Monday, January 25, 2010

Guy de Dampierre and the mystery of Rebecca: A Scottish Tale

Guy II de Dampierre had a Jewish mistress Yochebed (also known as Sybille)and their daughter Rebecca played a part in Scottish History and legend. Yochebed was the daughter of Rabbi Samuel de Dampierre whose grandfather was Rabbi Isaac de Dampierre. Rabbi Isaac established a leading Yeshivah in Dampierre. Rabbi Isaac de Dampierre's grandfather Rabbi Simcha de Vitri is known as Viter de Moeslain in the noble genealogies. He is also the male line ancestor of Guy II de Dampierre (who is also remembered as Guy O'Cahan in the Scottish genealogies)whose grandfather Guy I was the son of Thibaud de Dampierre son of Viter. Viter de Moeslain was the grandson of Rabbi Judah ben Meir ha-kohen (also known as Eudes de Dampierre). Rabbi Judah was the grandson of a khazar Prince Judah. The title ha-khagan was transferred to ha-Kohen in Europe. Sir Walter Scott's Rebecca daughter of the Jew Isaac of York (in 'Ivanhoe') alludes to the real Rebecca who was descended from Rabbi Isaac de Dampierre. Sir Walter Scott's mother knew all the old stories and histories and the genealogies of Scotland which Sir Walter adapted in his writings.

Guy I de Dampierre married Alvina the granddaughter of Rashi who descended from the Helpuin (ha-Aluphin) family of the Jewish Lords (ha-Adon)of Ramerupt. The ha-Alufin are descendants of the Alufin (later called Gaons)of the Rabbinic families descended from the Alufin Gershom ben Judah and Machir ben Judah of Narbonne. Rashi's mother was a sister of Pope Sylvester III (Elhanan Crescens/John) who was the son of Rabbi Simeon the Great of Mainz of the Kalonymus Family. Pope Sylvester II is also believed by some scholars to be of Jewish ancestry descended from the Aluf Machir of Narbonne.

1. Rebecca of Flanders
2. Guy II de Dampierre (b.1226 d.1304) and his Jewish mistress Yochebed (Sybille)daughter of Rabbi Samuel de Dampierre ben Rabbi Elhanan ben Rabbi Isaac de Dampierre.
3. William II de Dampierre (b.1196) and his wife Matilda of Flanders
4. Guy I de Dampierre married Helvide(Alvina)of Ramerupt daughter of Andre Helpuin de Ramerupt(aka Judah ben Nathan) and Miriam bat Rashi
5. Thibaud de Dampierre (brother of Rabbi Samuel de Vitri father of Rabbi Isaac de Dampiere)married Miriam Sybille
6. Hannah bat Rabbi Samuel married Rabbi Simcha de Vitri (aka Viter de Moeslain)
7. Rabbi Samuel ha-Kohen
8. Rabbi Judah ben Meir ha Kohen (b.980)[aka Eudes de Dampierre]
9. Rabbi Meir ha-Khagan
10. Prince Judah ha Khagan of Khazaria (b.920)
11. Khagan Benjamin of Khazaria (b.892)[brother of Princess Men who married Zoltan of Hungary]