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Sons of Jacob : DNA and the Jews

Studies in DNA have demonstrated that the Jewish people are of very diverse direct male line ancestry. The question thus arises what is the Y-DNA of Abraham’s descendants. Due to studies regarding the Cohanim many now suppose that the Y-DNA of the Israelites is from the J haplogroup due to the large percentages of the J Haplogroup found in the DNA of both Ashkenazi and Sephardi claimants to Cohen status. Some claimants to Davidic ancestry also belong to the J and G haplogroups. However I (through genealogical research into the Davidic Ancestry) believe that on the direct male line some of these Davidic families descend from Merwan ha Levi (J y-dna) and only on the female line from the Davidic lineage. Those claiming Davidic ancestry from G Y-haplogroup descend from a Hunza Valley Prince that married into the Davidic families in Sicily in the 11th century. Other claimants to Davidic ancestry belong to R1b haplotype. Some propose that the R1b Jewish ancestors are converts to Judaism. However I propose that it is in fact the J ancestors that are the converts to Judaism in the 2-3rd century BC.

J haplogroup is what I call the Assyrian-Samaritan-Saducee group. DNA studies on the Samaritans demonstrate that they are of the J haplogroup with the Cohen Modal Haplotype except for their Levite clan which is E3b. A group of Samaritans at the time of the Maccabees embraced Rabbinic Judaism and introduced the J and E haplogroups into the Jewish genetic pool. Among these Samaritans were those who claimed Cohen and Levite status. Their claims to Zadok priestly status were denied by the Essenes and many others. Zadok the priestly leader of these Tzadokim was called by the Essenes the Wicked Priest. The descendants of these priestly Tzadokim (Saducees) where influencial in Jerusalem in the first century, however the people would not allow one of them to be High Priest so they formed a priestly party around the family of Annas and Caiaphas who were of true Aaronite descent. Later one of their group in the 40’s of the first century became High Priest.
These priestly Tzadokim were connected to the Pharisee 'House of Shammai'. Shammai was also descended from these Samaritan converts who practiced a more stringent form of Judaism. The Samaritans call themselves the Shamerim (Observant Ones). It would seem that these Samaritan converts split into two groups at the time of the great Pharisee Rabbi Antigonus of Soco, one group of these Shamerim remained with the Pharisees while Zadok a Shamerim Cohen distorted Antonigus' teaching and founded the break away group of the Tzadokim. After the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple the descendants of these J and E priests and Levites continued in the diaspora to claim Cohen and Levite status. Of course this does not mean that Jews of the J and E haplogroups are not descendants of the Patriarchs – no doubt they are - through many lines of their maternal ancestries.

I believe that the Sons of Jacob-Israel belong to the R1b Y-haplogroup and that the Atlantic Modal haplotype (AMH) may include the Davidic one. R1a are the sons of Esau- Edom and this haplogroup entered the Jewish people through the Khazars who were of varied Y-haplogroups. R2 may be a group descended from the sons of Keturah. I do not accept the rather fanciful datings of the evolutionists which distorts the DNA mutation rates. The mitochondrial Eve is more correctly dated to 6000-6500 years ago and the Y- Adam to 4000 years ago according to some researchers. Of course those entrenched in an evolutionist mindset will find any explanation to prop up the crumbling edifice of the philosophy called Evolution.

Being Jewish is more than paternal genetic ancestry. One is no more or less a Jew no matter what ones Y-DNA proves to be. There are many male line descendants of the Patriarch’s who are not Jewish. However one is a Hebrew if it is on one’s direct maternal line and I believe all those who have mt-DNA of mt-haplogroups H and V are direct maternal descendants of the Davidic Matriarchs. I also believe that mt-haplotypes J and T are Hebrew maternal haplogroups from among the female descendants of the matriarch’s Bilhah and Zilpah. Mt –haplogroup U and K are the descendants of the Matriarchs Leah, Dinah and Asenath (mt-haplogroup N) via Asenath's daughter called Asterope or Hesperia by the Greeks and her seven daughters called the Hesperides. Mt-haplogroup I may be from Ruth the Moabitess via Queen Esther. Ruth was also a maternal descendant of Dinah. Asenath had seven daughters who each had 7 daughters - this maternal line clan were called the Daughters of Dinah (Dana/Don/Danaan/Diana/Dione). Through these maternal clans of Dinah a large portion of the world's population is descended from the matriarch's of Israel.

Looking at the DNA evidence has revealed that some of my previous ideas about the identities of the Lost Tribes (R1b) to be mistaken and the genetic evidence seems to confirm a Josephite identity (R1a) in Europe more widespread than I thought especially in Eastern Europe. The evidence seems to confirm much of the ideas of the Jewish organisation called Brit-am except that Spain and Portugal are basically genetically Israelite nations which confirms my own ideas and not those of Brit-am. It is possible that R1b1c9 (U106) is a group of Zebulonite ancestry. R1b1c7 (M222) may be a Davidic clan as my genealogical research demonstrates that Niall of the Nine hostages is of Davidic ancestry through Joseph of Arimathea. R1b1c10 (U152) may be a Reubenite clan. R1b1c6 (M167/SYR2627) possibly a Simeonite clan. Y-Haplogroup I is closely related to J and is an Assyrian haplogroup originating in the North of ancient Assyria. According to Velikovsky the Assyrians went into Europe. Hopefully further research and testing will led to a future identification of all the tribes of Israel. When the ridiculously long datings of the haplogroups are corrected and the groups are placed in historical times many interesting discoveries may abound.

The Miraculous DNA Double Helix-like St Joseph Staircase of Santa Fe 

The mystery of the DNA is connected to the mystery of St Joseph and the Teli and the Payot (taltalim). This is also connected to the concept of Jacob's ladder and the genealogical tree of the Messiah (see Blessed Anne Catharine Emmerich). The original all wood staircase in Santa Fe that reminds one of the double helix DNA did not have the railing which was added later for safety. The Teli is also spiral and the Jewish sidecurls represent this. The 'lightning flash' of the Sefirot also represent this spiral Jacob's ladder. Rabbi Abraham Abulafia speaks of the 3 reliable witnesses as the Teli, the Galgal and the Heart which are linked to the King of the Universe/Space, the Sovereign of the Year/Time and the King of the Soul (as does the "Bahir"). The evangelist St John the Beloved calls these three witnesses the spirit, water and blood. The spirit represents the soul or heart, the water the sphere (galgal)and the blood the teli. The blood here refers to the mystery of the Jacob's ladder we call DNA.

William Blake's Jacob's Ladder

Blessed Anne Catharine Emmerich writes in regards to Jacob's Ladder: "...I saw Jacob, on his journey to Mesopotamia, lying asleep on the spot where Bethel afterward stood. The sun had set. Jacob lay stretched on his back, a stone under his head, his staff resting on his arm. Then I saw the ladder that Jacob beheld in his dream, and which in the Bible is described as "standing upon the earth, and the top thereof touching heaven." I saw this ladder rising up to heaven from Jacob where he lay upon the earth. It was like a living genealogical tree of his posterity. I saw below on the earth, just as those genealogical trees are represented, a green trunk as if growing out of the sleeping Jacob. It divided into three branches which arose in the form of a triangular pyramid whose apex reached the heavens. The three branches were connected by other smaller ones that formed a three-sided pyramidal ladder. I saw this ladder surrounded by numerous apparitions. I saw on it Jacobs descendants, one above another; they formed the ancestry of Jesus according to the flesh. They often crossed over from side to side, stepping past and even before one another. Some stood back and others from the opposite side stepped before them, according as the germ of the Sacred Humanity was clouded by sin and then again purified by continence until at last the pure flower, the Holy Virgin in whom God willed to become Man appeared on the highest point of the ladder touching the heavens. I saw Heaven open above her and disclose the splendor of God. God spoke thence to Jacob..."

The Zohar also connects Jacob's Ladder to the mystery of the human body. "Soncino Zohar, Bereshith, Section 1, Page 150b - Jacob then said: THIS IS NONE OTHER THAN THE HOUSE OF GOD , implying: This is not to remain idle; its covenant is not meant to exist in isolation. It is in sooth a godly abode, to be used for the promotion of fecundity and for receiving blessing from all the bodily organs. For indeed this is THE GATE OF HEAVEN , or, in other words, the gate of the Body, the gate assuredly through which pass the blessings downwards, so that it is attached both on high and below: on high, as being the gate of heaven, and below, as being none other than the house of God."

The lightning flash of the Sefirot is also seen as the Nehushtan (bronze Serpent) which looks like a spiral staircase ascending through the spiritual worlds.

There were also spiral staircases in the Temple. One of them is mentioned in 1 Kings 6:8. Jacob's Ladder was seen as a spiral staircase for bringing Torah from Heaven to earth as the Hebrew words for ladder, spiral and Sinai are all 130 in gematria. The High Priest used to ascend one such spiral staircase from the Parvah Chamber to a mikveh where he immersed as part of his preparation for Yom Kippor. As the Temple was built in the form of the Divine Man (Adam Kadmon)on the north and south sides there were spiral staircases representing the payots (Taltalim) of the Divine Man. The braided Challah bread loaf also represents this spiral (lullim) staircase or ladder (sulam)and the Challot for Shavout is decorated on top with a ladder. Challot on Rosh haShanah are also often made in the shape of a ladder.

Added 11th May 2008: Last night while in Eucharistic Adoration I came upon this passage in the Revelations to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, which confirmed what I had written about Zadok (or Sadoch)being a Samaritan. This is from The Volume 2 of the Life of Jesus Christ.

"The Jews of Giskala were on that day celebrating a feast commemorative of their deliverance from the yoke of a tyrant, the first founder of the Sadducees. He lived over two hundred years before Christ, but I have forgotten his name. He was one of the officers of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, and was charged to watch over the points of faith not found set down in the written Law. He had tormented the people horribly with his rigorous ideas, one of which was that no reward could be hoped from God, but that He was to be served by them as slaves serve their master. Giskala was his birthplace, but his townsmen held his memory in horror. Today's festival was a memorial rejoicing at his death. One of his disciples was from Samaria. Sadoch, who denied the dogma of the resurrection of the body, continued to promulgate the founder's doctrine. He was a pupil of Antigonus. Sadoch also had a Samaritan accomplice helping to propagate his errors." The first Sadducee that Blessed Anne Emmerich mentions but has forgotten his name is Boethus. This Zadoch is the source of the Cohen J2 y-na found among Jews and his accomplice was a Samaritan Levite the source of E y-dna among Jews. J1 among the Jewish cohanim comes from the Ishmaeli Cohanim of Second Temple Times possibly from the ancestor of the Joshua-Marhiv clan of the Samaritans or more likely from the Samaritan High priestly clan that died out in the 17th century who claimed descent from the Samaritan High Priest Ishmael (c.8th century BC).

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Jørgen Moisejeff Berg has left a new comment on your post "Sons of Jacob : DNA and the Jews": 

Interesting - but I do think that there is one error in your reasoning - although I have had some similar thoughts myself. And in reference to prophecy that Manasse will be a great nation, and Ephraim would be a group of small, but strong and wealthy nations - which makes me draw the conclusion that Russia(The Slav nation) is Manasse (R1a) and Europe is Epraim(R1b), but of course I could be mistaken :) 

I now believe that Russia, Poland and the Slavs are Ephraim (part of R1a). See The Hebrew Ydna: A New Understanding