6. These are only the beginning of the Lost Manuscript decipherments.
Helen Parks

Unknown said...

The book is a cipher. For example take plate 37 where the pope figure is like the stick figure of the constellation Virgo in some drawings. If one takes the Epsilon Virgo on the figure and go down, it will go to Epsilon Leo in the watercolor. Theta goes to theta, and so on and so on. Except a few. For example where Gamma Virgo is there is a small sphere with a plus sign in it. Where Gamma leo is, there is a small sphere. Where Kappa Virgo star is located on the stick figure is a bump inward, where kappa leo is there is a bump inward. Take this key for gamma and kappa, and some of the other watercolors match up with the constellations. Its a very creative cipher that most people wrapped up in interpreting the images would quickly miss.

On watercolor 67, the two figures below match with Pieces and Sagittarius. Which looking at other books in that time period, it was common in that day to link those two with Jupiter. Which one can find the chart online if they try hard enough. The figure with long hair is in the shape of Comma Bernese constellation, which is a lock of hair in mythology. The crown is the Alpha Star, which is named Diadem. So the page has something to do with Comma Bernese and Jupiter.

So anyways, I know at least one of the dates. And if you know that date, some of the pages show where dwarf planet Hauma is, and another shows where Pluto is with a heart shape on it. Its like a tarot card, but Anubis was missing on that page. Anubis god of the dead, Pluto is god of underworld. So it was cleverly hiding Pluto. Which means the book must have been made after Pluto was discovered and after Pluto was known to have a heart shape on it. And that is where the problem is, the book was on TV at least in 2007 on awful History Channel programming. Pluto wasn't known to have a heart shape on it till at least 2010. Huamana wasn't known till 2003 at least. So it being found in 1994 must be a made up store.
If it is really from 1300s, it could be the first public document to prove time travel has happened and is possible. Which is to good to be true.