Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Updated R1b Sons of Jacob Tree

R1b-M335 is the y-dna of the Sons of Reuben who became known as the Trojans in Anatolia (Asia Minor/ Turkey). This clan of Reuben left Egypt during the days when Joseph was the Viceregent. The main clan of the Sons of Reuben R1b- U152/ S28 went into exile with Gad and half of the the Tribe of Manasseh (R1-M173) into the South Eastern mountains of the Assyrian Empire. They escaped into the Southern lands of Sundaland and Australia where they became known as the Rhodans (Rodans). They established a Rhodan colony in North America in the 1st century BC and they established settlements in France and the low countries and Denmark. 

Around 1520-1530 the remnant of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh in Australia left for Arabia (the Oman and Bahrain areas) and then from there into Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Russian Empire (Bashkortostan) after 1530. Among the Assyrian Exiles were also many Judaites and some of them also fled South and were settled in the Islands of the Indian Ocean. These Judaites were of clans of the sons of Phares-Judah (R1b-Z2103) and the sons of Zerah-Judah (R1b-M73) who fled to Bahrain with the Tribes of Reuben (R1b-U152), Manasseh (R1a) and Gad (0-M119 ydna). Only a small remnant of Gad joined this movement from Australia to Bahrain, most of Gad of 0-M119 went north into South East Asia.

R1b- V88 are the Sons of Levi descended from Moses. The V88 found in Africa are the descendants of Moses and his Cushite or Ethiopian first wife Princess Tharbis who he married after he conquered Ethiopia (see Josephus). The R1b -V88 in the Levant may be from Moses and his Midianite wife. 

The gene (A111T) for white hair and skin entered into R1b and R1a through the Hebrew women. Both Sarah and Rebecca are described as having milk-white hair and skin and so are Laban's daughters Leah and Rachel by his pure Hebrew wife Adinah. Ishmael's mother was Egyptian and probably had darker features. Keturah the second wife of Abraham may have been black-skinned. Bilhah and Zilpah are traditionally half sisters of Leah and Rachel but from a concubine of Laban. This concubine was probably of the yellow-bronze Asiatic features.

see Hebrew y-dna

Here is an interesting link to ideas similar to many of my own about advanced civilizations of the
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The reason that R1b and Aboriginal Australians have more mutations is not because they are older but because of the radiation from nuclear conflicts that occurred in the Southern Hemisphere in ancient times.