Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Flood and Dinosaurs on Mars

A recent article in Time reports that scientists now think that the Great Flood that occurred on Mars was more recent than once proposed. In the past the evolutionary and uniformitarian scientists believed that the Great Martian Flood occurred over 3 billion years ago. New evidence seems to say that the Flood occurred much more recently sometime between 500 million to 10 million years ago (according to evolutionary dating). 

Most dramatic of all was not the how of the flooding but the when—and the when was extremely recent. The age of surface features on worlds can be determined by the simple expedient of counting craters. We know how heavy the cosmic bombardment was during the early days of the solar system and how it tailed off over time. Very heavily cratered surfaces are thus typically old; ones with fewer craters have been resurfaced comparatively recently and then lightly tattooed anew. In the case of Martes Valles, there appear to have been two episodes of volcanic resurfacing—one that occurred 500 million years ago and one just 10 million years ago. The flood channels cut into the older of the two and are partly obscured by the younger. “So the flooding is framed by those dates, taking place sometime between 10 and 500 million years back,” says Morgan.
 Evolutionists believe that the asteroid that hit the earth about 70 million years ago caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Thus this extinction could have easily happened at the same time as the Great Flood on Mars. Many creation scientists believe the dinosaurs were killed in the Great Flood of Noah which they date to sometime between 2300-3200 BC. Of course the new discovery of blood collagen and soft tissues in dinosaur bones and the discovery of unfossilised dinosaur bones puts serious doubts on the evolutionary dates. Also many scientists cannot explain how the huge dinosaurs could have lived or flown as the earth's gravity would not allow for this. Many try to find explanations- such as in earlier times the earth had a lower gravity. However other scientific evidence would seem to discount this idea. 

However Mars has a much lower gravity and the huge dinosaurs could have moved easily and the huge dinosaur birds flown there. Is it possible that the bigger dinosaur fossils came with the flood waters of Mars and landed on the earth? Recent discussion on the Internet believes that certain pictures from Mars show evidence of dinosaur fossils on Mars. 

Is this a dinosaur fossil in this picture from Mars?

Are the many fossils of huge insects, plants etc of earlier ages actually fossils of creatures and plants that were swept with the waters of Mars in a cataclysmic event on to the earth where they became fossils? Did Earth have an advanced civilisation before the flood with settlements on Mars? Did man return to Mars after the flood in the time before and after the destruction of the Tower of Babel? 

Did man live on Mars (Ares/ Eridan/ Rhoda) and the Martian moon until 1530 AD when the Martian Moon Dione (Diana/ Dinah/ Dana/ Dona) [not to be confused with Dione a moon of Saturn] exploded leaving the two craggy Martian moons and another part with the fresh water of the Martian Moon landing on Antarctica and many parts crashing as asteroids or meteors across the Southern Hemisphere? Or did the Martian moon explode in an earlier period and only in 1530 did the fragments of it with the water crash on to the earth? Was the explosion man-made? Is the red spot and dust of Mars evidence of a nuclear explosion and is the red spot and dust in Australia also a sign of an ancient nuclear explosion? Were Mars and the Martian Dione once moons of Venus when Venus was in a different location? 

It would seem that both Venus and Mercury were once in different locations in the Solar System and due to some Cataclysmic events they moved like comets to their present locations. Was Mercury once earth's moon before Noah's Deluge? Was our present moon once a moon of Venus or of the exploded planet Phaeton? Maybe when Phaeton exploded, its moon (our present moon), shot towards Earth causing Mercury (our ancient moon) to move to its present location. Was the so-called asteroid that bashed into the side of earth and caused the extinction of dinosaurs and the floods on Earth and Mars one of these moons? Later another heavenly cataclysm around 1400 BC caused Venus a once watery sea covered planet to become as a comet and move into its present location? With the loss of Venus, Mars became its own planet with Dione as its moon. 

Dione like Venus was a planet/moon ruled by genetically-engineered pale white women under the Queen-Empress or Goddess Dione (Dinah/ Edinah) [mainly belonging to N mt-dna and its mt-dna offsprings]. The male dominated Mars (Ares) was ruled by genetically-engineered black warrior men (mainly belonging to E y-dna). The bulk of these colonists returned to Earth after the Wars of 1400 BC. A small remnant may have remained on Mars and Dione. 

This genetic engineering for skin colour (by limiting or increasing the level of Melanin) may have happened before the Deluge of Noah to suit the climates of the different planets. The wife of Ham was most likely descended from a black- skinned colonist family from Mars (which may have been closer to the sun at this time). Noah and his sons, his wife and Shem's wife were most likely from an extended white Venusian colonist family (descended from the space traveller Enoch) who had returned to Earth. Japheth's wife most likely belonged to an Earth family who were of the golden-red colour - the original colour of their ancestors Adam and Eve. Shem's wife was most likely a Princess of the pre-deluge Maternal Royal House of Venus/Dione. It was from this maternal line that the promised Isha would descend (see Genesis 3:15). 

A branch of the  female line of Japheth's wife may have been the so-called Neanderthal mt dna line and Ham's wife may have been the ancestress of the so-called Denisovan mt-dna line. The descendants of Japheth (D y-dna) (with their Neanderthal mt-dna wives) firstly went into Europe and then as the weather became cold they move to the east and south into Asia. The descendants of Ham (AB ydna) were firstly in Asia and then Africa (with their Denisovan wives). Some of Ham's descendants such as Nimrod (E ydna) married into the daughters of Shem lineage as did some of the Japhethites. A white Shem male married a black female (probably Denisovan)and produced the Black Shemites (C y-dna) and the F y-dna were the White Shemites.  D y-dna males married into Neanderthal producing the Asian Japethites, the E y-dna males married either Black Shemites or Denisovan females, and some later married into White Shemites and white Hamites (descendants of Nimrod). 

The so-called mysterious group of humans that the Denisovans (Black Martian women) also interbred with were the female (golden-red earth women) descendants of Cain from before the Flood. This demonstrates that Ham's wife did have some Cainite ancestry. Noah's wife and Shem's wife were close relatives descended from Methusaleh and Enoch, whereas Ham's wife and Japheth's wife were close relatives descended from Cain. Today the direct female lines of these Cainite women no longer exist as all modern humans today descend from the Daughters of Shem (Enoch) on their direct maternal line.