Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tutankhamun's Y-dna close to a Druze from Israel

In other blog articles I wrote about the R1b1b2 y-dna of Tutankhamun and his male ancestors. In one of those articles I criticised Kate Phizackerley article. Since then I noticed that she has admitted that she was wrong in regard to a number of points. She writes in response to Natson Nahar: "I agree with you in relation to your point about Tutankhamun's father. If Tut was R1b it would be very unlikely that his father wasn't also R1b. I knew that when I wrote it. I opted for elision because while it's unlikely in 1 generation, it's possible over say 20 or 40 generations for a paternal line to reconverge into R1b.However, with hindsight, I think I was wrong. I'd overlooked that Tutankhamun is 3,400 years (give or take) closer to the origin of R1b than we are. For that reason convergence would be very unlikely and would, had in occurred, left telltales in successive generations. I was wrong on that point..." She also nows thinks that Tutankhamun y-dna is R1b.

Sam Vass writes: "Sample 115 from Beit Jaan of The Druze: A Population Genetic Refugium of the Near East by Behar, Skorecki, Hammer, et alii, May 2008 at PLOS One differs by one with a 15 at DYS437 from the presumed Tut values..." Kate now admits that King Tutankhamun's y-dna may indeed be close to that of some of the Druze who belong to R1b. She writes to Marianne Luban: "...Actually my reading suggests that if Tutankhamun is R1b that a Druze connection is possible as an alternative to Sub-Sharan Africa. Because those two groups diverged some time ago it should theoretically be possible to consider whether Tutankhamun's DNA more closely matches one group or the other that I don't think that the tests done were extensive enough to permit that analysis. For the moment, a Druze link is something I think which should be considered a possibility..."

Marianne Luban writes: "...What I do know is there was, indeed, a genetic study of the Druze and I can post access to the resulting paper if anyone is interested. The Druze individual that Vass claimed has DNA numbers close to those of Tut lives in a village called Beit Jaan situated on Mount Meron in northern Israel. The Druze are a religious sect, not particularly ancient as such things go, only a few hundred years later than Islam. They are Islamic, but most Moslems consider them heretics..."

Kate has seemed obsessed with resisting a claim that Tutankhamun is European. In that point I agree and have always agreed that Tutankhamun is not European but he shares a y-dna that is common in Western Europe. I have always believed and claimed that this y-dna originates in Israel and the Middle East and it would seem that it being found among the Druze community in Israel confirms this. I also notice on y-search that a McNeil from Scotland is a genetic distance of 2 of 13 from Tutankhamun. This McNeil is y-dna R1b-L21 which I have always claimed to be the y-dna of the Davidic House of Israel and is common in the British Isles.

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