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The Bloomer-Alexander- O'Reilly Family

Note: The male line ancestry in this article is confirmed by DNA evidence proving that the Bloomer Family of Cavan are descended from the Scots-Irish family of Alexander (of M-222 DNA)who descend via the Scottish Kings from Niall of the Nine Hostages. The Bloomer DNA is found on Familytree DNA website and also on Y-search.

Christopher Edward Bloomer with his son George Christopher Bloomer in the 1930's

The journey of researching into the history and genealogy of the Bloomer family of Cavan and Australia has been informative and had many twists and turns. Recent DNA testing has led to a clearing up of some mysteries of the Bloomer origins as well as research in Cavan.

Edward Bloomer the Soldier

Edward Bloomer (b. 1819/1821 Knockbride Cavan) arrived on the Feast of the Assumption (August 15) 1865 to Western Australia and settled in Fremantle. He arrived on the convict ship the ‘Racehorse’ as an enrolled pensioner guard with his wife Mary Anne (nee Brady)and two young sons Christopher Edward and James Bloomer. Another son Richard was born in Western Australia. Two of the children of his first marriage to Ann Caffery (or Caffrey) were John George Bloomer and Thomas Henry Bloomer. Mary Brady is called Anne Brady on the baptism records of her sons born in Swords Ireland and Eliza Caffrey is one of the godparents. As there seems to be no marriage record of the marriage of Edward Bloomer in Ireland- it is possible they married in India or elsewhere.

Edward Bloomer secondly married Margaret Kanaly (nee Dwyer) in 1854 (19 April) in Meerut Bengal India. The record of the marriage states that Edward was born in 1819 and his father's name was Edward Bloomer. Edward Bloomer may have been born in 1819 and baptised in 1821. Thus Mary Ann Brady was Edward's third wife. His second wife Margaret may have been killed in the Indian Mutiny of 1857. Meerut was the town where the Indian Mutiny first broke out and many British civilians were killed. His father Edward O'Reilly Bloomer was a prominent citizen of Shercock (Cavan) and landowner in the 1840's and 50's. When I visited Shercock in 2008 an old man at the pub who was an expert on the local area remembered the name Edward Bloomer immediately and opened up a folder full of documents in which the name of this Edward Bloomer occurred.

Ann Caffery or Caffrey may be the one born in Ireland in 1820 [daughter of John and Elizabeth Caffrey  who later went to India to the Bengal where they had other children including Maria (b.1831)]. Ann Caffery of Durham may be her cousin (daughter of Patrick and Isabella Caffery). The Caffrey family were crypto Jews (Frankists) who anglicised their name Kafri to Caffrey when they came to Ireland from Eastern Europe. They settled in Castlerahan in Cavan in a place named for the family Clonkeiffy (the Clan of the Kafri).The Kafri family claimed descent from Rabbi Abba ben Hana of Kafri in Persia. A branch of this family moved into Eastern Europe among the Ashkenazim and later a branch of this family became Frankists in the 18th century. The Kafri/Caffry/Caffrey family of Cavan were soldiers and flax farmers.

At the time of the turmoil of the French Revolution these Frankist Kafri family members moved to Cavan in Ireland. It would seem that many Frankists left Eastern Europe for the British Isles after a split in their ranks about the position of Eva Frank. It is also possible that Jacob Frank sent his daughters from his first marriage to the British Isles in secret after his second marriage. Three daughters of Jacob Frank's first marriage is said to have moved to Ireland.  Annie Rose Maher (Mayer) (aka Esther Shoshana / Anna Rosa) was the secret Tzadikess of the Irish Frankists of the north eastern Irish Frankists (Roscrea and Athlone) and another one Sarah Judith Kissane (Kalish or Collish from second marriage to Isaac Collish) was the Tzadikess of the western coast Frankists. In southern Ireland another of the sisters Leah Golda Frank (aka Frances Coghlan Roche) was the Tzadikess. Another sister was the Tzadikess of Scotland Dinah Ruth (aka Maria Ruth Rostowski/ Russo) and another Miriam Hannah (Mary Anne) of England. Their mother Chaya Falkon was a daughter of the London Baal Shem. Frank had married Chaya before the Baal Shem left Europe for London. The Baal Shem  (Dr. Samuel Haim Falk/ Falkon) originally was a Polish Jewish Galician follower of a group of Sabbatians.

Thomas Henry Bloomer (b.1849 d.1917) settled in Queensland where he married his wife Elizabeth Wilson in 1873. They had a large family and later moved to Western Australia where they worked with their Potter and Bloomer relatives in Albany and Perth. They later again left Western Australia and moved to Sydney where some of them married and died. Thomas and Elizabeth's son Thomas Leonard Bloomer married Annie Margaret Leckie the daughter of Alexander Leckie of Dunedin New Zealand in 1910. Another son John Alexander Kevin Bloomer married Laura O'Keefe in Sydney in 1920. Thomas Leonard and John's brother Frederick Augustin Bloomer [b.1888 Queensland]married Josephine Molloy in New South Wales in 1922. Their sister Mary Veronica Bloomer (b.1893 Albany- d.1964 Sydney) married Herbert Spiller in Sydney in 1923. Thomas Henry Bloomer (1849-1917) died in Sydney in 1917 and his wife Elizabeth in 1929.

Thomas Henry Bloomer's brother was John George Bloomer of Russia who married Chana Broide (Brady/ Brody) the daughter of Leon Brady (Brody/Broide). John's son John James Bloomer was born in 1875 and he married Mary Ann Collins (b.1882) daughter of James Collins and Catherine Hughes. John James Bloomer moved to Melbourne Australia where a daughter Mary Ann Bloomer was born in 1898 she died as a baby in Melbourne. Another daughter was born in 1902 called Della Mary Bloomer who was named for his ancestress Della (Udel/Adel) Horodenker. Della lived in Western Australia (North Perth) where she died in 1969.

Edward Bloomer’s army record describes him as blonde, blue eyed and five foot 8 3/4 inches tall. He enrolled in the British Army [East India Company]. He joined the Bengal Artillery on 29th February 1844 at Edinburgh in Scotland. He served for over 18 years in British India in the Bengal. He was a bombadier in the Bengal Artillery and served at the siege and capture of Delhi and the siege and capture of Lucknow. He was awarded medals and prize money for these two campaigns according to his discharge papers. In 1858 on a campaign in Oudhe he was kicked in the leg by a horse and his leg was broken in two places. Due to his poor health he was honourably discharged in Nov 1860. He was also wounded at the siege and capture of Delhi. His discharge papers state that his intended residence was Chapel Izzord (Chapelizod /Chapel Izzard)which is near Dublin. He also lived in Swords which is also near Dublin where some of his children were born.

Edward firstly married Ann (Anne) Caffery (Chana Kafri). It is also believed that Edward and Anne Bloomer were living in Birmingham in 1841 where he was a Printer. They had a daughter Charissa born in 1839. Edward later when in Fremantle would sponsor his sister-in-law Eliza Caffery to come to Western Australia. Eliza Caffery was also the godmother of his son James. After Edward's death in 1868 in Fremantle his wife Mary remarried to Michael Redmond with whom she had a family. Edward and Mary were relatives of the Catholic Bishop of Perth John Brady who was also from Cavan.

Edward was born in 1819 in Tartu, Estonia in the Russian Empire and baptised in the parish of Knockbride (Rooskey townland) in County Cavan in 1821. The Bloomer family had lived in Knockbride for three generations. Many of them were soldiers as were the father, grandfather and great grandfather of Edward.

The Bloomers of Cavan

Records show that John and James Bloomer were landowners in Knockbride and that they were licensed to bear arms. The Bloomer family first lived in the Killan area of Cavan just south of Knockbride where some of them were flax growers in the 1790's. The Shercock parish was also part of the Killan parish which included Bailieborough. The Killan area (townland) is in the north of Bailieborough and south of Knockbride parish and east of Shercock parish. The Bloomer family arrived in Cavan after 1783 and firstly lived in the Killan area . They were evacuated from Savannah Georgia in 1782 by the British. At this time many soldier families came to Cavan and some were settled in the Knockbride area. It is not known at his stage whether James used the surname Alexander or Bloomer in America. He is believed to have been in South Carolina under the name of James Alexander. He was a British Loyalist and served in the Indian Field Company as a Captain. One British record records: "James Alexander, of St. George's parish, Berkeley county, was selected, 27 May, 1780, as captain of the Indian Field company of foot in that parish, with James Shepperd as lieutenant and Silas Canadais as ensign. It was Captain Alexander who with several other loyalists deemed it their duty to capture Captain John Felder, a magistrate of Orangeburg district, because of his cruel oppression of the loyalists. The party in due course assembled at Captain Felder's house and demanded his surrender. Anticipating no quarter. Captain Felder and his companion, John Fry, defended themselves to the bitter end, and killed the first loyalist who knocked at the door. Such was Captain Felder's determination that the loyalists, finding it impossible to force him out of his house by any other means, set fire to it, and in attempting to escape, both Captain Felder and John Fry were shot dead." It may have been after this incident that James began to use the surname Bloomer.

Edward Bloomer’s parents were Edward O'Reilly Bloomer (Efraim Barzel) and Henrietta (Chaya) Orurk. They were Frankists (Catholics of Jewish ancestry and tradition). Edward O'Reilly Bloomer has been confused with his first cousin Edward George Bloomer (Ephraim Zvi Barzel). They were both soldiers in the Russian army under General ORurk. Edward George Bloomer's brother George Hugh Bloomer was also a soldier in the Russian army. George Hugh Bloomer (b.1799) and Henrietta Smith were thought by some to be the parents of Edward. Further research demonstrates that his cousin Edward O'Reilly Bloomer (b.1801) d.1869) who married Henrietta Maria Orurk (b.1800)[daughter of Earl (Count) Joseph Orurk of Russia and Princess Maria Lusignan of Russia] were his parents rather than George's brother Edward who married Elizabeth Fox (married 1827 in the Church of Ireland in Knockbride). The Orurk family of Russia are descended from the O'Rourke family of Breiffne. Irish traditions group the O'Rourkes as descendants of Brionn the brother of Niall of the Nine Hostages. In fact they are Irish descendants of Rurik of Russia and are R1b-L21 (Davidic ydna) and not R1b-M222 (the ydna of Niall and his brothers).

Edward George Bloomer was born in the Russian Empire in 1798 and his brother George Hugh Bloomer was born in the Russian Empire in 1799 where their father John Alexander Bloomer (b.1780 Georgia or South Carolina)  served as a soldier in the Czarist armies under the Orurk (O'Rourke) Earls of Tartu (Dorpat) Estonia. John Bloomer while outwardly Protestant (Church of Ireland) practiced in private the Jewish religion of his mother Judith Susannah Cohen of Savannah. In the Jewish community in Eastern Europe he was known as Yehuda Barzel and he married Miriam Reizel (aka Mary Rose) the daughter of a secret Frankist Rabbi Yehuda Yekutiel Zalman Leib. Henrietta Smith was firstly married to Earl Bernard O’Rourke of the Irish aristocratic family in Exile in Russia. Bernard's cousin Henrietta Orurk married Edward O'Reilly Bloomer. Edward O'Reilly Bloomer's mother was Elizabeth Abigail Bloomer a sister of John Alexander Bloomer.

When this branch of the Cavan Bloomer family returned from Russia in about 1815 the family lived in Knockbride parish in the area that was called the townland of Roosky. This townland received its name after the Ruski or Russian branch of the Bloomer family who settled there. The Lake and the townland were both called Roosky or Rooskey. After and during the Napoleonic wars it seems that a number of Irish origin families returned from Russia to Ireland and their settlements were called Rusky, Roosky or Rooskey. Later writers who had forgotten the Russian origins of these families associated the name Rooskey with the gaelic word for a marshland (raisch).

Edward O'Reilly Bloomer remained in the service of General Earl (Count/ Graf) Joseph Orurk after the rest of his family left for Ireland and was to marry Countess (Earless) Henrietta Orurk in 1818. After their marriage they also moved back to Knockbride with their eldest child Edward (He may have been born in Russia and baptised in Ireland).

In the past this Bloomer family has been confused with the descendants of James Bloomer and Martha Greenwood of York whose son John Bloomer (b.1777 York) came to Meath around the same time as the Bloomer family descended from James Alexander Bloomer and Judith Cohen of America. This confusion increased due to a later James Bloomer of Cullies Knockbride Cavan who married Martha West and the whole family moving back  to America.

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In about 1825 some of the Bloomer family moved a short distance to the Cullies townland of Knockbride parish. Other members of the family moved to Shercock parish to the townlands of Shinan, Lateriff, Lecks,Shercock among others. Edward and George's brother James Bloomer married 1827 Knockbride to Martha West and they settled in Cullies. His mother Mary Bloomer (nee Rose) seems to have moved to the Lateriff area of Shercock parish where her other son Edward Bloomer of Lateriff lived. Edward Bloomer of Lateriff married Elizabeth Fox (Faux) in 1827. Elizabeth was the sister of Bernard Fox of Knockbride.

Today there are no Bloomers in the parishes of Knockbride or Shercock. Most of the Bloomer records are found in the Church of Ireland records (Anglican/Protestant). However Edward O'Reilly Bloomer and his son Edward Lusignan Bloomer were Catholics. It seems that one of the John Bloomer's in the family adopted the name John Gormley as a more Irish version of Bloomer. Gorm means blue in Gaelic. He was a wealthy member of the family and leased out lands and houses to other members of the Bloomer family and their relatives and connections. This may have been John Alexander Bloomer (b.1780)who seems to have used the surnames of Bloomer, Barzel and Gormley. His brother Edward Bloomer (b.1786 Killan Cavan) had a son James (b.1809) who married one of the O'Rourke family called Maria Orurk (Russian for O'Rourke).

The family of James and Martha (nee West)Bloomer went to America as did George Bloomer (b.1830)the younger brother of Edward (b.1819/1821) and his wife Mary Ann. George and Mary Ann Bloomer settled in New Jersey. The 1860 census listed their children John (b.1853); Margaret (b.1856);and Rebecca (b.1858)all born in New Jersey. The 1880Census lists three more children of George in Raritan Hunterdon New Jersey - George (b.1866); Thomas (b.1870) and Aletta (b.1872). Edward's brother Hugh Bloomer (b.1822 Knockbride)had a son Patrick Hugh Bloomer who moved to Queensland in Australia.

Aaron Rose of Roseburg the son of William Rose of New York a descendant of Jacob Frank

After 1827 some of the Bloomer family went to live in Palestine where other relatives from Russia had settled using the surname Barzel which means Iron (Bloomer means iron worker). Miriam Reizel's (anglicised to Mary Rose) brother-in-law Joseph Bloomer (aka Yosef Barzel) had settled in Tiberias with his family. Yosef was married to Dinah Rachel Reizel the sister of Miriam Reizel. Miriam's brother Joseph Rose (Reizel /Rosen) had a son William Rose who went to New York and left descendants. Yosef and Dinah had a daughter Rachel Barzel who married her cousin  Baruch Yosef Barzel (Joseph Bloomer b.1820) a son of Edward O'Reilly Bloomer and Countess Henrietta Orurk. Baruch Yosef and his wife remained in Palestine after the great Earthquake of 1837. Edward (b.1798) and his wife Elizabeth Fox (Elisheva) left Palestine in 1837 and moved to England while Edward O'Reilly Bloomer returned to Ireland. The 18 year old son Edward of Edward O'Reilly Bloomer went to live in Manchester with his father's cousin Christopher Bloomer (aka Chaim Barzel) where he was trained as a Printer.
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The American connection

John Alexander Bloomer’s father James Alexander Bloomer was originally from New York where he was born some time between 1752-1756. However for many years it was believed he was the son of Joseph Bloomer (b.1733) and Sarah Weygant. However the birthdates of our James (b.1754)and his twin brother George (b.1754) didn’t seem to fit with the dates of Joseph’s sons James (b.1762) and George Uriah (b.1768). Originally it was also thought that our James and Martha Bloomer of Cavan were the same as James Bloomer and Martha Greenwood of York. Further research revealed that James left New York for Georgia or South Carolina where James met and married Judith Susannah 'Martha' Cohen (daughter of Isaac Cohen and Judith Lyon). Originally it was thought George had gone to England with James.

James Alexander Bloomer (under the name of James Alexander) was a loyalist and fought on the British side in the American Revolution. He returned to England with the British forces and after the war he took up land in county Cavan. James and Judith Susannah 'Martha' Bloomer of Cavan had at least six sons John, William, Robert, Hugh, Edward and Joseph Bloomer. James and his wife (known as Judith) went with their son John to Russia where it is believed James died there in about 1801 and Judith remarried to a member of the Broide (Brady/ Briody)family. Judith later returned with the family to Cavan. It is not sure if Martha was one of her names as genealogists may have confused her with Martha West who married James Bloomer the grandson of James and Judith Bloomer. She is recorded in the Irish records as Judith Brady. Some of the Briody/Brady family settled in the Kilbride townland of the Knockbride Parish.

The Jewish Cohen Ancestors

Judith Susannah Cohen belonged to a Sephardi English family that had originally moved to England from the Carribean and Portugal. In 1733 a group of English Sephardi Jews arrived in Savannah Georgia among them Judith's father Isaac with his father David Cohen del Monte and other members of his family. He is often confused with Isaac Cohen son of Moses Cohen of Charleston South Carolina his relative. Many of the Savannah Jews moved in 1740-1 to Charleston and the two communities were interrelated. Levi Sheftall writes: "The names of the Jews who arrived in Savannah, Georgia, on the 11th day of July, 1733. Doctor Nunis, Mrs. Nunis his mother, Daniel Nunis, Moses Nunis, Sipra Nunis, Shem Noah their servant, Isaac Nunis Henriques, his wife Mrs. Henriques, Shem their son, Raphael Bornal, his wife Mrs. Bornal, David Olivera, Jacob Olivera, his wife Mrs. Olivera, David their son, Isaac their son, Leah Olivera their daughter, Aaron Depivea, Benjamin Gideon, Jacob Costa, David Lopass Depass and his wife, Vene Real, Molena, David Moranda, Jacob Moranda, David Cohen and his wife, Isaac Cohen their son, Abigail their daughter, Hannah their daughter, Grace their daughter, Abraham Minis and his wife, Leah their daughter, Esther their daughter, Simeon Minis, brother to Mr. Minis, Jacob Yowall, Benjamin Sheftall and his wife, Abraham Delyon. Isaac Nunis Henriques had a child who died on board the ship*. These persons were the first of our nation who came to this country. They brought with them a Safer Tora, with two cloaks, and a Circumcision Box, which were given to them by Mr. Lindo, a merchant in London, for the use of the congregation they intended to establish."[The Jews of Savannah by Morchechai Sheftall]

Isaac Cohen married Judith Lyon in London (of the Jewish Lyon family in America). She was the daughter of Abraham De Lyon (a vitner from Portugal) and Esther Nunez (married in London in 1732). Esther was the daughter of Dr Samuel (Diogo) Nunez Ribeiro. Schelly Dardashti writes: " The first Jews arrived on July 11, 1733 on the William & Sarah, only five months after General James Edward Oglethorpe established the Georgia colony: 34 were Portuguese Jews; eight were members of two German families. The group met in London; the Spanish & Portuguese Bevis Marks Synagogue helped raise money to send them to Savannah. From this small Jewish beginning came several prominent Americans. Among them was Dr. Samuel Nunes Ribiero, an infectious diseases physician imprisoned during the Inquisition for his successful efforts to return New Christians to the Jewish faith. He is considered the first hero of the Georgia colony for ending a 1733 epidemic. One of his descendants, Raphael Moses, planted peach orchards and developed technology for shipping fruit to distant markets...Dr. Samuel Nunes Ribeiro (in America, NUNES or NUNEZ). Converso, arrived in London about 1726, and remarried his wife Rebecca, who did not come to Savannah, in a Jewish ceremony; mother Zipporah, sons Daniel and Moses; daughter Sipra; servant, Shem Noah..." [see Dr Samuel Nunes ]

In the late 1760's Isaac Cohen and his wife Judith Lyon returned to their family in Savannah Georgia from London where some of the younger children were born. They then moved to Charleston later on. Judith married a loyalist soldier James Alexander Bloomer and her sister Rebecca married Rabbi Wolf Alexander an English Rabbi who went to live in Poland. Another sister Sarah Cohen married David Cardoza.

Abigail Bloomer's mother Mercy Merritt (b.1710) is the daughter of Samuel Merritt and Maria Mercedes de Leon (aka Mercy Lyon b.1680). Maria Mercedes was from Amsterdam of Portugese Jewish origin and the daughter of Samuel Leon de Benavent. Her brother Moses de Leon (Lyon) was the father of Abraham de Lyon of Georgia and Samuel de Lyon of Westchester New York. Samuel de Lyon has been confused with another Samuel Lyon of Scottish origin in some genealogies.

Jesse and Caleb Bloomer descendants of Edward Bloomer of Cavan and Fremantle

The Bloomer-Alexander DNA

DNA results on this branch of the Bloomer family were a surprise to the family as they revealed that they were closely related to two different families of Alexander from the USA. Suddenly the penny dropped. James Bloomer was not the biological son of Joseph Bloomer but his nephew. Joseph’s sister Abigail Bloomer (b.1737) had two sons James and George that fitted the birthdates of James and George. Moreover Abigail’s first husband was James O'Reilly Alexander.

There may have been another son of Abigail and James Alexander called William Joseph Alexander (b.1757)who married Esther McMillan. Or the William who married Esther may have been from another branch of the family. It is possible he was the son of James Alexander [b.1730] of Antrim and Mary Peden. This James of Antrim was the son of John Alexander of Antrim who was the son of William Alexander of TemplePatrick Antrim. The younger William's brother-in-law Matthew Alexander is of another Alexander family but has been confused in some genealogies as his brother according to some researchers. Another son or cousin of James and Abigail Alexander may have been John Alexander (b.1756)who married Levisa Roebuck (daughter of James Roebuck and Selina Levy Cohen 1745-1827)and left descendants in Missisippi, Alabama and Texas. John and Levisa married in Savannah Georgia in 1789. Selina was the daughter of Abraham Myers Cohen and Sarah Levy of New York.

Abigail secondly married her cousin John Bloomer (b.1741)[son of John Bloomer b.1705 and Bethia Fowler] with whom she had a large family of three sons and six daughters: Abraham (b.1758); Robert (b.1760); Hester (b.1762); Abbie (b.1764); Phebe (b.1766); Sarah (b.1768); Hannah (b.1770); Betsey (b.1771); and Daniel Bloomer (b.1773). Abigail’s first husband James Alexander died in the French and Indian wars in 1756. The DNA results of the Bloomer family of Western Australia were compared with a Bloomer descended from the male line of Robert Bloomer of Westchester New York. While they both belonged to R1b1 haplotype, it seemed the West Australian Bloomer belonged to R1b1c7 (R1b1b2e) which are the descendants of Niall of the Nine Hostages the famous High King of Ireland who is traced back to Joseph of Arimathea.
The Bloomer-Alexander Tartan registered with the Scottish Registration of Tartans at the National Archives of Scotland

In the early days of research into the Bloomer family some researchers suggested that some of the Bloomers of Ireland were descended from the O'Gormley family. But recently comparison of the Bloomer DNA with some O'Gormley families reveal that the DNA differences suggest the Bloomer family descend from Niall of the Nine Hostages on totally different lines than the O'Gormley. The Bloomer DNA also demonstrates that a number of Riley and Reilly families (and other variants)are also closely related to the Bloomer family and the Alexander families descended from the Earl of Stirling. This Reilly ancestor was John Alexander O Reilly who was also known as Count Alejandro O Reilly (b.1722 Ireland)who was also a Jacobite. In accounts of him there is confusion about who exactly was his father. Some claim his father was Thomas O Reilly others that he was a descendant of Thomas O Reilly. The confusion is due to two John Aexander Reilly's born in 1722 in Baltrasna. One was the brother of James Alexander who went to America and married Abigail Bloomer.THe was in fact the grandnephew of Thomas O Reilly by his neice This John Alexander O'Reilly or Reilly was the son of Ann Reilly (daughter of Bryan Reilly and Margaret MacDowell) and John Alexander a son of James Alexander brother of John Alexander who died in Antrim in 1712. This James had been reared by his great uncle Thomas O'Reilly of Spain. The other John Alexander O'Reilly or Reilly born in 1722 was Count Alexander O Reilly was the son of Thomas O'Reilly of Spain who left descendants in both Ireland and the Americas of the name Reilly, O Reilly, Riley and Raley. Edward Lusignan Bloomer descends from him through his father Edward O'Reilly Bloomer whose father was Edward O'Reilly (b.1780 Russia) was a great grandson of Count O'Reilly.
Count Alejandro Reilly

Our ancestor James Alexander of New York is now believed to be the cousin of Count Alejandro O'Reilly rather than James Alexander the brother of Major General William Alexander. James and his brother John Alexander O'Reilly also had brothers called Thomas and Anthony O'Reilly of Baltrasna. Anthony was the High Sheriff of Cavan around 1787. Thomas (born c.1715) was the father of James who married Catherine Tuite. This Thomas has been confused with Thomas (born c.1680) the brother of Bryan O'Reilly. Thomas (born c.1715) married his cousin Rose O'Reilly the daughter of the older Thomas and his wife Rose MacDowell. It would seem that John Alexander and his wife Ann Reilly died and Thomas and Anthony were reared by their grandparents and James and John Alexander were reared by their mother's uncle Thomas O'Reilly in Spain along with his own children.

Major General William Alexander

The Alexander Family

Now the Bloomer family of Knockbride Cavan had a whole different male line than was supposed. James Alexander and his cousin Count Alejandro O'Reilly were the relatives of Major General William Alexander an American who claimed the Earldom of Stirling. His claim was eventually rejected by the House of Lords. The Alexander family came from an Scotch-Irish branch of the family descended from the 1st Earl of Stirling Sir William Alexander through his son Lord John Alexander who married Agnes Graham daughter of Robert Graham of Gartmore. He moved to America due to the overthrow of the Monarchy. It was his son John Alexander's brother-in-law Captain John Alexander (grandson of the 1st Earl Stirling's brother John) who was called John of Antrim where he lived until the late 1640's. The Alexander family descended from John of Antrim lived at Temple Patrick Antrim Ireland after their return from America.

Sir William Alexander the 1st Earl of Stirling was made the Ruler of Novo Scotia by King James I and confirmed by King Charles I. His son Lord William Alexander led some settlers to Novo Scotia during the 1620's and 1630's. In reading one of the articles in the 'William and Mary' journal [about the Alexander family] one sees a confusion in the genealogy of the Alexander family. The American General William Alexander knew that he descended from a John Alexander. Which John Alexander they weren't sure and decided on John an uncle of the 1st Earl. This of course was impossible. In fact he descended from Hon. John Alexander the brother of the 1st Earl. Along with Lord John Alexander and his family went the grandson of Hon John Alexander (brother of the 1st Earl Stirling), Captain JohnAlexander who left Britian in 1641 and then eventually moved to Virginia. As supporters of the Stuart monarchy these were years in which the family suffered great losses.

Lord John with his son and his cousin's son went to America for a time and died there (in 1667). Two of Captain John Alexander's sons left descendants there. His four sons were Alexander, John, Robert and Philip. These sons are often mistaken for those of the Hon. John Alexander (1624-1663) the son of Lord John Alexander. Lord John's grandson John ended up settling in Antrim in Ireland after spending time in Europe on behalf of the Stuart cause while his two brothers remained in Virginia. John Alexander of Antrim's brother Alexander Alexander (b.1650) also returned to Europe and was the ancestor of Major General William Alexander. It would seem that the Hon. John Alexander did not leave any male line descendants.
In 1739 when Henry Alexander the 5th Earl of Stirling died the true heir to the Earldom according to one opinion was Alexander's grandson James Alexander of New York. James like his father David Alexander were staunch Jacobites and James fled to America after the defeat of the Stuart Rebellion in 1715. Nevertheless Major General William Alexander his son claimed to be the 6th Earl of Stirling and was recognised as such by many and was known as Lord Stirling in America. 
It was believed that the descendants of Lord John Alexander went to America to Virginia. It seems that the descendants of another John Alexander (John of Eredy) of Donegal Ireland who also went to America were confused with the descendants of Captain John Alexander's descendants. Due to the troubles of Charles I and the later Jacobite cause, much secrecy and confusion resulted in order to protect the family. Lord John fled to France on the overthrow of the Monarchy and King Louis (through the intercession of Queen Henrietta Maria of England) granted them permission to return to the Alexander's secret Estate in Novo Scotia (at New Ross) now under French rule. However they were forced to leave their Estate and hidden life when Cromwell's supporters in the American colonies attacked Novo Scotia in 1656. They then moved to Virginia which was a colony with more Royalist sympathies. 

Captain John Alexander's two eldest sons left America and returned to Europe and Alexander became the ancestor of Major General William Alexander the 6th Earl of Stirling. It seems that Lord John's Parliamentary protector Sir John McKenzie faked Lord John's death and helped him to escape to France or Ireland. Alexander, John, Robert and Philip were born in the Nova Scotia hideaway which was later called New Ross. Lady Agnes was the mother of Hon. Janet and Hon. John Alexander.

John first appears in Virginia in 1656 and there seems some confusion whether his wife was Agnes or Catherine Graham. It is possible that after Agnes' death (possibly in 1636) he remarried to one of her relatives Catharine Graham as documents in Scotland do mention a wife of Lord John after 1636. Other sources state that his second wife was Elizabeth Maxwell of Londonderry. Miss Maxwell may have been the wife of his son John. Some other sources state that Elizabeth FitzHugh was his son John's wife. This Elizabeth Fitzhugh was married to Captain John Alexander and may have been the Princess Elizabeth Stuart who was rescued from her prison and replaced with another woman. The Catherine who was the second wife of Lord John Alexander was Lady Catherine O'Reilly who was the widow of Myles the Slasher O'Reilly and his children by her took the O'Reilly name rather than Alexander. The Hon. John Alexander the son of Lord John married Catherine Alexander the sister of Captain John Alexander and the daughter of Andrew Alexander and Margaret Graham (a younger sister or cousin of Agnes Graham). The Hon. John Alexander and Catherine Alexander may have had children in America but the male line had died out by 1739. 
It would seem that after Lord John escaped from Scotland in 1641 he went with his son John to visit his mother at Mount Alexander in Ireland at the home of her daughter Lady Montgomery. Later John and his son John as well as other members of the family fled to France and then to Novo Scotia as mentioned above. In 1656 they went to Virginia and in 1659 they bought an Estate and called it Caledon after their Province of Caledonia where they were in Novo Scotia. Lord John died in 1667 and his son Hon. John in 1663. Captain John Alexander died in 1677.

Captain John's sons Robert and Philip remained in America while John and Alexander returned to Europe. Their second property in Virginia which he left to his son Philip was called Alexandria after the Province of Alexandria in Canada. The names of these two properties demonstrates clearly that these were of the family of the Earl of Stirling. The town built on Alexandria in 1749 retained the name of the property in honour of Philip Alexander and his family. Philip's brother John Alexander (b.1648 d.1712) was the great-grandfather of James Alexander 1st Earl of Caledon (son of Nathaniel Alexander). John Alexander's connection to the 1st Earl of Stirling was concealed by deliberately confusing him with John Alexander son of Captain Andrew Alexander due to the political implications. Captain Andrew Alexander was his maternal uncle or grandfather not his father.

Even more confusion insured when Alexander Humphreys claimed his ancestor was John of Antrim and through his mother Hannah Alexander claimed the Earldom of Stirling. Others who do not accept his claims believe his ancestor was James Alexander of another branch of the Alexander family. Alexander Humpreys claimed that the wife of John of Antrim was called Mary Hamilton. However it was Robert Alexander son of the 1st Earl that married Mary Hamilton according to other sources. They lived in County Tyrone where his tombstone bears the arms of the Earls of Stirling. He has been confused with another Robert Alexander (of Boghall) who married Mary Hamilton's sister Marion. It does seem that members of the Alexander family lived in Antrim Ireland and deliberately hid themselves among the other Alexander families. However even if Alexander Humphreys claims about his family were true he would still not have been the senior heir of the Earldom of Stirling even if female descent was allowed.

General William Alexander only had the traditions and stories he received from his father James and then had to find the documented connection with the 1st Earl of Stirling. Unfortunately his researchers were trying to connect him with the wrong branch of the family as it was assumed that the 1st Earl and his brothers had no more male descendants. There was also a vested interest in Britain to discredit his claim due to the whole issues of the rights to Novo Scotia. However he was supported by the leading Scottish nobles such as the Earl of Bute and the Earl of Argyle and many others including the Jacobite banker Henry Drummond.
Alexander Alexander (b.1650 New Ross Nova Scotia)had at least four sons William, David, Michael and James. William remained in TemplePatrick Ireland but David, Michael and James moved back to Kintyre in Scotland. James married Margaret Dewar in 1700 in Perth Scotland. James Alexander's son James Alexander of Campbelltown (b.1706-8) descendants also went to America to Pennsylvania. He had at least three sons James (b.1733), John (b.1735) and Henry (b.1740)named after his recently deceased relative Henry Alexander 5th Earl of Stirling. James's son John Alexander married Ann O'Reilly and is the ancestor of the Bloomer family of Cavan.

Alexander Alexander married Margaret Falconer the daughter of Sir John Falconer and his Dutch Jewish wife Esther Briot. Their son Michael Alexander (b.1672) married Elizabeth Shimoni or Simon who was a granddaughter of Abraham Simon the famous English medallist. These families were all conected with the Mint. Michael was the ancestor of the English Jewish families of Alexander. One of his descendants was Rabbi Michael Solomon Alexander who became the first Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem. Due to the Rabbi's conversion to Christianity his Jewish uncle Alexander Alexander (known also as Sender)changed his surname to Abrahams. Michael Alexander's son William Wolf Alexander (b.1690) was the father of Isaac Alexander (b.1729) the grandfather of Bishop Alexander. Michael Alexander's daughter Rachel Alexander (b.1700)married Rabbi Joseph Raphael.

Alexander Alexander and Margaret Falconer's son David Alexander was the ancestor of Sir William Alexander. David maried Elizabeth Sinclair and their son James (b.1691 d.1756) and his wife Mary Spratt were the parents of Sir William Alexander Lord Stirling.

Sir William Alexander Earl of Stirling

The Alexander family claimed descent from the McDonald Lord of the Isles. Donald Lord of the Isles and his son Angus Mor were direct male line descendants of Somerled. It would seem that Somerled has a partially false genealogy and is actually descended from the Khazar Jews of Eastern Europe. DNA testing revealed that the descendants of Somerled belonged to haplotype R1a but the Alexander family belong to R1b. There are two Angus Og's. One is Angus Og MacDonald the younger son of Angus Mor MacDonald by his second Jewish wife Rebecca of Flanders. The second is Angus Og MacAlexander who was the son-in-law of Alexander Mor MacDonald by his daughter Agnes. The names of Angus and Agnes obviously confused earlier genealogists. Angus Og MacAlexander’s parents were John Alexander and Margaret Bruce (sister of Robert I King of Scots). John Alexander was the illegitimate son of Alexander macAlexander son of King Alexander III of Scots, by his Jewish mistress Rebecca the illegitimate half sister of Prince Alexander's wife Margaret of Flanders. Rebecca later married Angus Mor MacDonald thus making her the step-mother of Alexander Og MacDonald. Rebecca was the illegitimate Jewish daughter of Guy II de Dampierre [called Guy O'Cahan (Cohen/Khagan) in some genealogies] and his Jewish mistress Yocheved the daughter of Rabbi Shmuel de Dampierre the grandson of Rabbi Isaac of Dampierre. Guy II was the grandson of Guy I de Dampierre whose father Thibaud de Dampierre was a son of Rabbi Simcha de Vitri (Viter de Moeslain). Rabbi Simcha de Vitri was the grandson of Rabbi Judah ben Meir ha Kohen (Khagan)the grandson of Prince Judah ha-Khagan of the Khazars.

Somerled (Shlomo ha Kohen)was the son of Gilad ben Adam ha Kohen. Adam ha Koghan (Cahan)was the son Solomon ha Kahan who in turn was the son of Mar Gad ha Khaghan a Khazar prince who marrried into the Royal Family of Dublin and became Margad King of Dublin. Mar Gad ha Khaghan was a descendant of the Khazar ruler Menumarot (Menachem) of Bihar and Khazaria a greatgrandson of Marot (Marovec)the Khazar Khaghan of Bihar. Khaghan was the title of the Khazar King (it was often changed to Kohen by the Jews descended from Khazar nobles who came West into Europe). Marot (Moses) was the brother of the Khagan of Khazaria Menashshe II son of Khagan Zevulon of Khazaria. It is also interesting that the "Semi-Gotha" of 1912-13 lists the MacDonald family as of ancient Jewish origin in its list of Noble families of Jewish origin.

John Alexander Lord of the Isles married as his first wife Amy the widow of his cousin Lord John of Islay (the son of Angus II Mac Alisdair). In the genealogies his step-children are listed as his sons by this first wife. The MacDonald descendants of Amy are in fact of the R1a lineage of Somerled whereas the sons of John alexander Lord of the Isles and Margaret Stewart are of the R1b lineage of the Niall clan. Some of the Scottish Alexanders who are of R1a descend from Alisdair the son of Donald Lord of the Isles and others of the R1b from John Alexander Lord of the Isles.

King Alexander III of Scots

King Alexander III descended from King David I of Scotland. King David’s brother was King Alexander I. Malcolm III and his wife St. Margaret named these sons as part of their claim to descend from both King David of Israel and King Alexander of Macedonia. Malcolm’s father King Duncan I was a descendant of Duncan the Thane of Dull (Crimthann/Cremthainne mac Donnchada) whose father was the Mormaer of Angus the grandson of King Donnchad macEochocan of Mide in Ireland. King Donnchad was a descendant of High King Niall of the Nine Hostages through his son Conall king of Uisnech. King David I of Scots

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Flag of the Kingdom of Midi

The Bloomer-Alexander Y-line
1. Edward Lusignan Bloomer (b.1819/1821 Knockbride Cavan d. 1868 Perth Western Australia)
2. Edward O'Reilly Bloomer (Efraim Barzel) (b.1801 Russian Empire d.1869 Shercock Cavan) married Countess Henrietta Orurk of Russia
3. Edward O'Reilly (b.1780 Russia d.1810 Russia) married Elizabeth Abigail Bloomer daughter of [Captain] James Alexander Bloomer (b.1754 New York) of Cavan by his wife Judith Cohen of Savannah Georgia
4. Edward O'Reilly (b.1760 Baltrasna, Ireland d. 1805 Russia) married Sarah Rivka Rivlin
5. James Byrne O'Reilly (b.1741 Spain or Ireland) married Mary Maher (aka Miriam Mayer). 
6. Count John Alexander O'Reilly (1722-1794) [cousin of James Alexander who married Abigail Bloomer] married Margarita Byrne the Spanish born daughter of  a Irish soldier in the Spanish service.
7. Thomas O'Reilly (1680-1756) brother of Bryan Reilly married Rose MacDowell
8. Colonel John Reilly (1646-1717) half brother of Hon John Alexander married Margaret O'Reilly daughter of Lord Owen O'Reilly and Catherine Butler.
9. Lord John Alexander of Stirling(b.1605- 1667 Virginia) [ his first wife was Agnes Graham of Gartmore d.1636] married secondly Lady Catherine O'Reilly widow of Myles the Slasher O'Reilly
10. William Alexander Earl of Stirling (1567-1640)married Janet Erskine daughter of Sir William Eskine and Joanna Montgomerie (daughter of Hugh Montgomerie 2nd Earl Eglinton and Mariota Seton)
11. Alexander Alexander (1545-1585 ) married Marion Contee
12. William Alexander (1527-1610) married Elizabeth of Argyle
13. Alexander Alexander (1505-1564)married Elizabeth Forbes
14. Andrew Alexander (1485-1526) married Margaret (Mariota) MacDonald only daughter of John MacDonald and Elizabeth Seton (daughter of Sir Alexander Seton of Touch and Elizabeth Erskine)
15. Alexander Alexander (1465)married Lady Elizabeth Douglas
16. Andrew Alexander (1446)married Katherine Graham
17. Thomas Alexander (1420-1506)married Catherine Campbell
18. Alexander Alexander (b.1385)maried Elizabeth MacDonald
19. Alexander macAlexander (b.1365)[brother of Donald Lord of the Isles]married Mary Lennox
20. John Alexander Lord of the Isles (b.1320)married Princess Margaret Stewart daughter of Robert II Stewart King of Scots
21. Angus Og Alexander III Lord of the Isles(b.1300)married Agnes McDonald daughter of Alexander II Og MacDonald Lord of the Isles and his wife Mariotta (daughter of John Alexander and Rebecca of Flanders)
22. John Alexander (illegitimate son) (b.1283)married Lady Margaret Bruce (b.1283) sister of Robert the Bruce I of Scots and second wife of William of Carlyle
23. Prince Alexander MacAlexander of Scotland (1264-1284)and his Jewish mistress Rebecca (illegitimate daughter of Guy de Dampierre)
24. King Alexander III of Scots (1241-1286)
25. King Alexander II of Scots (1198-1249)
26. King William the Lion of Scots (1143-1214)
27. Henry Earl of Huntingdon (1114-1152)
28. King David I of Scots (1080-1153)brother of King Alexander I of Scots
29. King Malcolm III of Scots (1033-1093) married St Margaret
30. King Duncan I of Scots (1013-1040)married Suthen daughter of Mar Ghazan (Guiamar V of Salerno)of the Hunza Valley a descendant of Alexander the Great
31. Crinan Mormaer of Athol (975-1045)married Bethoc daughter of King Malcolm II of Scotland
32. Duncan II Mormaer of Athol (949-988)
33. Duncan I Mormaer of Athol (920-965)
34. Duncan Thane of Dull (b.900)
35. Dubacan Mormaer of Angus(b.880)
36. Prince Indrechtaig of Mide(b.860)
37. King Donachad Mac Eochocan of Mide (b.830 - 877)
38. Prince Eochocan of Mide (b.800)
39. King Conchobar of Mide (b.770-833)
40. King Donchadh Midi of Mide (733-797)
41. King Domnall Midi of Mide (d.763)
42. King Murchad of Uisnech (d.713)
43. King Diarmat Dian of Uisnech (d.689)
44. Prince Airmetach Caech of Uisnech (d.639)
45. King Conall Guthbinn of Uisnech(d.637)
46. King Suibne of Uisnech (d.598)
47. King Colman Mor of Uisnech (d.557)
48. King Diarmat of Uisnech
49. Prince Fergus Cerbaill (aka King Fergus Ma Earca of Dal Riata in Scotland)
50. King Conall Cremthainne Gulban of Uisnech
51. Niall Mor of the Nine Hostages High King of Ireland
52. Eochaidh (Eochy Moyvone/Yohannan)Mugmedon High King of Ireland married Ciaron (Ciarra) daughter of Mar Chasdai of Spain and Britiain
53. Muiredach (Meir Duach) II High King of Ireland married Aioffe of Goloddin daughter of Rafael IX King of Gododdin
54. Ros Ruadhri of Dal Riata married Rafaela daughter of Rafael VIII King of Gododdin (Rosh Galuta Scotti)
55. Eochaidh of Dal Riata married Fiona (Fianna Fiachu) daughter of Eochaidh Sbtrine son of Muredach I Tirech son of Fiachu Sbtine
56. Cairbre of Riata married Ava (Havah / Hvarfaidh)
57. Conaire Mor (Fothad Canaan) of Dal Riata in Alba married Mes Buachalla
58. Lughaidh (Loarne/ Luy Maccon)married Devorah of the Gaeli(Votadini/Fothudain) [brother of Eochaidh Dublein father of the three Collas and father of the three Fothads]
59. Cairbre Lifechair King of Ireland married Ethne (Edna/Aine) of Scotia daughter of Fionn(Gwyn)of Camelon (Cumhaill)son of Nathan Mar Ukba I (Nudd/Nectan) Exilarch
60. Cormac King of Leinster married Ethne daughter of  Aillill of Leinster
61. Mar Angus (Eochaidh/Eoghan Mor)married Bera (Barbura)daughter of Art (Arthur/Artur/Dov)the Red Heber Lord and Swan Knight
62. Olioll Olum (Olum Fodla/Aillil)King of Munster married Sabina (Sabh/ Sarah/ Sarad)daughter of the Red Heber Lord Conn (Connchober/ Conn of the Hundred Battles/Conaire)
63. Mar Eoghan (Ugaine Mor/Johannan/Angus Og)Mor married Ciarra (Ciar/Caer)daughter of Athal Anubal [Atal Anubal = American (Atal or Atala) Lord of Mexico (Anahuac)]
64. Nathan(Mogh Nuada)the Dagda (Dayag Adon/Fisher Lord)married Boann (Barbura/Edna/Eithne/Baine)daughter of Delbaeth son of Elada (Eliud)
65. Meir Duach (Rabbi Meir/Raibh Dearg)
66. Simeon Breac (R. Berechiah/Shimon the Blessed/Bres)
67. Adon of Glas (Adon Zerah)Lord of the Golus
68. Nathan the Red (Nuada/ Nectan Ruada)married Fianna (Fiona)
69. Mar Gilead ben Joseph (Josephes) married Nessiyah Naire daughter of Nathaniel bar Tolmai
70. Mar Joseph of Arimathea and Glastonbury (Glas)married Yochanna (Elyab/Eurgen)
71. Mar Chunya of Babylon and Mara
72. Solomon II (Shalom/Sulam/Selim)Barbur (aka Silvanus Brabo/ Salvius Brabo/ Silvanus Ogam)Babylonian Exilarch, Nasi of Mara (Mari), Ruler of Sumer (Somerset)in Britian
73. Nathan Babylonian Exilarch
74. Mar Isaac of Sumer in Britain married Tamar

Note: The Bloomer-Alexander Y-DNA is now called R1b1b2a1b5 or R1b1b2a1b6b (formerly R1b1b2e and R1b1c7) with the M222 SNP. This is the Y-DNA of Niall of the Nine Hostages and his brothers descendants. Recent studies of DNA reveal that R-L21 from which R-M222 branches off is common on the continent and there are a number of Jewish families belonging to R-L21. This seems to confirm that Niall of the Nine Hostages is of ancestry not native to Ireland. Most R-M222 is found among the descendants of Niall and his brothers in Northern Ireland and Scotland.
There is has been alot of confusion in the American Alexander genealogies because of the similarity of names and many had genealogies linking them to the seven Alexander brothers of Maryland but with the help of Y-DNA many of these genealogies are being corrected.

[Added 2018] Further testing gives the Bloomer y-dna of Edward Bloomer who went to Western Australia as R1b M222 A259 A260 BY3338 BY11723 A883 A887 BY21239 Y54272. The closest matches are with those of the O'Reilly, Reilly and Riley surnames. the Alexanders descended from Captain John Alexander belong to DF85 a brother clade of A259.

Who is the real Earl of Stirling?

While the Alexander title of Earl Stirling is dormant it would seem that after General William Alexander's death in 1783 that the claim to the de jure title may have passed to James Alexander Bloomer as the nearest male line descendant. James Alexander Bloomer and his son and grandson seem to have used the title in Russia where it was recognised by their fellow Russian Irish nobility. After their return from Russia they ceased to claim or use the title Earl of Stirling (or Earl Alexander) or the titles gained through the Orurk and Lusignan family of Prince of Galilee and Count of Bethlehem. However Countess Henrietta (nee Orurk) used the courtesy title of Lady Henrietta until her death in 1826. Lady Henrietta became close friends with Lady Caledon and Lady Alexander. She discovered a family secret that the Alexander Baronets of Alexander and the Earls of Caledon were also descendants of the Earl of Stirling but had agreed to confuse their genealogy and give up any claims to Nova Scotia in exchange for the title of Earl Caledon (which was named in honour of Caledon in Novo Scotia). From this time it would seem that the Alexander Bloomer family ceased to claim the title de jure Earl of Stirling and privately recognised the Baronets of Alexander as the true Heads of the Alexander Clan of Stirling. Both General William Alexander and the Alexander Bloomers descend from Alexander Alexander and the Baronets Alexander and Earls of Caledon from John Alexander his brother. If John Alexander was the eldest then they would indeed be the senior heirs to the de jure title of Earl of Stirling. This would seem to be known by the British government and may explain why they rejected the claims of General William Alexander and his father even though many Scottish nobles recognised his descent from the Earl of Stirling. As it would almost be impossible to prove beyond a doubt who the true heir to the Earldom is today it will remain dormant and be an interesting piece of oral and legendary history.

However it would seem that if John Alexander (circa b.1667 d.1747) son of John Alexander (b.1648 d.1712) was indeed 'fostered' by Captain Andrew Alexander then it is his eldest son William Alexander  (circa b.1687) and his descendants that are the senior heirs to the Earldom of Stirling rather than Nathaniel and his descendants the Earls of Caledon.  When Henry the 5th Earl of Stirling died in 1739 then John Alexander (d.1747) may have been  the de jure 6th Earl of Stirling. His son William Alexander would then be the de jure 7th Earl of Stirling. When he died in 1788 then his son Sir William Alexander 1st Baronet Alexander of Belcamp would also have been the de jure 8th Earl of Stirling. His son Sir Robert Alexander the 2nd Baronet would also have been the de jure 9th Earl of Stirling. His two sons were the de jure 10th and 11th Earls of Stirling. When Sir John Wallis the de jure 11th earl died in 1888 the title passed to a relative Sir William Ferdinand Alexander (de jure 12th Earl) a great grandson of the first Baronet Alexander (de jure 8th Earl Stirling). His son Sir Lionel Alexander was possibly the de jure 13th Earl of Stirling and his son Sir Desmond Cable-Alexander 7th Bt the de jure 14th Earl. His son Sir Patrick Cable-Alexander the 8th Baronet Alexander would thus also be the present de  jure 15th Earl of Stirling.

 However this all depends on whether John Alexander was the older brother of Alexander Alexander and if his son John was the foster son rather than the real son of Captain Andrew Alexander (descended from John of Eredy). If Alexander Humphrey's ancestor the Rev John Alexander (b.1686 d.1743) was the son of John Alexander instead then this line would have died out with the death of his sons John Alexander (died 1765) who was also a minister and Benjamin Alexander (died 1768). The lineage would then return to the descendants of Alexander Alexander.

O'Reilly Ancestors

1. Ann Reilly [b.1704] married John Alexander of Campbelltown
2. Captain Bryan Reilly of the 'Reilly's Dragoons'married Margaret MacDowell
3. Colonel John Reilly d.1717 Coolkill Crosserlough Cavan, He raised at his own expense for the service of King James II, a regiment called "Reilly's Dragoons," at the head of which he fought at Derry, Belturbet, the Boyne, Aughrim, and Limerick, but saved his property from confiscation by being included in the Articles of the Treaty of Limerick. He married Margaret, daughter of Owen O'Reilly.
4. Lady Catherine O'Reilly (b.1625) married Lord John Alexander (b.1605) (second wife) [ her first husband was Lord Myles O'Reilly the Slasher
5. Lord Charles O'Reilly (b.1600) married Lady Catherine Plunkett (b.1603)
6. Lord John O'Reilly (b.1580) [brother of Lord Brian O'Reilly (1584-1631) who married Mary Plunkett] married Princess Catarina Ivanovna Rurikovichi aka Lady Catherine O'Reilly the daughter of Tsarevich Ivan of Russia.
6. Lord John O'Reilly (1562-1621) married Catherine Butler
7. Prince Edmond O'Reilly the last Prince of Briefne d.1601 Cavan married as his second wife Elizabeth Nugent daughter of Thomas Lord Devlin.
8. Prince Hugh Connallach O'Reilly, Lord of Lower Breifne d.1583
9. Prince Myles Maelmordha O'Reilly, Lord of Lower Breifne d.1565
10. Prince John O'Reilly, Lord of Lower Breifne d.1510
11. Prince Charles Cathal O'Reilly Lord of Lower Breifne d.1467
12. Prince Owen na Feasog O'Reilly, Lord Of Lower Breifne d.1449
13. Prince John O'Reilly, Lord of Lower Breifne d. 1402
14. Prince Philip O'Reilly, Lord of Lower Breifne d.1384
15. Prince Giollaiosa O'Reilly Lord of Lower Breifne d.1330 He built the Abbey of Cavan
16. Prince Donal O'Reilly killed in battle 1256 with his father
17. Prince Cathal O'Reilly, Lord of Lower Breifne d.1256
18. King Annadh O'Reilly the last King of East Breifne d.1220 a descendant of Brian the brother of High King Niall of the Nine Hostages

Khazar Jewish ancestry of the MacDonald Family

1. Angus Mor Khaghan MacDonald Lord of the Isles (b.1245) married Rebecca of Flanders (daughter of Guy de Dampierre)
2. Donald Khaghan Lord of the Isles (b.1178)married Majory Stewart
3. Reginald King of the Isles (b.1148)married Fonia of Moray
4. Somerled (Shlomo) King of the Isles [b.1113]married Ragnahild
5. Gilli (Gilead ben Adam)Khaghan King of the Hebrews (Hebrides)(b.1080)married Bride of the Isles
6. Adam ha Kaghan (b.1060)married Sabina O'Brien
7. Solomon ha Kaghan (b.1041)[half-brother of King Malcolm III]married Bride of Dublin
8. MarGad King of Dublin(b.1019)[brother of Agatha mother of St Margaret of Scotland]married Queen Suthen the widow of King Duncan I of Scotland
9. Prince Shlomo of the Khazars [b.990] married Princess Ragna (Rogneda) of Waterford and Dublin [daughter of King Ragnall II of Waterford and Rogneda of Russia (sister of Yaroslav the Wise)]
10 Prince Menashshe (Maine) of the Khazars [b.960] [brother of Agatha mother of Gavril Radomir of Bulgaria] married Beatrice (Bethoc) daughter of Malcolm I of Scots and Princess Fianna of Leinster
11. Khaghan Joseph (Cellach) of Khazaria and Moray [b.930] married Sabina (Sabh) of the Khazars daughter of Prince Judah of the Khazars
12. Khaghan Aharon II of Khazaria [b.912]
13. Khagan Benjamin of Kharzaria [b.892] (his sister Princess Men of Bihar and Khazaria married Duke Zoltan of Hungary and his sister Biagata (Agata of Bihar) married Duke Boleslav I of Bohemia)
14. Khagan Menumarot (Menachem) of Bihar Khazars and Khazaria [b.874] married Princess Adiva of England and Mercia the niece of Edward the Elder King of England
15. Khagan Aharon I of Khazaria[b.855] (cousin of Khagan Zechariah ben Menashshe of Khazaria [b.840])
16. Marot (Marovec/Moses)Khagan of the Bihar Khazars [b.830] (brother of Khagan Menashshe II of Khazaria [b.820])
17.Khagan Zevulon of Khazaria [b.800]
18. Khagan Yitzach of Khazaria [b.780] (cousin of Khagan Menashshe I of Khazaria [b.775])
19. Khagan Chanukah of Khazaria [b.760] (brother of Khagan Hezekiah of Khazaria [b.750])
20. Khagan Obadiah of Khazaria [b.730]
21. Khagan Sabriel[b.710] married the Davidic Jewish Princess Serakh
22. Khagan Bulan of Khazaria [b.690]