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R-M222 ancestor is from England

Klyosov and Conroy have conducted an interesting study into the origins of R1b-M222+ ydna. This study seems to fit with my understanding that the Irish M222 is from the father or grandfather of High King (Ard Ri) Niall of the Nine Hostages. This study demonstrated that the M222 of Ireland and Scotland comes from this origin. 

However the early ancestor of ydna R-M222 is in Devon or South West England (which was British not English in those days) around 400-500 years earlier according to the study.  This would confirm my understanding that Niall is a descendant of the family of St Joseph of Arimathea who lived in this region of South West England. The first member of the family to have R-M222+ may have been Joseph himself or his son Gilead ben Joseph (Josephes/ Galahad). Joseph's older brother Nathan (Tasciovanus/Tenaufen/ Nascien) a British King was of R-L21 and the male line ancestor of the Babylonian Exilarchs, the Royal House of Stuart and the House of Oldenburg among other Royal Houses in Europe.

It was St Joseph's grandson Nathan the Red (Ruada Nectan) as a Jewish Christian Exilarch (Ros Glas/ Rosh Galuta) that took M222 firstly into Ireland- this was the time of the bottleneck period connected by the study to Leinster. His son Phares (Feradach) as the Scottish Jewish Christian Exilarch took this R1b-M222 into central Scotland (Galefort/ Camelon). 

When this Exilarchy in Ireland became syncretized with paganism around the time of Conn of the Hundred battles they became secular rulers (kings). They became the Rulers of areas of Ireland and it is said according to the old tales that Niall ruled over both Ireland and Scotland and it is from this period that M222 started its great expansion. The M222 ydna in South West Scotland and of the Scottish Royal House of Dunkeld/Atholl coming from the Irish M222 of Niall's kin. 

Here are the conclusions of Klyosov and Conroy's study:
"...Based on our data analysis and discussion, M222 is likely to have arisen in South Western England. The M222 bearers of Devon ancestral origin clearly have the oldest common ancestor of M222 followed by other regions/countries, which are practically impossible to reliably resolve in terms of the “age” of M222 common ancestor. However, cross-analysis of lineages shows that the Irish M222 could have arisen immediately after the English M222, but due to a possible bottleneck of the population they started to expand only in the middle of the 1st millennium CE.

   Thanks to the recently developed methodologies of DNA genealogy, based largely on the DNA sequencing and the apparatus of chemical and biological kinetics, as well as to hard work of administrators of FTDNA Projects (see Acknowledgments below) collecting and publishing haplotypes, we were able to do the work with 67 and 111 marker haplotypes, which greatly improved resolution of the haplotype branches and other results compared with those done with shorter (such as 17-marker haplotypes). 
  The obtained data suggest that the M222 lineages in The Isles likely originated in  Devon, England and either from there to Leinster, Ireland and then to South West Scotland. In Leinster, the Dumnonii - known as the Fir Domnann or Laigin - conquered all of Western Ireland, Connacht, and birthed the dynasty known as the Connachta, which in turn gave rise to the Uí Néill dynasty of Northern Ireland. 
 In overall terms it would seem the rank ages of R-M222 in the Isles we could suggest as follows: (a) Devon, England, (b) Leinster, Ireland (c) Central Scotland, (d) North Midlands, Ireland (e) Connacht, Ireland (f) Northern Ireland (g) Wales (h) South West Scotland..." 

R1b-L21 Phylogenetic Tree

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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov's Christian Descendants


Rebbe Nachman of Breslov was married twice. His first wife Sashia of Brody (Alexandra Body/ Braude) was the daughter of the secret Frankist Rebbe Benjamin Ephraim Braude (aka Alexander Margoliot/ Sender Brody) of Sheklov. She was the mother of most of his children. His wife died in 1807 and he remarried soon after to Devorah Brody (Braude) a daughter of the Frankist Rebbe of Sheklov and his second wife Rachel Mayer a granddaughter of Rebbe Jacob Frank. In 1808 Rebbe Nachman disappeared with his new wife to Lvov for 8 months to await the secret birth of his son named Jacob ben Rebbe Nachman (BaRoN) who he left with the Frankists to rear. This son later used the name Yankel Baron. After the conception of Yankel, Rebbe Nachman and his wife entered into a celibate relationship when in Lvov he was secretly ordained as a secret priest and Bishop of the Greek-Catholic Church for the Frankists hidden in the Jewish communities by Archbishop Antin Angelovych.

Yankel Baron (b.1808 Lvov) married Bracha Zaslavski (b.1819) a daughter of Aharon Zaslavski and Chaya (b.1801) a daughter of Rebbe Nachman. Bracha's sister Miriam Chaya Zaslavski (1820-1860) married Michael Brennan (b.1820 Sheklov) a grandson of Rabbi Nathan (Nosan) of Nemirov the Chief Disciple of Rebbe Nachman. Michael's father was Moshe ben Rabbi Nathan of Nemirov (BReNaN/ BRENN) who became a follower of the Alter Rebbe's son Moshe ben Schneur Zalman [who had become the leader of the Jewish Catholics (secret Frankists)]. Moshe (b.1795 d.1865 Kilkenny Ireland) and his wife Sarah Auerbach (b.1807) (daughter of Adil and R. Yoska) was removed from the family tree and records of the family by the Jewish community. Aharon Zaslavski and Chaya also had a son Yechiel Zaslavski and two other daughters Rachel and Adil Zaslavski.

Michael and Mary Brennan settled in England and Ireland with other family members who had become Catholics. Michael Brennan joined the 40th Regiment and put his age down by about 5 years. He served in Afghanistan, India and Australia. He came to Perth Western Australia in 1865 as an enrolled pensioner guard. His daughter Bridget (Bracha) came to Perth in around 1873 with her family. Another daughter Mary Phoebe (Miriam Feige) Brennan (b.1840) on a visit to Sheklov married her relative Nachman Dubrovner (the son of Efraim Dubrovner a grandson of Rebbe Nachman). Michael also had a brother Daniel Brenan (or Brennan) who lived at Gallowshill near Gowran in Kilkenny. He should not be confused with Daniel Brennan of Flagmount near Gowran.

Yacov Baron (Yankel) was the father of at least three sons Ben Tzion Ber Dov Baron of Lithuania, Eliezer Baron of Minsk and Avram Baron of the Ukraine by his wife Rachel (Feige Rivka) Brennan (Brynin) a daughter of Moshe (Michael) Ben (or Bar) Rabbi Nathan of Nemirov (Brennan) and his wife Miriam (Mary). Yankel Baron's grandson may have been Rabbi Shabetai Baron the father of the famous writer Devorah Baron (b.1887).

Note added September 22 2013: I have disabled my comments but I will add this one as a footnote because of the link with the Baron family. I do not want people to misunderstand my tree - not everyone on it became Catholics. The descendants of Yaacov Baron and Bracha (Brocho) Zaslavski remained mostly Jewish. It is Miriam Chaya Zaslavski and Michael Brennan that became Catholics. Their daughter Mary Phoebe (Miriam Feige) Brennan reverted to orthodox Jewish and her descendants (as far as I know) are also unbaptised Jews. Thank you Ms Kirshner for this interesting note. As for what is a Catholic Jew or a Jewish Catholic  (also called Hebrew Catholics) see this. I can be emailed on

Ms. K. Kirshner, MBA, MS has left a new comment on your post "Rebbe Nachman of Breslov's Christian Descendants": 

What is a Catholic Jew? A person is whatever their mother is, according to Jewish law.

This is factual as well as the fact that I am a direct descendant of Ben Rab Nachman, via my father's mother Rachel (Baron) Kirsner/Kirshner who was the daughter of the famous Talmudic scholar and commentator on the Talmud and teacher of rabbis in yeshiva, Chana Zesa (Frank) Baron, daughter of a Talmudic rabbi and she was married to Meyer Baron, a rabbi who had a school with her in Vilkiji, Kaunus pre WW2, and they had my grandmother Rachel and her sister Gitel. My grandmother was very proud of her heritage and descent via her father directly from Rabbi Nachman. They were khans. My father was her one son, Samuel Joseph Kirshner and my aunt Miriam Eve Ann IKirshner) Koenig was my father's older sister. She had no children. My father had three, my brother Mark Geoffrey Kirshner and my me Karen Lynne Kirshner (named in honor of my great grandmother's memory) and Abby Joy Rothschild Kaplan who is my younger sister. She had two children Rachel Alexandra Rothschild and Jonathan Charles Rothschild. 

We are direct descendants and fully Jewish. My grandmother's sister had four children and was married to a Segal. They had two older boys who were gifted swimmers and athletes and linguists. They worked underground in the resistance during WW2, helping Germans and others escape. They were each caught, tortured and shot, and only the parents Gital and her husband and my father's two first cousins, Rabbi Shimon Segal and Zena (Segal) Niznik survived the concentration camps. The parents were murdered there. Shimon is the only survivor and lives in Borough Park and Muncie, NY and Israel. He is in his latter 80's and like his sister who married the head of the Bet Din in Canada, he did not have any biological, nor any other children at all. She had adopted a son Chaim Niznik, a psychiatrist, who died young- around age 40. We are the direct descendants. We are fully Jewish. I never heard of a Jewish Catholic, but Jesus was Jewish, so Catholics who believe in him are essentially Jews once removed.