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More on Tutankhamun ydna

For those who have been following the discussion about the ydna of the Egyptian Pharoah's related to Tutankhamun the following link on CTV News dated 2 August 2011 may be of interest.

The article discusses how iGenea is offering a ydna test for those interested in finding out if they are closely related to King Tut. Of course they are following the latest evolutionary datings for R1b1a2 that date its genesis back to the Caucasus region around 9,500 years ago and its entry into Europe 7,000 years ago. This is better than the previous datings of R1b and R1b1a2 but still much too old.

Using the actual ydna rates found in R1b families and also taking into account Immanuel Velikovsky's redating of King Tutankhamen's Dynasty to the ninth century BC fits the evidence of a later date much better. This is confirmed by the Radio Carbon datings of artifacts in Tutankhamen's tomb. As Velikovsky wrote: "...In 1971, or seven years later, the British Museum processed palm kernels and mat reed from the tomb of Tutankhamen. The resulting dates, as Dr. Edwards, Curator of the Egyptian Department of the British Museum, wrote to the University of Pennsylvania radiocarbon laboratory, were -899 for the palm kernels and -846 for the mat reed..."

Thus I would date R1b1a2 to between 3,000-4,000 years ago in Ancient Israel. I would also date its parent R1b to about 4000 years ago. A large grouping of R1b1a2 moved in to the Caucasus Mountain region of Assyria about 2,500 years ago and from here moved in different waves into Europe across the Russian (Scythian) steppes. Tutankhamun received his R1b1a2 dna from King Solomon (who married an Egyptian Princess)who lived about 150 years before Tutankhamun according to Velikovsky. Thus his ydna would most likely be R1b1a2-L21 which I believe is the ydna signature of the Royal Davidic House. This does not mean that Tutankhamun looked like a red-haired Scotsman or like his red-haired ancestor King David. However in the mummies of this dynasty there is evidence of red and blonde hair in the Royal family and their ancestors. One's racial features come from the mix of all one's ancestors not just the ancestry of one's father's direct male line.

Note: Further revision of the datings of the ancient world also need to be taken into account. The date usually given for the destruction of the First Temple of Solomon today in 586 BC whereas Jewish sources say 422-5 BC- in fact I believe it is around 460-5 BC. Solomon lived in the 9th century BC not the tenth. The First Temple was built around the 860 BC. I believe the datings of the Exodus in the 13th dynasty, Solomon in the 18th dynasty and the time of the Babylonian Exile in the 19th dynasty by Velikovsky to be correct. However I believe Velikovsky's dates have to be revised down as he accepted the 586 BC dating of the Destruction of the the First Temple. I believe that originally Jewish authorities dated the Temple to around 460 BC but later adjusted it by 40 years so that the 490 years ended at the destruction of the Second Temple rather than the crucifixion of Jesus. Thus Rameses II lived in the 5th century BC.

see this Tutankhamun and R1b1b2 DNA


Anonymous said...

I believe you are making an error in your text where you cite the bloodline haplo-group as R1b1a2.
You correctly have it at the bottom of the article as R1b1b2a1b.

I am reading a book called Edgar Cayce's Story of the Old Testament by Robert Krajenke.

This author uses notes taken by students of Edgar Cayce's Bible study classes for this book.

The following is a quote out of that book. The 'entity' is the person who Edgar Cayce did what he termed 'readings' for. He is referring to a past incarnation of the same soul he did the reading for.

In the reading, the soul was in the daughter of Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt. The name is mis-spelled by Cayce's translators:

P 158 "Before this, we find the entity was in that period when many changes were brought to a people throughout the world. The entity then was in that land now known as the Egyptian, during the period when the princess Hatherpsut (the entity’s mother) was in power; and the entity’s name was Sidiptu, hence a sister of that leader Moses, the lawgiver of Israel.

During the reign of the mother, the entity was associated with those people later despised on account of the love that the mother found in association with a people’s. (Israel)

And the entity was then pledged to one of the leaders of Israel, in the house of Levi; and being despoiled by an Egyptian, it was this one that the brother, Moses, slew, hence causing that disruption which brought at the latter period of the mother’s and the entity’s sojourn in the land-a new pharaoh to the ruling of the peoples; this one coming then from the mountain or southern land of an almost divided land over this incident in the entity’s experience."

Please understand that Edgar Cayce did this reading in the 1930's or 1940's, long before the dna tests done on the 18th dynasty of Egypt in February of 2010. (or 2011?) time flies...

So here we have Edgar Cayce saying that Moses was the son of Queen Hatshepsut and the reason he killed the Egyptian was because the Egyptian raped his sister who was to marry an Israelite!

Pretty interesting, huh?

Athol said...
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Athol said...

As for Edgar Cayce- I was formerly ( in my teen years) a great devotee of him and his teachings but now I am not as I believe he was deluded by the evil spirits and that his information is tainted with the lies of the Accuser.

Catholic Jew said...

R1b1a2 is the new name for R1b1b2. It probably should be called R-M69 as this doesn't change all the time. the evidence demonstrates clearly that Tutankhamun is R-M69-