Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Out of Africa" or "Out of Australia": The Tower of Babel

Uluru the remnants of the Tower of Eridu

Theories combining genetics, evolution and the movements of peoples and cultures are coming and going with rapidity. The ridiculous evolutionary distortion of genetics leads many to ignore seeing the genetics confirm traditional histories of recent centuries and millenia because they have stretched the genetics back to tens of millennia. One such theory is the "Out of Africa" theory. I watched a fascinating documentary on this where I was informed that we all descended from the Khoisan pygmy people of Africa as they belonged to A ydna haplogroup.

However genetic research has now found that the Khoisan people are merely a later branch off the original A ydna group. Wikipedia states: "In human genetics, Haplogroup A is the lineage of all human males. Because of a mistake in phylogeny, it used to refer to a group of y-chromosome lineages that were later found to be among the first to branch off from the root of the human y-chromosome phylogeny, and are now referred to as "haplogroup A proper" or "haplogroup A(xBT)". No mutations define Haplogroup A, but since this nomenclature only deals with Homo sapiens sapiens, the hypothetical "Y-chromosomal Adam" can be considered its founder." In the world of human dna things change rapidly all the time, so that many theories accepted a few years ago are now redundant. What is exciting that it is ordinary people researching their family trees using dna data that are often the trail blazers. The academics have to run to keep up to them.The germ-line rate of mutation based on actual families has disproved the the evolutionary calculated rates. The germ-line rate demonstrates that the Mitochondrial Eve lived not 120,000 or more years ago but less than 6,500 years ago (I expect with further studies this date will even go lower). The Y-Adam was even more recent than mt-Eve.

The common evolutionary theory states that about 50,000 years ago modern man left Africa for Australia and the rest of the world. However paleontologists and evolutionary genetics have discovered that man was in Australia long before 50,000 years ago (according to evolutionist datings). Now we have an "Out of Australia" theory. This second theory is closer to the truth. In fact the "Out of Africa " should be called the "In to Africa".  A0 and A1 ydna entered Africa before the Ice Age and became trapped there, cut off from the rest of humanity. This would mean they entered Africa around 70-50 thousand years ago according to evolutionist dates. In real time this was about 4,000 years ago. So we can say that man entered Africa about 4,000 years ago. However this may be wrong too. Making assumptions based on the dna of modern populations is fraught with problems. 

Who was the ydna Adam? Was it Noah or Shem or someone else? Who were the Neanderthals and Denisovans? Were they the descendants of the wives of  Japheth and Ham? When did the first mutations occur? Were they caused by radiation? According to Jewish writings the rapid aging and degenerative diseases began in the time of Abraham and Isaac. Some researchers believe there was a world-wide nuclear winter at the time of Sodom and Gomorrah's destruction and the destruction of the Tower of Uruk (Mt Augustus in Western Australia). Another occurred in the days of Joseph in Egypt with the destruction of the Tower of Eridu (Uluru in the Northern Territory). Did the first mutations occur earlier at the time of the Tower of Babel (in the Dolerite region of Tasmania) which caused the continents to split and form and the Ice Age to occur and then start to recede after about 100-150 years?

In the past I dated the Flood to about 2700 BC and the Tower of Babel to 2313 BC. However I now believe the Flood occurred about 2343-2 BC (or 2404 BC) and the Tower of Babel's destruction (along with its huge surrounding city) about 2150 BC (or 2246 BC) when Abraham's ancestor Eber (or Heber) was about 38 years old. Blessed Anne Emmerich tells us that Noah's descendants number 100 who were also on the Ark besides the 8 genetic ancestors of post-deluge man. A population explosion began and by 2300 BC the population was about 25,000 and it rose to about 120,000 by 2250 BC. Cainan who became the push to rebuild the pre-flood high technological civilisation was born in 2275 BC (or 2344 BC). He became the King of Eridu by marrying the hereditary High Queen Milkam and establishing Eridu named for the pre-flood Eridu Empire. His son-in-law Nimrod succeeded him as the King-Emperor of the revived Eridu Empire. By the time of his project to build a huge new interplanetary spaceport and nuclear weapons defence base and city at Lebab or Mount Lubar (Mt Wellington, Tasmania) the population was more than 700 million. It was named in honour of Shem's wife the heiress of the white Moon Queens from before the flood. Most of the people lived on the huge Plain of Shinar (or Sinar) that is now under the Tasman Sea and the Southern Ocean.

Noah had been a priest-king before the Flood whose three sons had all married Princesses. He and his wife were members of the  Royal Family of the Moon Queens of the House of Lebab along with Shem's wife. Ham's wife was a Black Princess of Eridu (Mars) and Japheth's wife a Golden Red Princess of Earth. Both Ham and Japheth's wives were descendants of Cain's son Enki (Enoch) the founder of the first city of Eridu (called Enoch in Genesis) of the House of Isis. The Japhetites founded a city called Adan to the East of  Lebab (later called Babel) now under the Tasman Sea, the Hamites built a city to the South called Nahal now under the Southern Ocean and the Shemites built Sadek to the West of Lebab now also under the Southern Ocean. In the universal Noachite language Adan meant red (and judgement), Lebab was white (and heart) and Nahal was black (and river, depth or deep).

Adam and Eve spoke Hebrew the language of Creation but after 2000 years it had developed into a different language. At the time of Babel God restored the language of Creation to Heber and his family. After Babel the Sumerian language was spoken at Eridu and the Akkadian at Uruk. Nimrod was born around 2250 BC (or 2320 BC) and according to Blessed Anne Emmerich he lived for 270 years. The destruction of the Tower of Babel occurred when he was about 100 years old (at this time the aging process was different and he looked as young as his grandsons). He reigned in Eridu in northern central Australia during the height of the Ice Age. When the Ice Age started to lessen and retreated he moved into the areas of Iraq and Iran where he built the cities of Babylon and Nineveh etc. He was over 200 at this stage. He died around 1980 BC (or 2050 BC) during the life time of Abraham. Jewish tradition records that Abraham and Nimrod's lives crossed over. Abraham was about 80 years old (or 9 years old) when Nimrod died.

 Red area the dolerite remnants of the Tower of Babel (Mt Wellington) are found