Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bell Beaker and Corded Ware Cultures: Who are they really?

Josephite R1a Corded Ware Culture

Those who follow my blogs know that I do not accept the faulty dating methods of archaeologists or scientists based on evolutionary suppositions. Recent dna testing on sites for the so-called Bell Beaker and Corded Ware cultures demonstrate that the Bell Beakers mainly belong to R1b and I would say R1b-L21 of the Milesian/ Libyan Israelites and that the Corded Ware culture mainly to R1a. This Bell Beaker culture originates in northern Spain and Portugal from about 300 BC and spreading from there into the British Isles and other parts of Europe. The modernist evolutionary date 2900 BC=300BC, 2500=200BC etc. The Bell Beaker culture in Spain and Portugal may have originally been that of the pre- Milesian inhabitants that then was taken on by the R1b Milesian warriors after their arrival in ancient Iberia. The R1b L21 Bell Beakers then spread this culture into other places in Western Europe and the British Isles.

Milesian/Libyan R1b Beaker Bell Culture with modernist evolutionary dates

The Corded Ware/ Battle Axe culture represents that of the Josephite Israelite Tribes of R1a coming from the east in the Russian steppes from around 500 BC along with some R1b (sons of Leah) Israelites from the Maykop culture (Israelite Media culture). This culture originates in Samaria the Northern Israelite Kingdom via Samara and Gozan in the Russian steppes. Battle Axes of the same type as the Corded Ware /Battle Axe culture were found in Ai-et-Tell in Israel (dated by the Modernists to around 3000 BC but really around 600 BC during the time of the Northern Kingdom of Israel).The Yamna culture was those Israelites on the coast of Israel who fled from the Assyrians via the port of Dor especially those of Western Manesseh (R1a-L664) and Issachar (R1b DF19/S323 Saxons) and Zebulon (R1b-U106).

Note: When I write that Zebulon is R1b-U106 I do not mean that the patriarch Zebulon was R1b-U106 but that one of his descendants had the mutation and all those of this branch of the tribe of Zebulon would now bear this mutation in their ydna. Other descendants of Zebulon may have branched off from the Sons of Leah with a different mutation. R1b-U106/S21 is made up of Western Germans, Dutch, Angles/Frisians and Scandinavians. They were in Western Europe earlier than the other Israelites as the rulers of Tharshish. R1b-L238 may have been also a clan of Eastern Zebulon who left Israel in the Assyrian exile. 

Old English developed from the Northern Israelite Hebrew (Western Aramaic/ Phoenician) of the Tribe of Zebulon mixed with Pelasgian/ Philistine/Atlantean/ Hittite (Indo-European) language as it developed in Western coastlands of Europe called Tharshish. Gaelic (Tartessan/ Iberian) developed from Chaldean Aramaic and Old Sanskrit in Sundaland mixed with Egyptian, Latin and Greek.