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Judith the Jewish Queen-Empress of Ethiopia

Judith Jewish Queen of Ethiopa

In the 10th century in Ethiopia in the Jewish Kingdom of the Beni Hamwiyah (also called Beta Israel and Semuin) a long line of Jewish kings had reigned since the 4th century. It was in the fourth century that the Christian Solomonic Kingdom began while the Jewish branch continued at Semuin. It is in the 10th century that the figure of the great conquering Jewish Queen known as Judith or Gudit appears. She restores Jewish rulership to the whole of Ethiopa under the Zagwe Dynasty. 

Judith's father King Gideon (Gedajan)  the Jewish King of the Jewish Kingdom of Semuin married Esat (Esther)the daughter of the Christian Solomonic Emperor Wedem Asfare around 930 AD.  Mar David the Khazar King of Taman's son Tzul (Zenobius / Tzul ben David /Zavid) in about 948 decided to visit Fatimid Jerusalem and then to head further south to Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopa.  He visited the Kingdom of Georgius II of Makhuria (Nubia) and where he took an additional name of Georgius in honour of the great hospitality of  the King. Mar David's wife was a Bagratuni princess called Tamar the daughter of Bagrat II of Kartli (r.976-978) and Abkhazia (978-1008) and his wife Rhipsime of Armenia sister of Ashot III. 

Historians have confused Bagrat II with his grandson Bagrat III (the son of Empress Judith and Georgius Tzul). When Gurgen (Bagrat II's natural father) died in 1008 it was the grandson Bagrat III who became the King of all Georgia and his grandfather Bagrat II died soon after.

Queen Tamara of Georgia

Next Georgius Tzul (Zenobius) visited the Jewish kingdom in Northern Ethiopia where he married Gudit (Judith/ Gurandukht/ Duka) the daughter of King Gideon and Queen Esther of the Falashas.  Zenobius (Tzul ben David /Zavid) as a trained and experienced Khazar warrior aided the Jews of Ethiopia in their fight with the Christian south. However Georgius Tzul received word around 988 that his father's Khazar Kingdom of Taman was under attack and he left Ethiopa to go to the aid of his father. Judith then led her Jewish warriors into battle and established her son Mar Takla Haymanot on the Imperial Throne and she married him to Masoba Warq the daughter of Dil Naod the last emperor of the older Solomonic Christian Dynasty.

The Zagwe Dynasty was also known as the House of Moses as they claimed male descent from Moses. However this Moses was the Khazar King Moses (also known as Morovec and Marot) who was the ancestor of  Georgius Tzul of the Khazars. Other writers claimed that the Zagwe Dynasty descended from Moses and Aaron and in fact the Khazar King Moses (Marot /Marovec) was the father of King Aaron I (Aharon) of Khazaria. David the Khazar King of Taman was a son of  King Aaron II of Khazaria.

Leaving her eldest son on the throne of Ethiopia Queen Judith went to join her husband in the Crimea with two of her younger sons Bagrat and David. Through their Bagratuni blood through their grandmother Tamar  both of her sons were to become Kings -Bagrat III of Georgia and David I of Lori.  

Bagrat III's son George I of Georgia had a daughter Gurandukht who married Prince Smbat of Lori a brother of King George (Kyurike) II of Lori. Prince Smbat and Gurandukht's daughter was also called Gurandukht and she married Alp Arshan the Muslim Sultan of the Great Seljuks. 

Prince Smbat of Lori and Princess Gurandukt of Georgia also had a son called Ruben who was to become the first Rubenid King of Armenia. His daughter Princess Rusudan of Armenia was the first wife of King David IV the Builder of Georgia. King Ruben I of Armenia married Euphrosyne of Polotsk the daughter of Vseslav Prince of Polotsk. Queen Euphrosyne was the aunt of the famous St. Euphrosyne (Efrasinnia) of Polotsk.

Alp Arshan's daughter Gurandukht married King Atraka of the Cuman-Kipchaks. Atraka's daughter Gurandukht was the second wife of  David IV King of the Georgians.  David IV's daughter Gurandukht (Judith /Gudit) married Prince Mairari of Ethiopa (son of the Jewish Emperor Harbe of Ethiopia). 

Prince Mairari of Ethiopa was the father of  Duka or Judith (possibly Qirwerne) who married Andronicus Komateros Doukas (the Byzantine Ambassador to Jerusalem). The Doukas used in her husband's name refers to his wife Duka (or Judith) rather than the Doukas family. An earlier Andronikos Doukas  was a son of Georgius Tzul (remembered as Gregoras Doukas in some genealogies) and Judith (Duka  /Guran-dukht) Queen-Empress of Ethiopa. Andronikos was the father of Emperor Constantine X Doukas. The Kamateros family had long been associated with the Khazars since their ancestor was the chief engineer of the Khazar city of Sarkel.  

Qirwerne  (or Duka / Judith) is also said to be the second wife of Grand Duke Iziaslav II of Russia. Many genealogists state that she was the daughter of King Demetrius of Georgia whereas she was in fact his niece by his sister Gurandukht. In fact Princess Duka and Princess Qirwerne may not be the same person but two sisters or half sisters. Duka or Judith being the Emperor Lalibela's sister who went to Jerusalem and Constantinople with him and Qirwerne his half sister who tried to poison him. 

Duka and Andronikos's daughter was Euphrosyne Kamertera Dukaina who married her kinsman the Byzantine Emperor Alexius III Angelos. Queen Charlotte of England the wife of George III is a direct female line descendant of Princess Duka of Ethiopia and Georgia. Euphrosyne's sister Clementia ( Kamartera / Clemencia) married Aimon I Count of  Faucigny and the direct female line ancestress of Mary Queen of Scots.

Another daughter of Duka (Gurandukt) was also called Gurandukt who married Khuddan the King of Ossetia. Their daughter Burdukhan (also called Gurandukt) married King George III of Georgia and she was the mother of the famous Queen Regnant St.Tamara (Tamar) the Great of Georgia (see picture above). 

Queen Tamara's female line descendant was Princess Rusudan of Trebizonde who married Mikheli II King of Imereti (his mother Theodora Paleologus was a princess of Constantiople and a niece or daughter of Michael VIII). Their daughter Theodora Angelina of Imerati married Nikephoros Kantakuzenos the first cousin of Byzantine Emperor John VI Kantakuzenos. Their daughter Theodora Kantakuzenos was the wife of Alexius III Emperor of Trebizonde. Their daughter Princess Anna of Trebizonde (b.1357) married King Bagrat V of Georgia. Their daughter Princess Tamara (Theodora) of Georgia married Ivan Alexander the Czar of Bulgaria.  She was also known as Kara or Kera Tamara which means Black Tamara). Their daughter also called Kera Tamara married Constantine Dragas Prince of Serbia and their daughter Helena was the Empress of Constantinople the wife of Manuel II.

Emperor Manuel II of Byzantine and his wife Helena's eldest daughter Zabia (Isabella) married the Genoan leader Hilarion Doria. Their daughter was Tiolante (Valentina) Doria who married Francisco II Gattilusio Lord of Lesbos and they were the parents of   Caterina Gattilusio who married Baron Pietro Grimaldi de Bueil. Their daughter Baroness Caterina Grimaldi married Marino Doria Lord of Lesbos. Their daughter was Lenor Doria who married Rui Goncalves Vellosa.

Queen Judith of Ethiopia's daughter Catramede married Gagik I King of Armenia. Their daughter Khoschousch of Armenia married  Senakerim II King of Vaspurakan. Their daughter was Miriam Arcurni who married George I of Georgia. 

King Gagik I of Armenia and Princess Catramede  (Katra/ Katerina) were the parents of Princess Rusudan of Armenia who married Vseslav Prince of Polotsk. It was through this marriage that Ruben I of Armenia was to the claim the Armenian Kingship when he married Vseslav and Rusudan's daughter Euphrosyne.

Another daughter of Queen-Empress Judith was Esther (Esat) who married her kinsman Prince Yerukom (Joram) of the Bene Israel of Ethiopia. Their daughter Esther (Esat / Esthereke)[b.1010 d.1039] was the first wife of King Casimir I of Poland. Legends about this Jewish Queen Esther became transferred to Casimir III and his time. Casimir and Estereke were the parents of Judith Maria (b.1036) who married Kuteshk of the Pechenegs. Casimir and Esthereke's daughter Esther or Esat was the wife of Emperor Germa Seyum of Ethiopia. Prince Jerukom is the ancestor of King Gideon V of the Bene Israel or Gideonite Kingdom. 

The chroniclers have sought hard to hide the identity of these Black Jewish Princesses. Kuteshk and Judith Maria had a daughter called Judith who was the second wife of King Solomon of Hungary. She has been confused with his first wife Maria of Swabia. King Solomon of Hungary had one daughter with his wife Judith of the Pechenegs called Princess Judith Sophia of Hungary who married Poppo of Berg. 

Another daughter of the Jewish Queen-Empress of Ethiopia was Gudit or Judith who was also called Geberga and married Henry of Schweinfurt (Nordgau) in Bavaria (d.1017). Their daughter was Judith of  Schweinfurt who married Bretislaus I Duke of Bohemia. Another daughter Elica of Schweinfurt married Bernard II Billung Duke of Saxony. Their daughter Gertrude of Saxony married Floris I Count of Holland and secondly Robert I Count of Flanders. Gertrude of Saxony and Foris I of Holland had a daughter Queen Bertha of France the first wife of King Philip I of France. 

Judith (also known as Geberga) also married Dietrich I (Theodoric)  Count of Hassenger [born 952 d.1001]. They were the parents of Count Dedi (or Dedo) of Hassenger the male line ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II. The datings of these ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II are disputed by historians. A certain confusion is found in the records of this time due to an effort to cover up the Jewish Ethiopian and Khazar ancestry of these families.

Queen Bertha of France

The Queen-Empress Judith of Ethiopia was herself of Khazar ancestry through her mother's maternal ancestry. Her grandmother was a Princess of the Kingdom of Makhuria (Nubia). She in turn was the daughter of exiled Khazar Mamelukes who rose to rule Egypt in the 9th century. Princess Tul of Scotland the daughter of King Lulach of Scots was also descended from the Khazar Tulunids of Egypt through her mother. 

The original Khazars were red haired with blue eyes and white skin. The so called Kara Khazars (Black Khazars) were those who had intermarried with the Makhurian and Ethiopian royalty with their followers who came to join the Khazars from Egypt and Ethiopia on the fall of the Tulunid Dynasty and the restoration of Christian rule in Ethiopia. The name of Kara Hatun and Fatma Hatun are found among the Muslim and Turkish Ruler's families descended from these black Princesses. Kara Hatun meaning Black or Dark Lady.

Queen Empress Judith's ancestress High -Queen Zabibe of the Rhodan Empire was the wife of the Ethiopian Emperor Rema Tzion Geza. Zabibe was descended from Queen Zabibe of the Kedarites who fought the Assyrians.  This older Queen Zabibe (b.750 BC) was descended from the Queens of Sheba. The Traditional Ethiopian accounts have confused Makeda with the Queen of Sheba. The Queen of Sheba is Hapshepsut Queen of Egypt, Ethiopia and the southern Empire of Rhoda who came from the ends of the earth (Western Australia) to visit King Solomon. 

Makeda Queen of Sheba

Makeda was the grandmother of  Queen Hapshepsut. Solomon married Queen Hapshepsut's sister Hapshepsut-Meryte (also called Nefrubity).  However the name Makeda is Maatkare in Egypt and Hapshepsut also is known as Maatkare. However it was Makeda (Maatkare) Amanitakaye daughter of Psusenne II the High Priest of Amun in Thebes who was the mother of Menelik (Malonaken) King of Nubia who lived in the 5th century BC. Maatkare married Aramatleko King of Nubia/ Kush and they were the ancestors of the Solomonic Kings of Ethiopia. Aramatleko was also known as Siamun (Solomon) as Pharaoh of Egypt.  Their daughter Henuttawi was the mother of Maatkare who married Osorkon (Sokhor /Socho) the Milesian Libyan Prince of Egypt. The name Maat comes from a legendary Queen Maat or Mu (Moo / Ma) who was deified as the Goddess Maat. Ma-atkare is the same as Ma-keda.

These Milesian Libyan Princes were also called Meshwesh and their leader was known as the  Great Chief of Ma (or Mu). The name of Mu is connected to the Moon and another name used for these people was Libu which is the origin for the name Libya but actually refers to the Moon which is Lebanah in Hebrew. These Milesian Princes are a branch of the Milesian Davidic House of Nathan that went South to Mu (the Southern continent). Herodotus states that they partly descended from Trojan (Rhodan) refugees. The Trojans are paternally descended from the Tribe of Reuben (R1b-M335) and from the House of Zerah-Judah (R1b-M73) through Darda (or Dardanus). 

The Milesian Princes were descended from a series of Viziers of Egypt including Heman (Hemon) the architect of the Great Pyramid belonging to the Israelite House of Zerah-Judah. Some of them were the founders of Troy, Thebes, Athens, Miletus and Messina. One branch became the Royal governors or Great Chief (Nasi / Nasu) of the Egyptian-Israelite colonies in Mu [the Southern continent also known as Rhoda (Ares/ Mars]). In the time of Solomon a branch of the Davidic House of Nathan would move to Rhoda (Mu) and intermarry with the House of Zerah -Judah and the High -Queens or High -Priestesses of  Mu of the House of Dinah. 

The Libu or Mu came from ancient Australia (Mu/ Rhoda/ Sinim) via the Americas. America was then divided into three Islands as Central America was then an island between South America and North America. These Islands were known as the Isles of Barzel and part of the Rhodan (Eridu) Empire. They settled in the area called today Morocco (Amerruk). They established the Libu (Berber) Kingdom which stretched across North Africa from Morocco to Libya, Sudan and Ethiopia. They seized back these territories from their enemies the Ammuru (Amu/ Hyksos) who ruled Egypt and North Africa after the Exodus. The Hyksos of Egypt conquered these territories from the Pelasgians (Philistines/ Atlanteans) and the Pelasgians fled north and settled in Crete, Greece and Palestine around 1300-1200 BC.

Queen Tzaddah Bint-Anath of Egypt wife of King Zedekiah of Judah and daughter of Rameses II

It is important that one doesn't confuse these Princes and Queens of Mu (Rhoda) with the Amu (Amurru / Hyksos /Amakelites / Aramaens / Amorites) who left the Southern Continent of Mu after a series of disasters and moved to Arabia and then into all Mesopotamia. The Amu entered and conquered Egypt after the Israelite Exodus. They were an aggressive warrior people who worshipped Ares (Mars / Rudiobus). They were the descendants of Aram (J y-dna) who moved to the South to the land of Sinim (Australis) around 2500 BC where they established an advanced civilisation. Beginning with a series of disasters around 2300 BC connected to the planet Mars the Amu started to enter Arabia and Mesopatamia. 

IceAgeAni.gif (3044957 bytes)

Amalek the Warrior General of the Amu warriors led an uprising against the hereditary High- Queens of  the Rhodan Empire (Mu). The name Rhoda means Red but was also originally Eridu and it was Cainan King of Eridu that established the Rhodan Empire. His wife Milkam was the first Queen Mother or High Queen of Mu.

Around 2300 the Great Chief of Mu (Rhoda) was Eber the Prince of  Heber. Heber was one of the Principalities in the Southern Continent. Around 2300 Heber moved to Mesapotamia and established the city of Ebla. Sarah the wife of Abraham is the younger sister of  Milka (Milkam) the High-Queen of Mu, Harran and Ebla. Their father Haran Prince of Harran married Zugalum the High Queen of Mu and Princess of Ebla (Heber).  Rachel and Leah's mother Adinah was the High Queen of Mu a daughter of Abida the son of Midian the son of Abraham and Milkam the High Queen of Mu (a daughter of Nahor and Milka). In the time of Abraham it was permitted to marry a half-sister if she was not from the same mother.  

The Ethiopian King lists are in very good shape and only confused by the two Queens called Maatkare or Makeda. They are much more accurate than the constructions of the Egyptologists. The exception is the Zagwe dynasty which has been rather muddled by the Ethiopia historians.

The children of Queen-Empress Judith of Ethiopia and King Georgius Tzul (Zenobius / Zavid) King of the Khazars.

1. Takla Haymanot Emperor of Ethiopia
2. David I King of Lori
3. Bagrat III King of Georgia
4. Andronikos Governor of Moesia
5. Catramede Queen of Armenia
6. Esther Princess of Ethiopia
7.Judith (Geberga) Marquesa de Nordgau in Bavaria
8. Algert Countess of Faucigny 

Maternal Ancestry

1. Lady Theodora Kantakuzenos (b.1340) married Alexius III Emperor of Trebizonde (b.1338 d. 1390)
2. Princess Theodora Angelina of Imereti (b.1310)married Lord Nikephoros Kantakuzenos first cousin of the Emperor John VI Kantakuzenos of Byzantine
3. Princess Rusudan of Trebizonde and Georgia (b.1281) married Mikheli (Michael) II King of Imereti (d.1329)
4. Theodora Empress of Trebizonde (born 1260) married Demetrius II King of Georgia (b.1259 d. 1289)
5. Princess Rusudan of Iberia (b.1242) married Manuel I Comnenes Emperor of Trebizonde (born 1218 died 1263)
6. Princess Tamar Gurcu Hatan (b.1224) of Georgia married Kaykhrusraw II Sultan of Rum
7. Queen Rusudan of Georgia (b. 1194 d. 1245) married Seljuk Prince Mohammed Mughis ud-din Turkan Shah a grandson of Kilij Arslan II
8. Queen St. Tamara (Tamar) the Great of Georgia married Prince David Soslan of Osettia
9. Princess Burdukhan (Gurandukht) of Ossetia married George III King of Georgia
10. Princess Gurandukht married Khuddan King of Ossetia (the Alans)
11. Princess Duka  (Djukta / Judith) of Ethiopia married Andronikus Komateros Doukas (and secondly Isiaslav II of Russia).
12. Princess Gurandukht (Judith/ Gudit) of Georgia (b circa 1120) married Prince Mairari of Ethiopia son of Emperor Harbe of Ethiopia
13. Princess Gurandukt of the Cumans-Kipchak (b.1100) married King David IV of Georgia (b.1073 d.1125)
14. Princess Gurandukt of the Seljurks (b.1075) married King Atraka of the Cuman-Kipchaks
15. Princess Gurandukht of Lori (b.1040) married Sultan Alp Arshan of the Great Seljurks (b.1029)
16. Princess Gurandukht of Georgia (b.1026) married Prince Smbat of Lori
17. Princess Miriam Arcurni of Vaspurakan (b.1010) married George I of Georgia
18. Princess Khoschousch of Armenia (b.995) married Senakerim King of  Vaspurakan
19. Princess Catramede of  Ethiopia (b.979) married Gagik I King of Armenia
20. Queen-Empress Judith (Gudit /Gurandukt) of Ethiopia (b.961) married Gerogius Tzul (Zenobius /Zavid) King of the Khazars
21. Princess Esat (Esther) of Ethiopia married Gideon (Gedajan) King of the Jewish Kingdom of the Beta Israel (Falashas / Semuin/ Beni Hamwiyah) in Ethiopia
22. Princess Makeda of Makhuria married Emperor Wedem Asfare of Ethiopia
23. Princess Fatima Hatun Tuluna of Egypt married Zakharias I King of Makhuria son of King Johannes of Makhuria and the Lady Jukha (Jidha / Judith) of Egypt (daughter of Yarjukh al-Turki)
24. Lady Hatun married Ahmad ibn Tulun Governor and King of Egypt (b.835)
25. Lady Jidha (Judith) of the Khazars (sister of Aaron I King of the Khazars) married Yarjukh al Turki Governor of Egypt
26. Princess Khatun of the Khazars married Marot (Moses /Marovec) King of the Khazars of Bihar
27. Princess Khatun of the Khazars married Manesseh I Khagan of the Khazars
28. Princess Jidha (Judith) of Abkhazia married Chanukah (Chenoch) Khagan of the Khazars
29. Princess Khatun married Leon II King of Abkazaria (his mother was a Khazar Princess)
30. Queen Barsbek (Parsbit / Rebecca) of the Khazars married Bulan Khagan of the Khazars
31. Princess Theodora (Khatun) of the Khazars (b. 670) married Justinian II Byzantine Emperor
32. Princess Anastasia (Agatha) of the Khazars married Ibi-Shegi of the Khazars
33.  Princess Georgia of Iberia (b.620) married Zeibul of the Khazars
34. Princess Georgia of Egrisi (b.595) married Adarnese II Prince of Iberia
35. Princess Georgia of Iberia (575) married King Barnuki of Egrisi (b.570 d.640)
36. Princess Georgia Judith (Gurandukt) of Iberia (b.550) married Adarnese I Prince of Iberia
37. Princess Sagdukt (Sabia Judith) of Persia (b.525) married Guaram (Gurgen / George) Prince of Iberia
38. Jewish  Princess Newandukht (Naomi Judith) of  Nephtalites (Hephthalites / Ephthali) (b.495) married Kavdh I Shah of Persia
39. Princess Sagdukt (Sabia Judith) of Persia (b.470) married Khurad King of the Jewish Nephtalites
40. Princess Mirandukt (Miriam Judith) of Iberia (b.440)married Phiruz I (Peroz) Shah of Persia
41. Princess Sagdukht (Sabia Judith) of Persia (b.410) married Mihridat King of Iberia
42. Princess Zrowandukt (Zenobia Judith) of Armenia (b.383) married Barzabod Prince of Gardman
43. Princess Soshandukt (Shoshana Judith) of Armenia (b.362) married Isaac I Souren Prince of Armenia
45. Princess Soshandukt (Shoshana Judith) (b.340) married Yezdagrid I Shah of Persia
46. Princess Zrowandukt (Zenobia Judith) (b.320) of Persia married Huna III Babylonian Exilarch
47.  Zenobia Apvallah  Jewish Queen of Xionites and Nephtalites married Ardashir II Shah of Persia 
48. Jewish Queen Kidara  Zenon of the Xionites and Kidarites (b.278) married King Abgan of the Nephtalites son of King Benomi (Benjamin) of the Nephtalites

Queen Zenobia of Palmyra

49. Jewish Queen Zenobia of Palmyra (b.240) married King Septimus Odaenathus of Palmyra 
50. Queen Zabbai of the Kidarites married Prince Antiochus of Palmyra
51. Queen Kidara Judith of the Kidarites (b.202) married Prince Hareth of Arabia
52. High -Queen Zabibe the Great of Kedar, Sheba, Ophir, Dedan and Heber (The Rhodan Empire) married Rema Tzion Geza Emperor of Ethiopia
53. High-Queen Kidara of Rhoda (b.138) married Prince Pakoros of Armenia
54. High-Queen Kidara (Ghadana) of Rhoda married Pharamenses II King of Iberia
55.  High- Queen Zabibe Kandake of Rhoda married Vagharsh IV King of Armenia
56. High-Queen Kandake (V) Amanikhatashan of Rhoda, Ethiopia and Kush married Amoy Mahasse Emperor of Ethiopia of the Solomonic Line 
57. Princess Dode (Daude / Awde/ Ode/ Dawita) of Edessa (40 AD) married Mithridates King of Armenia
58.  High -Queen Cleopatra (X) of Rhoda, Egypt and Adiabene married King Manu VI of Edessa
59. High Queen Cleopatra (IX) of Rhoda and Egypt married Izates II of Adiabene
60. Princess Drusilla Urania of Muretania, Rhoda and Egypt married Sohemus King of Emesa
61. High -Queen Cleopatra (VIII) Selene of Rhoda, Libya and Egypt married Juba II King of Muretania
62. High -Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Rhoda (b.69 BC) married Mark Anthony of Rome
63. Jewish High-Queen Kidara (Ankhka) of Rhoda (sister of Dawit II of Ethiopia) married Ptolemy XII Pharaoh of Egypt
64. Jewish High-Queen and Empress Sena (Awsena) of Rhoda and Ethiopia married Sanay Emperor of Ethiopia
65. Queen Salome Alexandra (Shlom Tzion) of Judea married Alexander Jannaeus (Yannai) King of Judea
66. High-Queen Zabibe Zenon of Rhoda (b.160 BC) married Davidic Prince Shetah bar Yossei 
67. High-Queen Judith the Great of Rhoda (b.185 BC) married Davidic Prince Mattaha ben Amos of Sheba and Kedar of the House of Nathan
68. High-Queen and Empress Nikosis Kandake of Rhoda and Ethiopia (b.200 BC) married Sayah Emperor of Ethiopia
69. High-Queen Maatkare (Makeda) of Rhoda and Egypt(b.222 BC) married High Priest Psentai of Egypt
70. High-Queen Herib (Kheru) of Rhoda and Egypt (b.240 BC) married  Prince Neferibre of Egypt grandson of Seti III (Psamtik) Pharoah of Egypt
71. High -Queen Nubia of Rhoda married Khababask Prince of Egypt son of Ramses VII Pharoah of Egypt
72. High -Queen Twoset of Rhoda and Egypt (b.280 BC) married Seti (Psamtik) III Pharoah of Egypt
73. High-Queen and Empress Akawsis Kandake of Rhoda and Ethiopia married Bassyo Emperor of Ethiopia
74. High-Queen and Empress Nikaula Kandat of Ethiopia and Rhoda married Atserk Amen VI Emperor of Ethiopia
75.  High-Queen and Empress Hadina of Ethiopia and Rhoda (b.360 BC) married Atserk Amen IV Emperor of Ethiopia
76. High-Queen Isnet (Asenath) Ta-Hemdjart married Rameses III son of Setnakht Prince of Egypt
77. High -Queen Hermdjart of Rhoda (b.418 BC) married Allot (Alladh/ Helios) son of Prince Nathan the Red of the Davidic House of Nathan (aka Redamon /Nepherites / Neferuud) son of Prince Nathaniel (Nectanebo / Nenual)
78. High-Queen Tia (Tamara/ Tamar) of Rhoda (b.438 BC) married Seti (Psamtik) II Prince of Egypt 
79. High -Queen Istnofret of Rhoda and Egypt (b.457) married Merenptah Prince of Egypt 13th son of Rameses II
Queen Tzaddah Bint-Anath with her daughter

80. High-Queen Asenath the Beautiful (Isnetnofret/ Istnofret/ Anath /Osnat/ Bat Sokhota) of Rhoda and Princess of Judah (b. 465) (H2 mt-dna) [Sister of Princess Tamar Tia of Tahpahnes (Tephi) (H1 mt-dna)] married Nilius (Nimlot/ Niall/ Nel/ Nili Mu) Milesian Prince of Thebes son of Osorkon II (Osorkor/ Sokar/ Socho)
81. High-Queen Tzaddah (Tzadikah /Bint Anath/ Bat Osnat) of Rhoda and Egypt married King Zedekiah of Judah
82. High-Queen Istnofret (Asenath/ Osnat/ Bat Sokhot) of Rhoda ( half-sister of Takelot I Milesian Prince) (H mt-dna) married Rameses II (Necho) Pharaoh of Egypt son of Pharaoh Seti I (Psamtik)
83.Tashedkhons Princess of Egypt married Osorkon I  [Sokar / Socho] Chief Prince of Ma (Libyan Milesians)
84. Asenath (Istnofret) Princess of Kedar (Mu) [b.560] married Amenemope Pharoah of Egypt r.535-526 BC
85. Shifrat (Tentshepeh) Princess of Judah married Her (Nimlot) Prince of Kedar (Mu) [b.585]
86. Hatshepsut (Hepzibah) Queen Mother of Judah and Princess of Egypt married Hezekiah King of Judah

83. High-Queen Maatkare (Makeda/ Lady Sekmet/ Sokhot) of Rhoda and Egypt  (b.520 BC)married Osorkon I  [Sokar / Socho] Chief Prince of Ma (Libyan Milesians)
84. High-Queen Hennutawi of Rhoda and Egypt (b.540 BC) [sister of Menelik (Malonken) King of Kush and Nubia (Ethiopia)] married Psuenne II High Priest of Amun
85.  High-Queen Maatkare (Makeda) Amanitakaye of Rhoda and Nubia married Siamun (Solomon) Aramatleko King of Kush and Nubia and Pharaoh of Egypt son of King Anlamani (Milanos) King of Kush 
86. High-Queen Henuttakhebit (Henuttawi) of Rhoda and Kush [born 580 BC] married Aspelta King of Kush (brother of Anlamani)
87. High-Queen Tamar Tentamun of Rhoda married Tefnakht Prince of Sais
88. High-Queen  Maatkare Maloteral of Rhoda (sister of Pharaoh Tantamani r.564-556 BC; sister of Hatshepsut (Hepzibah) Queen Mother of Judah the ancestress of H6 and H7 Mt-dna)  married Atlanersa King of Kush
89. High-Queen Nekaute Kandake (Nekauba) of Rhoda and Kush (b.640 BC) married Shabaka (Sabaka) Pharaoh of Egypt (r. 620-606 BC) and Ethiopia (Kush) son of Pianki (Piye) King of Egypt and Kush
90. High-Queen Amenirdis (Iusaaet/ Shu) of Rhoda and Kush married Tefnakt Prince of Sais and Chief of the Meshwesh (Ma/ Milesians/ Mu) of Libya
91. High-Queen Nodjemet of Rhoda and Kush married Herihor (Horemheb) Ruler of Egypt
92. High -Queen Nefer Hrere of Rhoda and Egypt (b.700 BC) married Amenhotep-Huy King's Son of Kush 
93.  High- Queen Ankhesenamun of Rhoda married Tutankhamun Pharaoh of Egypt son of  Pharaoh Smenkare
94. High -Queen Nefertiti Tadu-Hepa (Tadukhipa / Tabua / Kiya) of Rhoda and Mitanni (Media and Assyria) and Queen of the Kedarites (b.740 BC). She was known as Aphrodite to the Greeks and as Venus Victrix to the Romans. She married Akhnaten (Amenhotep IV) Pharaoh of Egypt (R1b-M269 ydna) who was known as Anchises or Aeneas or Oedipus to the Greeks and Romans.
95. High- Queen Telhunu of the Kedarites and Arabia married Kurtiwaza (Hazael/ Kazail) of Mitanni and Assyria son of Tushratta (Ben Hadad)
96. High -Queen Yatie of the Kedarites (sister of Queen Mutemwiya of Egypt) married Shattiwaza (Hazael) ( (brother of Tushratta)

Queen Zabibe of the Kedarites

97. High Queen Zabibe (Zenobia) of the Kedarites and Arabia (b.800 BC) (sister of Queen Samsi) married Lord Yeh of Egypt son of Amenhotep II (Prince Siamun) son of King Solomon (R1b-M269) and Hapshepsut-Meryte
98. High-Queen Seng of Rhodan Empire [Sheba (Send), Kedar, Ophir and Dedan (Hend)] married Melea (Milai Kilavan) Egyptian Govenor-Prince of Rhoda (Dedan) son of Lord Menna of Egypt of the Davidic House of Nathan (R1b-M269 ydna)
99. High-Queen Sachi (Suchi) of Rhodan Empire (b.840 BC) married Prince Indra Royal Governor of Rhoda of the House of Zerah-Judah 
100. High - Queen Nebetiunet of Rhodan Empire married Prince Mattata of Israel (yibum)son of Prince Nathan of Israel.
Queen Hapshepsur-Merytre (Princess Nebrubity) the Egyptian wife of King Solomon

101. Queen Hapshepsut-Meryte (Nefrubity) of Rhoda married King Solomon of Israel son of King David and Queen Bathseba. [She married secondly Thutmose III of Egypt]

Queen Ahmose mother of Queen Hapshepsut

102. High-Queen Ahmose of Rhoda (sister of Kartikeya) married Thutmose I Pharaoh of Egypt
103. High -Queen Kandake (Chandika / Makeda) of Rhoda (b.920 BC) married Shiva (also called Kedar/ Kedarnath / Rudra) Royal Governor of the Rhodan Empire and Prince of the House of Zerah-Judah.
104. High-Queen Tara (Taraka / Tetisheri) of Rhoda married Ahmose Prince of Thebes son of Inyotef (Joseph / Intef / Yadav) VIII Prince of Thebes
105. High-Queen Neferu Parbati of Rhoda married Djenna (Djan) Prince of Kush
106. High-Queen Mena (Mentuhotep) of Rhoda married Rahotep Prince of Thebes
107. High-Queen Sebekhotep of Rhoda married Senebhanef Vizier of Thebes brother of Inyotef V Prince of Thebes
108. High-Queen Tamar of Rhoda (b.1020 BC) married Inyotef (Joseph) IV Prince of Thebes son of Mentuhotep VII Prince of Thebes
109. Princess Ruth (b.1040) of Moab and Rhoda (R mt-dna) married Prince Boaz of Judah
110. High- Queen Dibona (Durga/ Devi) (b.1055 BC) of Rhoda married King Eglon II of Moab
111. High-Queen Adi Shakti (1068 BC) of Rhoda married Prince Zeri Mu (Zerah) of Rhoda 
112. High-Queen Adi Mu (Maya) (b.1085) of Rhoda married Prince Neleus of Pylos
113. High-Queen Deborah (Devi Mu/ Queen Bee) of Rhoda (b.1100 BC) married Prince Lapdidot of Ephraim
114. High-Queen Tami Mu of Rhoda (b.1115 BC) married Prince Mahi Mu of Rhoda
115. High-Queen Adi Mu of Rhoda (b. 1130 BC) married Prince Meri Mu of Kedar 
116. High-Queen Parvati Mu of Rhoda (b.1148 BC) married Prince Eti Mu of Heber
117. High-Queen Devi Mu of Rhoda (b.1165 BC) married Prince Ari Mu of Dedan
118. High-Queen Keli Mu (Kali) of Rhoda (1188 BC) married Prince Nati Mu of Sheba and Kedar
119. High-Queen Adi Mu of Rhoda (1205 BC) married Prince Nabi Mu of Dedan
120. High-Queen Tami Mu of Rhoda (1223 BC) married Prince Naki of Kedar Lord of Ophir
121. High -Queen Maki Mu of Rhoda (1247 BC) married Nati Prince of Heber
122. High-Queen Kani Mu (1270 BC) of Rhoda married Uri ben Hur Prince of Judah

Caleb and Osnat remembered as the Egyptian gods Nut and Geb

123. High-Queen Djukti Nuti Mu (Judith Osnat) of Rhoda (b.1287 BC) married Caleb (Gaweb/ Geb) Kenite Prince
124. High-Queen and Priestess Dani Mu(b.1305 BC) of the Rhodan Empire married Prince Dudi Mu of Kedar
125. High-Queen Sabi Mu(b.1324 BC) of Rhoda married Amani Mu Prince of Ophir
126. High-Queen Tami Mu (b.1340 BC) of Rhoda married Dudi Mu Royal Governor of Rhoda (Mu)
127. High-Queen Miri Mu of Rhoda (b.1359 BC)  married Monti Mu Prince of Ophir
128. High-Queen Labi Mu (b. 1370 BC) of Rhoda married Zeri Mu Royal Governor of Rhoda
129. High Queen Kemi (Tami Mu) of Rhoda (b. 1386 BC) married Dudimose II (Dudi Mu)Prince of Thebes son of Amenemhet IV Prince of Thebes
130. High-Queen Senebsen (Sabi Mu) of Rhoda (b.1403) married Neferhotep Pharaoh of Egypt
131. High- Queen Hetepti Mu of Rhoda (b.1420) married Dudimose I Amenemhat III (Moses / Mer Moshi / Thutmose) Prince of Egypt King of Ethiopia (Nubia) Prophet of Israel of the House of Levi (b.1430 BC)
132. High-Queen Sobekneferu Mereret Tamaat (Merris  Tarmut/ Tami Mu) of Egypt and Rhoda (b. 1455) married her half-brother Senusret III Pharaoh of Egypt
133. High Queen Neferet (Nofret) of Mu (b.1480) married her half brother Senusret II Pharoah of Egypt
134. High-Queen Kaneferu (Kani Mu)  of Rhoda (Mu) married her half brother Amenemhat II Pharoah of Egypt
135. High Queen Neferet (Neferu / Nofret/ Nefi) of Rhoda married Senusret I Pharoah of Egypt son of Amenemhat I
136. High-Queen Imi Mu (Mama Quilla) of Rhoda married Mentuhotep (Manco/ Mani) IV Pharaoh of Egypt r.1566-1560 BC) and First King of the Incas (Barzel)
137. High-Queen Meri Mu (Meresankh) of Rhoda (sister of Mentuhotep III) married Djedkare-Isesi Prince of Giza and Abydos (r.1577-1542)
138. High-Queen Temi Mu of Rhoda married Mentuhotep II (Manesseh) Pharaoh of Egypt son of Inyotef III (Intef/ Inti /Joseph)
139. High- Queen Kentekta (Kani Mu) of Rhoda married her half-brother Djedefre Prince of Giza and Abydos
140. High-Queen Meri Mu (Meryinyotef) of Rhoda (sister of Inyotef I (Joseph) Prince of Thebes and Inyotef II Prince of Thebes) married Khufu Prince of Giza and Abydos
141. High -Queen Sesheshet-Neferu (The Beautiful White Rose) of Rhoda married Mentuhotep I (Manesseh/ Menasheshe) Prince of Thebes the son of Joseph (Inyotef) Prince of Manesseh son of Manesseh ben Joseph (Djoser/ Djedi) of Israel
142. High- Queen Khentkaus the younger (Red Rose) of Rhoda married Neferirkare Kakai (Kalkol) Pharoah of Egypt and Founder-King of Athens (brother of Darda (Dardanos) of the House of Zerah Judah).
143. High -Queen Neferhetepes of Rhoda married Pharaoh Userkaf (r.1715-1707 BC) son of Neferkare III Akety
144. High-Queen Khentkaus Iput (Red Rose) of Rhoda (sister of Neferkare I Akety) married Prince Inyotef Asriel of Manesseh
145. High-Queen Inkaes (Khenut/ Anatkawes) of Rhoda married Meriyibre Akhety Unas Pharaoh of Egypt son of Pharoah Huni (Hezron of Judah)
146. High-Queen Asenath (Osnat/ Anath /Isis/ Nut) of Rhoda and Shekhem married Joseph (Djoser/ Djedi) Royal Governor of Egypt (R1b y-dna)
Rape of Dinah

147. High- Queen Dinah of Rhoda and the Hebrews married Sekhem Prince of Shekhem and Egypt
148. High-Queen Leah of Rhoda and the Hebrews married Jacob Prince of the Hebrews (R1b ydna) son of Isaac patriarch of the Hebrews son of Abraham Patriarch of the Hebrews (P ydna)
149. High-Queen Adinah of Rhoda and the Hebrews married Laban Prince of Aram(Syria)
150. High-Queen Milkam of Rhoda and the Hebrews married Abida the Prince of Midian son of Midian ben Abraham
151. High Queen Milka of Rhoda and the Hebrews married her uncle Nahor Prince of the Hebrews
152. High-Queen Zugalum of Rhoda and Ebla married Haran Prince of Haran and the Hebrews
153. High-Queen Edinah (Edna/ Adinah/ Enheduanna) of Rhoda (Sinim) and Akkad (R mt-dna) married Ibbi-Zugli (Zikri/ Sipish) King of Ebla
154. High-Queen Tashlutum of Rhoda married Sargon (Serug) the Great King of Akkad son of  Prince Reu (Ro) of the Hebrews and Ora
155. High-Queen Azurad of Rhoda married Khaba King of Byblos and Egypt son of Prince Peleg of the Hebrews
156. High-Queen Milkamum of Rhoda married Prince Uri of Ur son of Khesed Founder of Ur
157. High- Queen Azurad (Aphrodite/ Ashtarte) of Rhoda married Eber King of Heber Mu and Founder of Ebla (born 2497 BC died 2003 BC)
158. High-Queen Dinah (Dione/ Diana Goddess of the Hunt) married Nimrod the Mighty Hunter (Enmerkar) King of Babel
159. High -Queen Milkam (Queen Mother) of Rhoda (Eridu / Mars/ Ares)  (N mt-dna) married Cainan King of Eridu (Rhoda) (K ydna).
160. Yiskah Prophetess-Priestess of the Rose (Shoshan) married Madai
161. Shoshanah (Susan/ Susannah) married Elam Founder of Shushan (Susan)
162.  Zedeketelebab (L3 mt-dna mother of all mt-dna descended from N and M) married Shem (F ydna) son of Noah

Paternal Ancestry

1. Emperor Lalibela of Ethiopia [brother of Princess Duka (Judith) of Ethiopia]

2. Prince Mairari of Ethiopia married Princess Gurandukht (Judith) of Georgia

3. Emperor Harbe II of Ethiopia

4. Emperor Mairari II of Ethiopia

5. Emperor Harbe I of Ethiopia

6. Emperor Yemrehanna (Yeruchom) of Ethiopia

7. Emperor Germa Seyum married Esat daughter of King Casimir of Poland and Estereke

8. Emperor Jan Seyum of Ethiopa

9. Emperor Mairari I Takla Hamyanot married Masoba Warq the daughter of the Solomonic Emperor Nil Naod of Ethiopia.

10. King Georgius Tzul of the Crimean Khazars (Zenobius /Tzul ben David / Zavid) married Queen-Empress Judith (Gudit / Gurandukht) of Ethiopia and the Falashas.

11. King David of Khazarian Taman married Tamar Bagratuni

12. Khaghan Aharon II of Khazaria [b.912]

13. Khagan Benjamin of Kharzaria [b.892] (his sister Princess Men of Bihar and Khazaria married Duke Zoltan of Hungary and his sister Biagata (Agata of Bihar) married Duke Boleslav I of Bohemia)

14. Khagan Menumarot (Menachem) of Bihar Khazars and Khazaria [b.874] married Princess Adiva of England and Mercia the sister of Edward the Elder King of England

15. Khagan Aharon I of Khazaria[b.855] (cousin of Khagan Zechariah ben Menashshe of Khazaria [b.840])

16. Marot (Marovec/Moses)Khagan of the Bihar Khazars [b.830] (brother of Khagan Menashshe II of Khazaria [b.820])

17.Khagan Zevulon of Khazaria [b.800]

18. Khagan Yitzach of Khazaria [b.780] (cousin of Khagan Menashshe I of Khazaria [b.775])

19. Khagan Chanukah of Khazaria [b.760] (brother of Khagan Hezekiah of Khazaria [b.750])

20. Khagan Obadiah of Khazaria [b.730]

21. Khagan Sabriel[b.710] married the Davidic Jewish Princess Serakh

22. Khagan Bulan of Khazaria [b.690]