Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sons of Aodh

Recently I have been invited to join a ydna study group called the sons of Aodh. This study is concerned with the ancestors of people with a number of related surnames such as Mc Eth, Mc Gee, Mackay etc. The name of Aodh is also known as Aedh or Hugh or Ethelred.

Wayne Mckey writes: "...There is some reason to support that MacAedh claimants to the Scottish Throne descended from the marriage of the heiress of Moray to Aethelred (rendered into Gaelic as Aedh), last Abbot of Dunkeld and first Earl of Fife, elder brother of King Alexander I and King David I, that as abbot he was debarred from the throne; and that he died in about 1128. She was a sister of Maelsnechtai, who died in 1085, last king of Moray of the house of Lorn, and who was also Chief of the clan Duff through her grandmother Queen Gruoch (the ‘Lady Macbeth’ of Shakespeare, heiress of the Fife royal line of King Duff (slain in 967 A.D.). In 1130, soon after the abbot’s sister’s son Angus, King of Moray, together with Malcolm MacAedh (called King David Ist nephew), probably Angus’s brother, in an attempt to gain the Scottish Throne from David I. But they were defeated by Norman mercenaries. The sons of Aedh, however, were by no means finished. Gillecoimded MacAedh, who was a highly placed witness to a charter c. 1131-1144, was probablyone of them. Malcolm MacAedh himself, called Jarl of Moray, by the Norsemen, married a sister of King Somerled of the Isles and is known to have had more than one son. He carried on the struggle until his eldest son Donald MacAedh was captured in 1156; then he was nominally reconciled to the King of Scots, and became Rael of Ross (northern Moray) until his death in 1168..."

Thus this study would seem to identify those descendants of R1b-M222+ (also known as the kin of Niall of the Nine Hostages)who descend from Niall through the Scottish Kings of the House of Dunkeld/Athol. I am not sure why I have been invited to join this group other than I belong to R1b-M222 and I have genetic matches with some Mc Gee and McGeehan on a genetic distance of 6 out of 67. I believe that I descend from the Alexander family (of Campbelltown and Stirling) via the Scottish Kings descended from King David I of Scots. If anything this would seem to confirm my belief that my branch (and the Alexanders and O'Reillys that I am closely related to genetically)is a Scottish branch of R-M222+ rather than an Irish branch. Of course the Scottish branch is originally Irish but not for a thousand years.

King David I died in 1153 and the sons of Aodh descend from his older brother Ethelred the Abbot of Dunkeld. The ydna results of the Sons of Aodh project would seem to confirm my opinion that the House of Dunkeld/Athol is of R-M222+ and confirms those historians who have always claimed that the House of Dunkeld /Athol were descended on the male line from the Irish Kings of Mide (Meath).

I await the further conclusions of this ydna group on this branch of the kin of High -King Niall of the Nine Hostages with interest. I have been gratified that many different studies on dna seem to be confirming what I have claimed for many years even before this era of dna studies began. I am also open to changing my views if the ydna evidence proves conclusively that my theories were wrong.

While it is possible that the Mackay's come from Ethelred the Abbot of Dunkeld on the direct male line, I think it is likely that the male line comes from Angus Dubh Mackay. Angus was the grandson of the Donald MacKay (through his daughter not his son) who died in 1370. Angus Dubh MacKay was a son of Margaret MacKay who married Hugh (or Aodh) the son of John Alexander Lord of the Isles and his wife Princess Margaret Stewart (Stuart). This would mean that Angus Dubh MacKay was descended from Ethelred through a maternal line but paternally from the Alexander family descended from the illegitimate son of Prince Alexander MacAlexander. If this is this case then my ydna would be alot closer to that of the MacKays as our common ydna ancestor would have lived in the 14th century rather than the 11th century. Angus Dubh Mackay's wife Elizabeth  (MacDonald) was a granddaughter of John of the Isles and Margaret Stewart rather than a daughter as related in some genealogies.

It would also seem that history has confused Elizabeth MacKay the wife of Angus Dubh MacKay with Margaret Mackay the mother of Angus Dubh Mackay. Donald Mackay the father of Margaret Mackay is the direct male line descendant of Ethelred the Abbot of Dunkeld. Of course they are both of ydna R-M222+ and descended from the ancient Kings of Scotland and Ireland. The MacGee or McGhee are branches of the MacKay /Mac Eth family who went to Ireland. Further ydna research may clear up if the McGee are descended from Angus MacKay's father Hugh (or Aodh) or whether they descend from the Mackay's descended on the direct male line from Ethelred (Aodh). It is of course possible that some come from both lineages.

The I ydna Mackays would seem to descend from Sinheag Mackay also a sister of Angus Mackay the 5th Chief. She married Iye MacNeill whose Norse ancestor married into the MacNeills of Barra. They were the parents of Neill and Morgan Mackay and the ancestors of those Mackays of I ydna.

Note 1: "...The Alexander family claimed descent from the McDonald Lord of the Isles. Donald Lord of the Isles and his son Angus Mor were direct male line descendants of Somerled. It would seem that Somerled has a partially false genealogy and is actually descended from the Khazar Jews of Eastern Europe. DNA testing revealed that the descendants of Somerled belonged to haplotype R1a but the Alexander family belong to R1b. There are two Angus Og's. One is Angus Og MacDonald the younger son of Angus Mor MacDonald by his second Jewish wife Rebecca of Flanders. The second is Angus Og MacAlexander who was the son-in-law of Alexander Mor MacDonald by his daughter Agnes. The names of Angus and Agnes obviously confused earlier genealogists. Angus Og MacAlexander’s parents were John Alexander and Margaret Bruce (sister of Robert I King of Scots). John Alexander was the illegitimate son of Alexander macAlexander son of King Alexander III of Scots, by his Jewish mistress Rebecca the illegitimate half sister of Prince Alexander's wife Margaret of Flanders. Rebecca later married Angus Mor MacDonald thus making her the step-mother of Alexander Og MacDonald ...John Alexander Lord of the Isles married as his first wife Amy the widow of his cousin Lord John of Islay (the son of Angus II Mac Alisdair). In the genealogies his step-children are listed as his sons by this first wife. The MacDonald descendants of Amy are in fact of the R1a lineage of Somerled whereas the sons of John Alexander Lord of the Isles and Margaret Stewart are of the R1b lineage of the Niall clan. Some of the Scottish Alexanders who are of R1a descend from Alisdair the son of Donald Lord of the Isles and others of the R1b from John Alexander Lord of the Isles..." It is important to see that John Lord of the Isles and John of Islay are two closely related but different personages who historians and genealogists have mistakenly made into one personage. The study of dna has helped immensely in sorting out the origins of these families.

Note 2: Historians note that Gilbert de Insula (Gilbert of the Isles)was granted lands in Stirling in 1330. Some genealogists now think the Alexanders of Menstrie were descended from Gilbert. I would agree that they do descend from Gilbert but not on the direct male line. Thomas Alexander de Menstrie (1420-1506) was the son of Alexander Alexander and Elizabeth MacDonald. It is Elizabeth that descends from Gilbert de Insula. She is the daughter of Robert MacDonald who in turn is the son of Angus MacDonald the son of John MacAlexander son of Gilbert de Insula. Gilbert de Insula was a son of John Alexander (MacAlexander) the illegitimate son of Prince Alexander of Scots and his Jewish mistress Rebecca of Flanders. Thomas of Menstrie's father Alexander Alexander is the son of Alexander MacAlexander who in turn is the son of ydna r1b-M222+ John Alexander Lord of the Isles by his wife Princess Margaret Stewart of Scots.

Note 3: Malcolm MacEth is sometimes confused with Malcolm Mac Alexander who was an illegitimate son of Alexander I of Scots. His son was Gillespic or Archibald the founder of the Campbell family of Menstrie.

Ancestry of the Mackay Clan from the House of Dunkeld/Athol
1. King Malcolm III of Scots married St Margaret
2. Prince Ethelred (Aodh/Aedh/Heth) Abbot of Dunkeld (brother of King David I of Scots and King Alexander I of Scots)married Princess Tul of Scots
3. Prince Angus MacEth Earl of Moray (claimant to the Scottish throne)
4. Lord Malcolm MacEth [b.1122] Earl of Moray and Ross married Agatha a sister of Somerled
5. Lord Donald MacEth [b.1146]
6. Lord Kenneth MacEth
7. Lord Aodh (Iye)Magnus MacEth of Strathnaver Chief of Clan MacKay
8. Lord Iye Mor MacKay 2nd Chief of Clan MacKay married Agatha of the Isles daughter of Donald I Lord of the Isles
9. Lord Donald MacKay [b.1265]3rd Chief married a sister of Lord Aodh Earl of Ross
10. Lord Aodh (Iye) MacKay 4th Chief
11. Lord Donald MacKay of Strathnaver married Margaret daughter of Angus II Og MacDonald by his wife Agnes 
12. Lady Margaret (Mariota) MacKay (sister of Angus MacKay 5th Chief) married Lord Hugh (Aodh)Alexander son of John Alexander Lord of the Isles and Princess Maragret Stewart of Scots
13. Lord Angus Dubh MacKay 6th Chief married Lady Elizabeth daughter of  Donald Lord of the Isles and his wife Lady Mariota of Ross

The Maternal Jewish ancestry of  Lady Elizabeth Mac Donald wife of Lord Angus Dubh Mackay

1. Rabbi Samuel de Dampierre (of Khazar Jewish ancestry)
2. Yochebed (Sybille) de Dampierre the Jewish mistress of Guy II de Dampierre
3. Rebecca of Flanders (the Jewish mistress of Prince Alexander of Scots) married Angus Mor MacDonald (the MacDonalds are descendants of Somerled who is of Khazar Jewish ancestry)
4. Mariota Alexander married Alexander II Og MacDonald
4. Agnes MacDonald married Angus III Og Alexander Lord of the Isles [b.1300]
5 Mary MacDonald/ Alexander married William III Earl of Ross
6. Euphremia Countess of Ross married Sir Walter Leslie
7. Lady Mariota of Ross married Donald Lord of the Isles
8. Lady Elizabeth MacDonald married Lord Angus Dubh Mackay

The  Khazar and Jewish Maternal Ancestry of Lady Mariota Mackay

1. Lady Mariota Mackay married Lord Hugh (Aodh) Alexander
2. Lady Margaret MacDonald married Lord Donald Mackay
3. Lady Agnes MacDonald married Angus II Og MacDonald
4.  Lady Margaret Mackay married Eachann (Hector) MacDonald of the Isles a son of Alexander I Mor MacDonald
5. Lady Agatha of the Isles (b.1238) married Lord Iye Mor Mackay
6.  Lady Marjory (Mariota) Stewart married Donald I Lord of the Isles
7. Lady Beatrix (Bethoc) of Angus (b.1200) married Walter Stewart
8. Lady Marjory (Mariota) of Caithness (b.1180) married Gilchrist Earl of Angus
9. Lady Gormflaith MacEth (b.1150) married Harald II of Caithness
10. Lady Agatha of the Isles (b.1132) married Malcolm MacEth Earl of Moray and Ross
11. Princess Bride of Dublin and the Isles (b.1115) married Gilli (Gilead) King of the Hebrides
12. Lady Gormflaith (b.1098) married Olaf Magnusson  (b.1099 d.1117) Prince of Norway and Dublin
13. Princess Bride of Dublin and Man married Solomon ha Khagan the Khazar Prince of Dublin son of King Margad the Khazar King of Dublin and Queen Suthen the widow of King Duncan I of Scots
14. Lady Ragna of Dublin and Waterford married Echmarcach King of Dublin and Man son of Prince Margad of the Khazars and his wife Sabina (daughter of Prince Ragnall of Waterford)
15. Princess Ragna of Dublin and Waterford married Shlomo Prince of the Khazars
16. Princess Rogneda of Russia married Ragnall II King of Waterford
17. Lady Rogneda of Polatsk (962-1002) married Vladimir the Great of Russia
18. Princess Agatha of the Khazars (b.945) married Ragnvald (Ragnall) of Polatsk and Waterford son of Prince Ivar of Waterford (d.950)
19. Lady Mariota of Hungary married Aharon II King of Khazaria
20. Princess Men of Bihar and Khazaria married Duke Zoltan of Hungary
21. Princess Adiva of England and Mercia (b.876) married Menumarot (Menachem) King of Bihar and Khazaria
22. Princess Ealswitha of Mercia (b.852) married Alfred the Great King of England
23. Lady Eadburga of Mercia (b.830) married Ethelred Mucil Lord of the Gaini
24. Lady Elfleda (b.808) married Wigmund King of Mercia
25.  Queen Redburga (b.787) married Egbert King of England (son of King Egbert II of Kent and Saxony and Ida of Autun(daughter of Theodoric II (Aumery/Nehemiah/Namen) of Septimania)
26.  Lady Tora Ragnhild (b.772) married Halfdan  (762-830)Margrave of Frisia and Jutland
27.  Princess Alfhild of Lethra (b.756) married Sigurd Ring
28. Princess Hilda of Lethra (b.740) married Hernaut de Gironde (Harald Hildetand) a son of Machir Todros of Narbonne King of the Jews
29. Lady Erica (Eirikur) of Hesbaye (b.725) married Ivar the Wide Fathom King of Lethra 
30. Princess Landree of Franks (b.708) married Lord Sigrand (Ingram/Angar) of Hesbaye
31. Lady Rotrud (Ruth/Schwanhilde) of Hesbaye (690-724) married Charles Martel (686-741)
32. Princess Ruth (Rotrud) of the Franks (b.670) married Lievin (Levi/Luitvin)of Hesbaye Bishop of Treves Guardian of the Grail Platter
33. Lady Doda of Metz and Potiers (b.650) married  Chrodobertus II King of Neustria
34. Lady Kunza of Metz  (b.630)married  Warin (Aaron) count de Poiters
35. Lady Sigrade (b.612)married Clodule of Metz Guardian of the Grail
36. Lady Dode of Franks (b.595) married Arnold (Aron ha Aluf) of Metz
37.  Lady Bertrude (Judith) of Metz (b.579)[ sister of Aumeric (Ricaumer) Davidic Nasi of France] married King Clothaire II of Franks
38. Lady Geberge (b.545) married Leutharius (Levi) of Metz son of Arimandus (Archenbald)
39. Ava ha Geveret [sister of Ida(Ithiel Hayyim) King of Bernicia]  married Omer (Aumer) ha Ari of Sarras Guardian of the Grail Platter son of Galahad Guardian of the Grail
40. Lady Gertrude (Givirah Judi/ Queen of the Jews) [who is also known as Lady Ava (Abba/ Eobba/ Abiane)] who married Aumeric (Ricaumer/Eormenric)(b.520) Jewish King of Kent [who is also known as Mar Amorai (Amr/Amwlad/Mordred) of Babylon and Calalus the son of King Arthur Mor of Britain.] 
41. Lady Dindaine (Dode/Dudu) married Percival (Peredur) Knight and Guardian of the Grail
42. Lady Blanchfleur Dindaine married Vahan the Wolf (Kayl) of Armenia
43. Lady Corun (Ciarra/ Ciaron) of Gwent  (b.460) married Nathan Todros (Tudwal) Jewish King in Britain
44. Lady Deurig married Erbin King of Gwent (of the Gewisse)
45. Lady Corun of Ireland (sister of Niall of the Nine Hostages) (b.c420)married Nathan Mar (Tewdfalch/ Nathan Morbet/ Meurig/ Thoedosius) King of Gwent and Picts
46. Lady Corun of Britian married Eochaidh Mugmedon High King of Ireland
47. Lady Scota (born c.380) married Mar Chasdai (Chasdubh) of Spain and Gododdin son of Nathan II Babylonian Exilarch
48. Lady Seng married Rafael X Rosh Galuta Scotti (King of Goddodin)
49. Lady Scota (b.345) married Cionga King of Argyle
50. Nissiya Esther (Earca) of Babylon  (b.342)married Rafael VIII Votepacus Rosh Galuta Scotti (King of Goddodin) son of Rafael VII Nathan (Tegfan)
51. Mari Ada (Lady Adah) [ circa b.320] married Abba Mari Babylonian Exilarch
52. Mara Esther of Gododdin (b.302) married King Heber of Gothia in Sweden
53. Lady Adah (b.284) married Rafael V Naftali (Telpuil) King of Gododdin
54 Lady Scota (sister of the Exilarch Nehemiah) married Mar Jacob of Babylon
54.  Lady Esther of Babylon (b.240) married Rafael IV Heber (Erbin/Urban) King of Gododdin (b.239)
55. Lady Ada Shoshanah (b.223)  married Mar Nathan I Ukba Babylonian Exilarch
56. Lady Aine (Ethne) (b.206) married Cairbre Lifchair of Riata (Rhoda)
57. Lady Ailbhe (b. 190) married Finn Mac Cool (Cumhaill/Camelon) son of Nathan Mar Ukba I (Nudd /Nectan) Exilarch
58. Lady Ethne (Ada) (b. 173)married Huna (Kynan) a British Jewish Christian prince
59. Lady Sabina (Sabh)  (b.155 AD) married Olioll Olum Glas (Olum Fodla) King of Munster
60. Lady Ethne (Nessiya Ada) ( born 135 AD) married the Red Heber Lord Conn of the Hundred Battles
61. Mari Cathair (Cairon) (b.115 AD) married Athal (Ethal) Anubal of the Rhodans
62. Lady Fedlimid Fafertach of Alba (sister of Tuathal Teachmar (Mar Ptolomy of Caledonia) (b.99 AD)married Mag Corb King of Laigin
63. Lady Ethne Imgel (Mother of the Gaeli/Edna/Adona) (born circa 78 AD) married Fiachu of Alba (Gadeni) son of Mar Phares (Celidoine/Lord of the Culdees)
64.  Adona (Dana /Dona /Lady /Domnu) (born 55 AD)married Zerah Adon Glas (Zerah Lord of Glastonbury /Aodh /Aed /Aidan /Elderus/ Sallog)
65. Julia Nero (St. Eurgen (Johanna)) [b.35]married St.Philologus the Rosh Golus of Avalon (Glastonbury/ Sallog)
65. Lady Julia Agrippina married Emperor Nero
66. Vipsania Julia Octavia Agrippina Major DiRoma married Germanicus Julius Ceasar of Rome
65. Julia Augusta Major of Rome married Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa
66. Lady Scribonia Libo married Emperor Augustus
67. Sentia (Scota of Hibernia) Jewish Milesian Princess married Lucius Scribonius Libo of Libya in Africa
68. Tamar XVIII of Brigantia Domnu -Our Lady of the Forest (Silva) married Mar Isaac of Sumer (Somerset)

Note: Many historians are unclear who was the father of King Egbert of England. Ealhmund was added to the older documents by a later hand and seemed to be an effort by later scholars to link Egbert with the Kings of Kent. I believe that Egbert was the son of Egbert II of Kent. Egbert II of Kent shared the throne with Ealhmund of Kent (who may have been his brother) in the later part of his reign. Egbert II went into  exile to the court of Charlemagne around 789 where he married Ida of Autun a daughter of Theodoric II (Nehemiah) King of Septimania and soon after she gave birth to Prince Egbert. Egbert spent 13 years in the Frankish Empire when he returned to England in 802 and became King of Wessex with the support of Charlemagne who was now the new Holy Roman Emperor.  Around 806 he married Redburga the daughter of Halfdan the Margrave of Frisia and Jutland. Egbert's father Egbert II remained as a Saxon Duke and exiled King in France where he died in 811. Egbert of Wessex was a maternal grandson of Ava (Eve/Eaba/ Alba) a granddaughter of Prince Ingild of Wessex (brother of King Ine of Wessex).