Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ancestry of Clive Staples Lewis

Clive Staples Lewis was the author of the Narnia series of children's novels among many other works and a leading Anglican Christian. One website on the internet tries to connect CS Lewis with the Lewis families of Flintshire Wales. Clive and his brother Warren are the children of Albert James Lewis who was born in Cork Ireland in 1863. Albert James Lewis was the son of Richard Lewis who was born about 1832 (possibly in Birmingham, Norley Cheshire or Flintshire Wales).

Richard at the age of 19 went to Cork Ireland with his wife Martha Gee of Liverpool in 1853. He was a boiler maker. His older brother William Lewis was also a boiler maker who married Martha Lewis(daughter of Ebenezer Lewis and Mary Williams). William and Martha's son William Lewis (b.1848 Hawarden Flintshire) was also a boiler maker and he married Rosaline West of Norley Cheshire the daughter of Simeon Levi West and Mary Ann Payne (believed to be the granddaughter of George IV and Maria Fitzherbert). Richard's brothers John and Joseph Lewis were also boiler makers who went with Richard to Ireland. Another brother Samuel (b.1837 Birmingham) was a famous Jewish money lender. Their mother was Jane Lewis the daughter of Richard Lewis of Flintshire Wales. Their father Joseph (born 1803) was an illegitimate son of George IV by his Jewish mistress Mrs Mary Lewis (nee Goldsmith). Richard of Flintshire Wales was born in Norley Cheshire about 1775 and his brother William Lewis married the former mistress of George IV in Brighton. Richard Lewis (b.1775) moved to Wales were he married a local girl called Jane Ellis who was of crypto Jewish background.

Joseph Lewis was brother to Samuel Lewis (b.1801), James Graham Lewis (b.1804), George Coleman Hamilton Lewis (b.1806 Portsmouth) and Mary Ann Lewis (b.1809). Joseph Lewis a son of George IV went as a boy to live with his step-uncle Richard Lewis in Caergwrle Flintshire and later he married his step-cousin Jane Lewis (they were no blood relative). Joseph was a crypto-Jew attending the Anglican Church for social reasons who later became a Methodist minister.

Joseph's older brother Samuel Lewis was trained by his step -father as a maltster in Brighton at the Black Lion Brewery and later went to live with his step-father's sister Mrs Mary Woodhouse (nee Lewis) at Norley Hall in Cheshire. He later became the owner of the Tiger Head Inn in Norley and a local farmer and land owner. Family tradition states that he was known as the Squire of Norley.

Joseph's brothers James and George went to live with their Jewish step-uncle Edward Henry Lewis and his wife Sarah Raphael (daughter of Nathaniel Raphael and Shinah Jane Levy) in London where they studied Law and became Jewish lawyers. Their step-uncle Edward Henry Lewis had three children Charles Lewis (who married Sophia Levy), Louis Lewis of Jamaica, and Catherine Lewis who converted to Catholicism on her marriage to George Drew Keogh. Due to their step uncle and aunt rearing the two boys as their own sons the relationships in the family have confused some researchers.

Ancestry of CS Lewis

1. Clive Staples Lewis
2. Albert James Lewis born 1863
3. Richard Lewis married Martha Gee of Liverpool
4. Joseph Lewis born 1803 married Jane Lewis daughter of Richard Lewis of Flintshire Wales and his wife Jane Ellis
5. George IV King of England and his mistress Mrs Mary Lewis (nee Goldsmith/Goldsmid)

Note: Some researchers had Rosaline West married to her father-in-law William (b.1830) instead of to his son William born in 1848. Also some have confused William (b.1848)'s maternal grandfather Ebenezer Lewis b.1800 with a different Ebenezer who was b.1814. William b.1848 was reared by his grandparents Ebenezer and Mary Lewis.