Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Niall and the Reconstructed Genealogy

This genealogy of the ancestors of High King Niall of the Nine Hostages is one that I have reconstructed from the numerous sources taking into account the confusion due to women and men being confused and father-in-laws and son-in-laws being confused with sons and fathers. Also there is often confusion of identity with people whose stories come from two different locations being remembered as two different people rather than one.

1. Niall Mor of the Nine Hostages High King of Ireland
2. Eochaidh (Eochy Moyvone/Yohannan)Mugmedon High King of Ireland married Ciaron (Ciarra) daughter of Mar Chasdai of Spain and Britiain
3. Muiredach (Meir Duach) II High King of Ireland married Aioffe of Goloddin daughter of Rafael IX King of Gododdin
4. Ros Ruadhri of Dal Riata married Rafaela daughter of Rafael VIII King of Gododdin (Rosh Galuta Scotti)
5. Eochaidh of Dal Riata married Fiona (Fianna Fiachu) daughter of Eochaidh Sbtrine son of Muredach I Tirech son of Fiachu Sbtine
6. Cairbre of Riata married Ava (Havah / Hvarfaidh)
7. Conaire Mor (Fothad Canaan) of Dal Riata in Alba married Mes Buachalla
8. Lughaidh (Loarne/ Luy Maccon)married Devorah of the Gaeli(Votadini/Fothudain) [brother-in-law of Eochaidh Dublein who was father of the three Collas and Lugaidh was the father of the three Fothads]
9 Cairbre Lifechair King of Ireland married Ethne (Edna/Aine) of Scotia daughter of Fionn(Gwyn)of Camelon (Cumhaill)son of Nathan Mar Ukba I (Nudd/Nectan) Exilarch
10. Cormac King of Leinster married Ethne daughter of  Aillill of Leinster
11. Mar Angus (Eochaidh/Eoghan Mor)married Bera (Barbura)daughter of Art (Arthur/Artur/Dov)the Red Heber Lord and Swan Knight
12. Olioll Olum (Olum Fodla/Aillil)King of Munster married Sabina (Sabh/ Sarah/ Sarad)daughter of the Red Heber Lord Conn (Connchober/ Conn of the Hundred Battles/Conaire)
13. Mar Eoghan (Ugaine Mor/Johannan/Angus Og)Mor married Ciarra (Ciar/Caer)daughter of Athal Anubal [Atal Anubal = American (Atal or Atala) Lord of Mexico (Anahuac)]
14. Nathan(Mogh Nuada)the Dagda (Dayag Adon/Fisher Lord)married Boann (Barbura/Edna/Eithne/Baine)daughter of Delbaeth grandson of Elada (Eliud)
15. Meir Duach (Rabbi Meir/Raibh Dearg)
16. Simeon Breac (R. Berechiah/Shimon the Blessed/Bres)
17. Adon of Glas (Adon Zerah)Lord of the Golus
18. Nathan the Red (Nuada/ Nectan Ruada)married Fianna (Fiona)
19. Mar Gilead ben Joseph (Josephes) married Nessiyah Naire daughter of Nathaniel bar Tolmai
20. Mar Joseph of Arimathea and Glastonbury (Glas)married Yochanna (Elyab/Eurgen)

Below is the version of Niall's ancestors as traditionally recounted in Irish sources.

1. Niall Mor of the Nine Hostages
2. Eochaidh Mugmedon
3. Muredach Tirech
4. Fiacha Srabtine
5. Cairbre Lifchair
6. Cormac Mac Art
7. Art Fiachu
9. Conn of the Hundred Battles
10. Fedlimid Reachtmar
11. Tuathal Teachtmar
12. Fiachu Finnolach
13. Feradach
14. Crimthann Nia Nair

Crimthann Nia Nair is also known as Nuada Nect or Nathan the Red (Rosin/Ros)and Feradach as Fergus Fargi. Conn of the Hundred Battles is the same as Conchobar and Conaire Mor and Fedlimid is his mother not his father. His father is Eterscel Mor who married the Nessiya (Davidic Princess) Fedlimid daughter of the Scottish Davidic Prince Tuathal Teachtmar (Ptolemy). Eterscel Mor is a son of Yair (Iar) a brother-in-law of the Fisherking (Dagda Adon) Rabbi Meir son of Simeon (Sen/Sin) the son of Adon Glas (Zerah/Rosin). Adon Glas or Rosin was the son of Nathan the Red a grandson of St Joseph of Arimathea. Eterscel Mor is the son of Yair and Princess Etain who is a descendant of Adon Glas. Yair (Iar) is the brother of Delbaeth and Ogma who are the sons of Elada (and his wife Esa (or Esther)a daughter of Yair ha Kanah of Babylonia) who is the son of Delbaeth who is in turn the son of 
Elemar the son of Allod the son of Friedloch the son of Fionn the son of Fionloch the son of Roighan Ruadh the son of Assaman the son of Enna the son of Enboath the son of Tigermas the son of Follaich the son of Ethrial the son of Irial Fadh the son of Heremon of the Milesian Invasion. Elemar is the father of Fianna (Fionna) the wife of Nathan the Red.

Nathan the Red or Riada was like his ancestors a Prince of the Rhodan or Rhuda Empire that stretched from the British Isles to the Americas and Australia. Australia was also known as Sinim, Sin or Send. They were known as the Fisher Kings or Lords Dag Adon (Dagda/Dedad/Dedan)an ancient title coming from Sumerian times. The original Rudra was also called Agni (Angus), Kedar and Shiva (Sheba) and his son Kartikeya (Skanda) was the father of Ganesha/ Gindibu (the Governor Gan or Gani of Rhoda). His daughter the Lady Rhiddi (Hepzibah) married Prince Nathan of Israel (called Narada by the Hindus)who became the Governor of Rhodan Dedan. Nathan's son Mattata was the Fisher King (Dedan) of Rhoda married Princess Nebetiunet of Egypt who became the Queen of Rhoda/Kedar/Sheba. She was the adopted daughter of Thutmose III and the daughter of Queen Merytre-Hapshepsut and King Solomon. Gani's son Heber was the father of Sokar (Sakra). Sokar (Socho) was the father of Indra whose daughter Sena Queen of the Rhodan Empire married Melea (Malai Kilavan) the Fisher King son of Lord Menna of Egypt. Sena was the daughter of Indra and his wife Shuchi or Sachi Queen of Rhodan Sheba. Shuchi was the daughter of Nebeniunet and Mattata. Sena as Queen of Rhodan Kedar was the mother of Zabibe the Kedarite Queen and also the mother of the Nathanite Prince-Governor Eliakim.

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