Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dinosaurs Not so Ancient

In a past post I have spoken of the stegosaurus on the 800 year old monuments of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and of the Diplodocus on the Sword of Calulus from the 8th century found in Tucson Arizona. Recently the media has spoken of cave paintings in which ancient men drew pictures of dinosaurs. There are also other objects which depict dinosaur-like creatures. And evolutionary scientists have done everything they can to discredit the discovery of human footprints alongside dinosaur prints. However now it seems mankind may have existed at the same time as the dinosaurs.

Now we learn that scientists have discovered that dinosaur artefacts have been found with blood collagen and soft tissue. This was believed to be impossible as blood collagen could not have survived for 65 million years from when the evolutionists claim the dinosaurs became extinct. Now one has to either believe that somehow dinosaur blood and soft tissue can survive for millions of years or lower the age of dinosaurs to within the last 30,000- 100,000 years (which is the accepted evolutionary date for how long blood collagen and soft tissue could last). As the evolutionists date modern man within the last 200,000 years then the dinosaurs must have lived at the same time as man. To believe that blood collagen and soft tissue could last for 65 million years or more is unscientific and ludicrous. The stegosaurus at Angkor Wat and the diplodocus of Tucson demonstrate that some dinosaurs lived into recent historic times while most probably died in the Great Deluge 4,700 years ago.

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