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The True House of Rurik is the House of O'Rourke

Prince Rurik of the Rus

In a past article I wrote about the identity of Rurik the legendary founder of the Russian State as a son of King Helgi Halfdan of Denmark who was a son of Machir Theodoric of Narbonne's son Harald Hildetonn (Menachem/ Hernaut de Gironde). Thus Rurik should belong to R1b-L21 y-dna. However many descendants of the House of Rurik in Russia descend from N1cl (N-M178) y-dna or R1a.  However historians are not clear that the later Russian Princes of the House of Rurik are actually descended from Rurik on the male line. In fact I now think Rurik was a maternal grandson of Halfdan of Denmark and Jutland.

An article on Wikipedia states that the chronicles of the Khazars help us in solving this mystery as they refer to a Prince called Helgu who is identified with Oleg. We know that Oleg is synonymous with the name of Olaf or Aluf and that Rurik's grandfather was also called Helgi Halfdan (Aluf Dan).  The article states: "...According to the Primary Chronicle, Oleg died in 912 and his successor, Igor of Kiev, ruled from then until his assassination in 945. The Schechter Letter,[5] a document written by a Jewish Khazar, a contemporary of Romanus I Lecapenus, describes the activities of a Rus' warlord named HLGW (Hebrew: הלגו), usually transcribed as "Helgu".[6] For years many scholars disregarded or discounted the Schechter Letter account, which referred to Helgu (often interpreted as Oleg) as late as the 940s.[7]

Recently, however, scholars such as David Christian and Constantine Zuckerman have suggested that the Schechter Letter's account is corroborated by various other Russian chronicles, and suggests a struggle within the early Rus' polity between factions loyal to Oleg and to the Rurikid Igor, a struggle that Oleg ultimately lost.[8] Zuckerman posited that the early chronology of the Rus' had to be re-determined in light of these sources. Among Zuckerman's beliefs and those of others who have analyzed these sources are that the Khazars did not lose Kiev until the early 10th century (rather than 882, the traditional date[9]), that Igor was not Rurik's son but rather a more distant descendant, and that Oleg did not immediately follow Rurik, but rather that there is a lost generation between the legendary Varangian lord and his documented successors.[10]
Of particular interest is the fact that the Schechter Letter account of Oleg's death (namely, that he fled to and raided FRS, tentatively identified with Persia,[11] and was slain there) bears remarkable parallels to the account of Arab historians such as Ibn Miskawayh, who described a similar Rus' attack on the Muslim state of Arran in the year 944/5.[12]..."

Thus we see that the early accounts do not clearly know who the later Rurikvichi descend from on the male line. The problem is due to confusing Igor who is a son-in-law of Oleg (Helgu) with Ingwar who is the son of Rurik. Oleg (Helgu) is the father of St Olga who married Prince Igor. Igor is thus a son of Rurik's daughter Arika who married his father Izborsk (who was of N1cl y-dna).

The Little Lord Ingwar the son of Rurik married a daughter of the Irish King of Brefni where he was known as Tighearnan (the Little Lord). His son was the second Rurik (also Ruarc) who became a Ruling Prince of Brefni in Ireland and was the founder of the O'Rourke family (R1b-L21 y-dna) who ruled the Kingdom of Brefni (in modern day Cavan). 
The O'Hart pedigrees give the name of Tighearnan's father as Aodh (Adon) but other sources call him Seallachan. Aodh alludes to Aude or Alda and it is probable that Tighearnan Ingwar married Adona (Lady) who was the daughter of Seallachan an Irish Prince descended from Brionn a brother of King Niall of the Nine Hostages. 

It would seem that Oleg (Helgu of the Khazar accounts) is actually the same person as Helgaud de Pontheiu. Helgaud (Helgu/Oleg) was the husband of Tora a daughter of Rurik of Novgorod. Prince Ingwar the Little Lord (the youngest son of Rurik)  had a falling out with Helgu and Igor and Ingwar and his supporters retreated to Ireland where they became established in Brefni (Cavan). Thus Igor is the uncle by marriage of Helgu/Oleg as well as his father-in-law. Rurik and Ruarc can mean red haired warrior (rua arg). 

While accepting Christian and Zuckerman's identification of Helgu as Oleg, their confusion of Ingwar with Igor brings them to the wrong conclusion. It is Oleg who is victorious and the the true male line Rurik dynasty that is defeated and exiled. Oleg achieves great things as does his son-in-law Igor and his descendant St Vladimir of Kiev. They are descendants of Rurik as well but only on a maternal line. This has parallels with the Romanov Dynasty whose later descendants are only Romanov through a maternal lineage but belong to the House of Oldenburg on the direct male line.  When the Romanov Czars of Russia acknowledged the O'Rourke family in exile in Russia as Earls and Counts little did they know that they were welcoming back to Russia the male line dynasty of Prince Rurik of the Rus. The Rus are the people of the Rosh Galuta (Gudrod-God's ruler).

The Royal House of Rurik-O'Rourke of Breffni

1. Machir Todros (b.710-d.765) King of Septimania and Jews  (aka Rurik I or Ha Rurik the Red Ruler or Rosh Galuta)- Princess Aude (Alda) of Franks
2. Menachem (aka Harald Hidetonn / Hernaut de Gironde) King of Jutland
3. King Halfdan (Helgi/ Olaf) (b.750 d.830) King of Denmark (Rhodanites) and Jutes (Jews)
4. Princess Tora of Denmark (b.784) married Ali Anulo Prince of Frisia and Denmark son of  Mar Yedidiyah of Babylon son of Mar Natronai Exilarch of Babylon
5. Rurik II (b.794 d.879)) the Ruling Prince of the Rus and Radbards (Red Jews)
6. Ingwar (Tighearnan/ Little Lord) (b.868 d.892)Ruling Prince of the Rus and King of Breffni in Ireland
7. Rurik III (Ruarc) (b.887 d.910) King of Breffni
8. Prince Arthur of Breffni (b.905)
9. King Sean Fergal O'Rourke of Connaught and Breffni (b.925 d.967)
10. King Aedh (Hugh) O'Rourke of Breffni (b.955 d.1015)
11. King Arthur the Righteous of Connaught and Breffni (b.980 d.1046)
12. Prince Hugh (Aedh) O'Rourke of Breffni (b.1000 d.1077)
13. King Niall (b.1020 d.1047) of Breffni
14. King Ualgarg (b.1040 d.1085) of Breffni
15. Prince Tigernan (b.1065) of Breffni
16. King Domnall (b. 1080 d.1102) of Connaught and Breffni
17. King Fergal (b.1100 d.1157) of Breffni
18. King Domnall (b.1135 d.1207) of Breffni
19. King Arthur (b.1155 d.1210) of Breffni
20. King Amlaib (b. 1180 d.1258) of Breffni
21. King Domnall Carrach (b.1230 d.1311) of Breffni
22. King Ualgarg Mor (b.1270 d.1346) of Breffni
23. King Tigernan Mor (b.1330 d. 1418) of Breffni
24. King Tadgh (b.1370 d. 1435) of Breffni
25. King Tigernan Og (b.1430 d.1468) of Breffni
26. Prince Donogh (b. 1460)of Breffni
27. King Eoghan (Owen) (b.490 d. 1528) of Breffni
28. King Brian Ballach Mor O'Rourke (b.1520 d.1562) of Breffni
29. King Brian Murta O'Rourke (b.1550 d.1591) of Breffni
30. King Tadgh O'Rourke (b.1580 d.1605) of Breffni
31. Earl Brian O'Rourke (b.1600) titular King of Breffni 
32. Earl Tadgh (Tigernan) O'Rourke (b.c.1620) tit. King of Breffni
33. Earl Owen O'Rourke (b.c.1640) tit. King of Breffni
34. Earl Owen O'Rourke (b.c.1660) tit.King of Breffni
35. Lady Bridget O'Rourke (bc. 1680) tit Queen of Breffni married Earl Brian O'Rourke a descendant of Lady Owna O'Rourke daughter of Earl Brian O'Rourke (b.1600) and wife of Lord Shane Oge O'Rourke 
36. Earl Owen O'Rourke (b.c.1700) tit King of Breffni
37. Earl Cornelius Orurk of Russia titular King of Breffni
38. Earl George Orurk of Russia titular King of Breffni

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