Monday, November 28, 2011

Was Hitler a Rothschild?

One often comes across statements that Adolf Hitler was the paternal grandson of an Ashkenazi Jew. The two main claimants to this are Leopold Frankenberger and one of the Rothschild's family- claims are made for Baron Solomon Mayer Rothschild, Lionel Nathan Rothschild and Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Recent genetic testing on male relatives of Hitler demonstrate that he indeed belongs to E1b1b (E3b) which is common among Ashkenazi Jews. I believe this Levite Samaritan strand entered Judaism in Second Temple Times. It would seem that Frankenberger is the most likely candidate of Hitler's grandfather as proposed by Hans Frank.

The Rothschild's family descended from Amschel Mayer Rothschild belong to J2 ydna which some claim is the Cohen ydna. The legend is that the Rothschild's family descend from Rabbi Mayer (Meir) a grandson of the Emperor Nero. However I believe it is the ydna of the Samaritan convert to Judaism called Zadok who founded the Sadduccean sect of Judaism. J2 Jewish claimants to Cohen status descend from this Samaritan-Jewish Zadok who claimed priestly status. J1 Cohens descend from the Samaritan High priest Ishmael of First Temple Times whose descendants (the Shammaites/Shamerim) also converted to Judaism in the time of the Maccabees. The actual Cohen and Levite lineage coming from Aaron and Levi is R1b-ht35.

Thus I think it is conclusive that Hitler was not a member of the Rothschild's family but Leopold Frankenberger may have been his grandfather.

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