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Merovingian Period Y-DNA: Is it R1b-L21?

The recent y-dna testing of the artefacts of a burial in Ergolding in Bavaria is very interesting. The research can be read in the Croatian Medical Journal found on The tested bones come from R1b1b2 and G2a. It is believed that some of the remains belong to nobility who were related to the Merovingian Dynasty as the remains are claimed to be from the 7th century AD.
The Wolf Emblem of the Lords of Wolfegg

Some are claiming that the R1b of these Frankish Lords is from R1b-U106 as there are a number of reasonably close matches with those today of this subclade. However others who are R1b-L21 are also just as closely matched. I personally think it is most likely that they are R1b-L21 and closely related to the Carolingian Family whose ancestors fled Persia when the "Seed of David" was under threat of extermination. The other bones who are G2a may have come West with this dynasty as part of their military guard. These G2a warriors are descendants of Kayl Vahan (Vahan the Wolf I)of Armenia and his men. It would seem they settled originally in the area of Wolfegg Castle with the Hesbaye family (the Grail Family) descended from Galahad's son Omer(Aumer) ha Ari of Sarras (Persia).

Two of the six samples 244A and 244B were brothers of R1b1b2 y-dna and 244C a more distant Davidic cousin. 244D while belonging to R1b(most likely R1b-SYR2627) was not closely related on the y-line. 244E and 244F were both G2a but not closely related on the y-dna line.

Wolfegg Castle today

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Anonymous said...

This is no longer on the site, but gives more info:
Ulvungar Dynasty Project
Project News
June, 2009

Ulvungar connections to tombs tested from the 7th century in Ergolding Bavaria, Germany.

Over the past few months Shawn and I along with Bill Lipton and members of our Sinclair Open Forum group have been following and researching the discoveries being unearthed from this ancient burial ground where more than 440 graves were discovered. Out of these graves 6 skeletons were tested; please refer to the link below for the report as it explains it all. Shawn has been in contact with Daniel Vanek who tested the remains and was able to get some answers as to their isotopic analysis results and what we learned was that skeletons 244A, B, and C (A and B being brothers and C being a cousin) grew up in the same geographic location.

When Shawn asked Daniel if these three were Merovingian in origin the answer was a resounding yes. He also confirmed that they came from the court of Merovech in and around the period of 670 AD and that this has been confirmed by two doctors, this being based obviously on more then just DNA testing. There is further evidence yet to be disclosed in an upcoming report which we will update you on later.

In January of 2009 Daniel Vanek a forensic scientist along with Lenka Saskova and Hubert Koch submitted a report based on the discovery of ancient tombs found in Ergolding Bavaria Germany. This is a major breakthrough in the DNA field as it is the first time that a method has been found to be able to test ancient Y-DNA which opens up the doors for so many other possibilities. It is also a major breakthrough for our Surname project as our members are matching up closely.

Copy and paste the link to read his report....

Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested to know that bagpipes originated in Mesopotamia.

Aharon said...

To all,

Many people email me with questions and I am afraid i do not have the time or energy to answer most of them. I have been interested in these things for many years and have come to certain conclusions from studying an immense range of material. One then starts to see certain patterns and directions that maybe others don't see at first. Everything I write about has its sources but much of my writings are my interpretation of such material which others may disagree with and come to different conclusions. I have surveyed historical sources but also secondary sources, legends, folklore, astrological, genealogies, tales, chansons, oral histories, mystical writings etc. One day I may write it all up in a book with bibliography and footnotes but i very much doubt I will have the time so i use the blog to share some of it so others may be inspired to research in these areas. I was inspired as a youth by Cecil Roth, Arthur Zuckerman and Velikovsky and to understand much of what I write it would help to read their writings.

I detest writings like Holy Blood and Holy Grail, Da Vinci Code and Laurence Gardiner etc which bring discredit on to the genuine legends and traditions by perverting them to occult purposes.

Anonymous said...

I match very closely with the R1B persons. My family is from Brabant in the Netherlands since at least 1300. Merovingian Frankish blood could very well be possible.


Frank Fontana said...

Good article same conclusions that I believe: if your Jewish or Israelites ancestors also came with them I believe they would be of the y male I DNA genetics: originating in Eber's land to Israel and then to Europe.